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Lennis Recipes


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Just got hit by the cooking bug, should have been doing something else tonight but had to cook. Anyway I decided instead of losing all the recipes I monkey with, it would be better if I put them in a safe place so here it is. Some of them will be very familiar but I still had to mess. Yeh:p.
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Lower syn Yoghurt Scones

I remembered coming across an old cookery book of my grandmothers and I recalled sweet baking with veggies and so I went for it. They turned out really well and were quite light.

Yoghurt Scones

Approx 2 syns each - makes 10

4oz White Bread flour (20 syns)
2oz Mr Mash
1 tsp baking powder (1 syn?)
1/2 tsp salt
1oz low fat margarine Lurpack Lighter (4 syns)
1tbsp skimmed milk
1 x 120g pot Shape Zero yogurt (any flavour)

Pre heat oven 180 c

1. Mix flour, Dried mash potato, baking powder and salt into bowl rub in margarine until you have breadcrumbs.

2. Add milk and yoghurt mixing with a knife until you have a soft dough. Add a tiny bit of water if required if you find the dough too dry. I didn't need to but some people prefer a harder scone.

3. Turn onto floured board, knead lightly to a smooth dough. Weigh whole dough and split into ten and shape with hands

4. Place on non stick tray and brush with water. Cook for 10 - 15 mins until risen and golden.

Serve warm or cold with topping of choice. You can also freeze them.


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Syn Free Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Syn Free Sweet Potato Gnocchi

1 Sweet Potato
1 Small / Medium egg
Mr Mash (or equivalent)
Salt and Pepper to taste.

1. Place sweet potato in microwave or oven and cook till soft (DO NOT BOIL, need to keep everything as dry as possible or the dough will not work). Remove skin and mash with a fork till smooth, or a potato ricer can also be used.

2. Add the sweet potato a forkful at a time to a beaten egg, season as required at this point.

3. When all the potato has been added and you have a smooth paste start adding the mister mash. Keep adding till it forms a stiff dough. It should feel sticky when pressed, but not stick to the fingers.

4. Roll out into a sausage and cut into size required, shape these into bullets. Mine were approximately the same size as the ones I buy.

5. Cook a few at a time in gently boiling water. They are ready when they float to the top. Be careful if the water is boiling too much it can cause them to break apart. Remove with slotted spoon and serve with sauce.

Additions can also be added to the mix e.g Herbs, cheese, chopped mushrooms etc. You just need to make sure that the dough is not too sticky when forming otherwise it can fall apart in the pan.

Edit date 08/05/11
Just had these for lunch with the following sauce, they tasted great. Wasn't sure it would work for me but it did.

Smoked Salmon and Mushroom sauce

Smoked salmon
1 small onion
4 - 5 mushrooms
1 dtsp Quark
1 dtsp Cottage cheese
1 Egg
Fry light

1. Saute onion in pan with frylight till soft, add sliced mushrooms and Gnocchi. Heat till warmed through.

2. In a bowl beat together Quark, Cottage cheese and egg till you get the smoothness you prefer.

3. Stir above into pan with the smoked with sliced smoked salmon. Keep in pan till warmed through and serve.
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Vegan Chocolate orange Brulee

This is all done to my taste, so please experiment with the amounts.

Vegan Chocolate Orange Brulee

350g Silken Tofu
2 Oranges, zest and Juice (2)
Splenda Brown
1 tsp Sugar (1)
1 oz Cocoa Powder (4.5)
(total syns 7.5)

Warm oven to 160 C

1. Whizz the tofu in a processor until smooth add cocoa powder.

2. Remove the zest from the oranges and retain, then juice them and add the juice and sugar to the tofu / cocoa and then whiz together till smooth. Check for taste and adjust as needed.

3. Mix in zest, then ladel mix into individual ramekins or bake in a large dish.

Takes approx 20mins in ramekins, 30mins in large dish. Remove from oven when cooked let cool and chill. Before serving sprinkle top with sugar (syn this as required) and grill till crisp on top. Enjoy
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Lets Try Again - with a few extra bits of info

I am trying to point these WW PP style as well as use SW. I do SW a friend does WW and likes my "experiments", she just would like to know the points values when she raids my fridge!! I also cook for my mother who is diabetic so I need to take that into account. Plus I'm not fond of weird tasting artificial sweetner. We also have some IBS to chuck into the mix, thankfully not wheat based so trying to discover trigger amounts. This is going to be an "interesting" set of guidelines. So please feel free to mess with the amounts I use for ingredients.

