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lesley's food diary


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Hi all.Have just joined slimming world after doing WW for the past 3 years. Have lost 4 stone but need to shift another 2 stone. I've seemed to have hit a plateau with WW and not lost anything at all for about 6 months! :sigh:I thought that giving my body a brand new plan will help start shifting the pounds again? Ive never done SW before so finding it all pretty confusing and very different to WW. I'll post my food for the day on here and any advice wud be exremely welcome.:D
Luv, Lesley X
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Ok, here's what i had yesterday- Sat 28/3/09
Green Day

Breakfast- none

Lunch- Savoury rice
muller lite yoghurt

Dinner- chicken (HEb)
gravy (2.5 syns)
1 glass of wine (6.5 syns)

Snacks- SW chips made as a first try!

Total syns - 9

Does this look OK?

Lesley x


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Monday 30/3/09- Green day

Breakfast- 1 egg
1 slice bread (HEB)

Snack- banana

Lunch- small can of beans
2 slices brown bread ( 1HEB + 3.5 syns)
bag of walkers french fries (4.5 syns)
muller lite yog
1 apple

Tea- vegetable chilli and rice

Total syns so far- 8


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Tues 31/3/09 Green day

B- egg on brown toast -1(HEA)

D- veg chilli and rice left over from last night
muller lite yog
bag of quavers- (4.5 syns)

snack- mug shot (are these free??)

T- omelette, syn from chips, beans

I feel absolutely stuffed today, ive not eaten as much in ages. I really cant se how this diet works, but imsure i'll find out at Thurs WI ?? lesley x


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hiya, yeah am havin some milk in my tea and coffee throughout the day, but other than that i dont really like milk and cheese. will this affect my losses?


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diary for 1/4/03 another green day

B- egg on a slice of brown toast with a tiny scrape of extra light flora

Snack- banana

D- beans on 2 slices of brown toast (1HEA and the other as syns)

Afternoon snack- mug shot tomato and herb

dont know what to have for tea yet so will post later
L x

My tea was another veggie tomato pasta dish
and a packet of WW cheese puffs- no idea on syns for them?

Went to Body attack at the gym 2nite too!!

Lesley x
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Had a horrendous couple of days. Wanted and did eat everyhting in sight (*week!!) Anyway tried to make up for it by being reaaly good today so this is what I've had....

Monday 6/4/09 Green Day

B- boiled egg on a slice of brown toast (HEB)
cup of tea

L- can of baked beans on a slice of brown bread (HEB)
muller lite yog

T- Spaghetti made with 87g of mince as it said in the book (syns?), tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, courgettes

milk in tea and coffee (HEA)

1/2 lager shandy in pub - 4syns


lesley x

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