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  1. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    Hi there,

    Is there anyone out there who, like me, enjoys working out to Leslie Sansone and her style of walking away the pounds?

    I know shes American *bless* but I love her style and the fact she doesn't teach dance steps, that I can do it in a small floorspace and she doesn't ask for much of a time committment.

    Tonight I did a 2 mile walk with her ~ he Fat Burner walk. Tommorrow night I'm aiming for a 4 mile walk ~ I've never done a 4 miler before.

    Lovely suplement to my pedometer and keeps Pickle amused! (I was using tins of dog food as make~do weights this evening)

    Looking forward to hearing from all my Sisters in Sweat out there.

    Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
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  3. elm

    elm Silver Member

    I have her 3, 4, and 5 miles dvds. I love it.
  4. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*


    Glad I'm not the only one! :). Which dvd's have you got? There are many 3,4 and 5 miles ones! I'm always on the lookout for a change.

    Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
  5. SilverSlimmer

    SilverSlimmer Full Member

    I am hopeless when it comes to exercising but feel I must make an effort in the New Year. I chanced upon a video of Leslie and decided this is something that looks do-able for someone as unfit and overweight as me so I have just ordered the 1 and 2 mile walk one as a starter. It is good to know you find it enjoyable. I need the motivation. Will let you know how I get on. Are you finding it helps your weight loss?

  6. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    Silver S, which 1 and 2 mile walk have you brought? Where did you get it from? I know I'm nosey!

    Anyone willing to walk beside me in January? I'm aiming for 60 leslie miles ~ thats 2 miles a day which should be done in half an hour ~ so I'll be able to squeeze that in. Give Pickle something to stare at as well.

    Note to self ~ sort out dvd's this week ready for next Sunday... only 7 more sleeps to go!

    Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
  7. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    I enjoy her ~ four basic steps and knowing if all else fails you can go back to walking. On some of her workouts she uses weights or strechie bands ect., but you still get a good workout without these.

    I am looking forward to doing 60 miles in January.

    Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
  8. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    Looking forward to you joining me on the 3rd ~ it'll help to have to be accountable to somebody.

    I am not following only one dvd ~ I have a selection of Leslie's dvds so will chop and change throughout the month. Some dvd's have up to 5 miles :eek:on them but that seems too extream for me:)

    Take tender care of you and be prepared to walk, walk, walk!

    Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
  9. SilverSlimmer

    SilverSlimmer Full Member

    Hi Judith,
    The one I have ordered is Walk Away the Pounds, 1 and 2 mile walk. It looked like a good place to start. I have ordered it from MindBodySpirit on eBay and with the hols am not expecting to get it until the beginning of January.
    I don't know how well I am going to be able to cope with it but if I can I will join you. I think perhaps I should just work on a mile a day to begin with and build up to two miles but I am more likely to keep going if I am accountable to you and Pickles!

    How has it helped your weight loss?
  10. SilverSlimmer

    SilverSlimmer Full Member

    I have just done the 1 mile express on her website. I really enjoyed it although I struggled a bit to keep up when she upped the pace. I realised the room I was in was far too warm!

    I think I will stick with a mile until I feel I am doing that reasonably and then move on.

    She is a bit dizzy but very positive and motivating!

    Off to see what else I can find!

    How do you download the videos, gettingfitat50? I've never tried that before. Downloading from Youtube seems rather complicated, if not illegal!

    Last edited: 26 December 2011
  11. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    I find her workouts are simple but not as easy as they might sound. Walking (like this) isn't for wimps!

    Think Leslie calls us walkeds "Sisters in Sweat" ~ she sure knows how to get my heart moving!

    Well done SilverS on doing one mile. And you didn't even have to put your rain~hat on *smile*

    I did over 11350 steps today ~ didn't touch Leslie *pout*

    There's always tomorrow! At least I was eating right today!

    Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
  12. SilverSlimmer

    SilverSlimmer Full Member

    That's what I like about it, being able to do it without going out! More likely to keep doing it. I'm looking forward to having another go tomorrow but in a cooler room!

    Gettingfitat50 - Thanks for the message!

  13. jennifer121

    jennifer121 Full Member

    Hi folks,
    I have Leslie's 1&2 mile dvd and i think its exellent,its perfect for an unfit starter (like me),especially when the weather is bad,u have no excuse...i'm looking forward to getting more advanced ones,had to get them from u.s which was a drag...jennifer
  14. SilverSlimmer

    SilverSlimmer Full Member

    Good to hear the 1 and 2 Mile dvd is good. Really looking forward to having ago when it arrives. I have just done the Express mile and also part of another video of Leslie's I found on the internet. Certainly warms you up and gets the heart rate going. It is great to find something I can actually do - well, after a fashion! I don't quite keep up in the middle section yet but that will come I have no doubt. No ill effects either - I suffer from CFS so I have to be careful not to overdo things. More tomorrow!

  15. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    SilverS..... Its best to start small and steady anyhow, even without CFS. I think its wonderful that we are doing proper excerrise at all ~ its so easy to sit down and do nothing. For the rest of this month I will concentrate on pedometer steps but am looking forward to walking with Leslie ~ and you ~in January

    Your Sister in Sweat

    Judith (and Pickle the wonder dog)
  16. SilverSlimmer

    SilverSlimmer Full Member

    Pickles must be the slimmest dog in England! I have learnt through bitter experience to pace myself. Not easy but best in the long run. You are right, even a mile a day is a great improvement for me. Looking at your statistics we are about the same height and weight, although I am quite a bit older than you I think and not wanting to lose quite so much weight. Let's hope 2012 is the year we make our goals!

  17. Susie25

    Susie25 Silver Member

    Hello just looking at this thread and really interested in it. I've had a look at her website this morning and was also wondering where and how you can download them?
    Can you get her DVDs in the UK?

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  18. SilverSlimmer

    SilverSlimmer Full Member

    I've managed my daily mile and although I am still a bit shattered by the finish I am getting better and I do feel better for it. Now I am going to look at some simple yoga asanas. I used to be really quite good at yoga when I was young and slim so I know how beneficial it is. Just don't like coming face to face with my stomach!
  19. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    Happy New Year

    Hello friends...

    Happy New Year!

    Started well with Leslie Miles ~ actually did a two miler this evening ~ one of the walks streamed on her Walk Club site (membership is full)... she encouraged you to jog in a part of it ~ I kept to quick walking.

    Hope we all have a healthy and happy 2012 ~ and may all your dreams come true.

    Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
  20. SilverSlimmer

    SilverSlimmer Full Member

    Happy New Year! Well done on such a good start. I am starting today. My DVD arrived and for a while the one mile is going to be as much as I can manage, and without the weights. Will keep checking in with progress.
  21. SilverSlimmer

    SilverSlimmer Full Member

    How is everyone doing? It has gone very quiet round here - are you all too busy walking? I have managed a mile each day and it is starting to get easier. At least I have not felt any ill effects!

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