Also trying to follow certain rules, as per Paul McKenna:
1.When You Are Hungry, Eat

2.Eat What You Want, Not What You Think You Should

3. Eat Consciously And Enjoy Every Mouthful

4. When You Think You Are Full, Stop Eating

I know that some times, I eat just because I fancy something, not because I am hungry. I have also known a lot of people who go OTT with free food just because they can, so get the stuffed feeling instead of the pleasantly full.

Anyway I hope they tickle a tastebud!!
Breakfast Hash Brown

100g raw potato coarse grated (4pp) (free)
100g raw carrot coarse grated (superfree, speed)
1/2 red onion sliced thinly (superfree, speed)
salt and pepper to taste

  1. Microwave the carrot for 40 secs and set aside
  2. Squeeze some of the excess water out of the potato, mix with onion, microwave for 30 secs.
  3. Mix all ingredients together, form into a cake shape as much as possible, then place in an lightly oiled pan.
  4. Cook on medium heat and press it to help hold its shape, do not try to turn over too quickly or it will fall apart.
Banana Latte Cocoa pots

Over ripe bananas in bowl, this is what I came up with.

Banana Latte Cocoa pots
- Makes 6 portions (approx 1.5pp / 1 syn rounded up)
3 bananas mashed (0pp)(superfree)
200ml Alpro Almond Milk (normal can be used) (2pp)(2 syns)
4g Xylitol sugar (4pp - i think)(0.5 syn)
5g Options Latte powder (1pp) (1 syn)
5g Cadburys Cocoa powder (1pp) (0.5 syn)
3tsp Agar powder
100ml Water
Total 8pp / 4 syns

  1. Dissolve latte powder, cocoa, xylitol in 100ml of water.
  2. Place in a pan with agar powder and continue mixing till it comes to the boil.
  3. Reduce heat and mix in Almond milk and bananas.
  4. Warm through gently, then measure out into final containers.
  5. Chill
Pork, Veg and Apple Meatloaf

Ingredients, Serves 6 - 4pp / 3 syns per portion

  • 500g pork mince, Sainsbury's be good to yourself (3pp /1.5syn / 100g)
  • 50g rolled oats (3pp / 4.5syns / 25g)
  • 1 carrot, coarsely grated (superfree, speed)
  • 2 Celery Stalks, finely chopped (superfree, speed)
  • 1 red onion, coarsely grated (superfree, speed)
  • 1 small cooking apple, finely chopped (1syn / 0pp)
  • 2 tbsps tomato puree (0.5pp / free / 1tbsp)
  • 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 egg, lightly whisked
  • Salt & freshly ground pepper
Total 22pp / 17.5 syns


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease an 11 x 21cm x 6cm-deep loaf pan. Place mince, oats, carrot, celery, onion, apple, puree, sauce, egg, salt and pepper in a large bowl.
  2. Use clean hands to mix until well combined. Place mince mixture into greased pan, press down and smooth surface. Bake for 45-50 minutes or until brown on top and cooked through. Set aside in pan for 10 minutes.
  3. Drain any excess liquid from meatloaf. Turn out onto board. Slice and serve with mashed potato, steamed beans and chutney.
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Mmmm that meatloaf sounds good-I bet it'd be nice cold with salad. As its cooked you might have to syn the apple-but tomato puree is now free so that'd even it ot I think.
Cheers, now updated with new info :)
Folded feast

What do you do with leftovers and the dreg end contents of the fridge? Chuck it all together and see what happens. I ended up making a almost calzone, or pizza base.
Base / Fold
- 10pp / 0.5 syn

100g raw potato coarse grated (4pp) (free)
100g raw carrot coarse grated (superfree, speed)
10g Rice Noodles (1 pp /free)
salt and pepper to taste

  1. Microwave the carrot for 40 secs and set aside
  2. Cook noodles according to instructions on packet.
  3. Squeeze some of the excess water out of the potato, microwave for 30 secs.
  4. Mix all ingredients together, form into a cake shape as much as possible, then place in an lightly oiled pan.
  5. Cook on medium heat and press it to help hold its shape, do not try to turn over too quickly or it will fall apart.


50g Cooked Roast Chicken, shredded (3pp / free)
1 slice bacon, fat removed (1pp / free)
1 sliced bell pepper (superfree, speed)
2 tomatoes (superfree, speed)
2 mushrooms (superfree, speed)
some water, Basalmic vinegar, 1/2tsp honey (0.5 syn / 1pp)

  1. Put all ingredients except liquids and chicken in pan with a fritz of oil. Fry till soft.
  2. Add shredded chicken, and all other wet ingredients.
  3. Cook till liquid has reduced
  4. Place filling in "wrap", or use as a base, top with cheese and make pizza.

To be honest this made a lot of filling, plus its big enough for 2 if served with a side salad.

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