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Lemon cheesecake icecream flavoured shake ....

?? you can't just leave us with that.... tell us more. Is it a dream or a new flavour coming out?!
LOL just wanted to see who'd ask for more info!

Made it myself .....

1 pint of water, loads of crushed ice, tspn of orange water flavouring, vanilla shake - put all ingreadients in food processor - blitz and mmmmm nearly 2pints of lemony, cheesecakey, ice creamy shake!!!


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i daren't try and crush ice with my hand blender incase it screws it...


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i cant stand the vanilla shake, or the taste of vanilla or even the smell of it! i start to gag even at the thought of it. bleurgh!!
:eek: yum!

I'm only day 4 so assume I can't have the water flavouring yet? Bummer, it's right at the front in the cupboard so it's going to be staring me in the face!

Excellent recipe, can't wait to try it now.
Really? Well done on your 11lb! I might give it a try, I might text my CDC and see what she says.

I know what you mean though, before I started SS I could chug water like nobody's business but now I struggle to drink the minimum!


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yum, sounds good.
only got the berry one, what flavour will go??
dont really like vanilla x


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Its one of my faves too - gorgeous as a mousse too yum!


Hi its me again
made this yesterday. First couple of sips were nice but my shake had split and it looked like curdled milk at top and watery at bottom. Had to chuck it.

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