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Less Shabby Chic frump - More Vintage Glamour

The mirror dislikes me. I can tell.

My once vintage glamour reflection is replaced with shabby-chic-frump!

I have given up looking.

I cant say i am surprised....it hasn't happened overnight. Quite the opposite.
I'm not one to blame life's events, other people etc - this is my doing - and needs my undoing to resolve it.

So here i am - again i add.

S&S 100%

I am in it for the long haul.

I have no target in mind weight or size wise. Maybe i should?

I have never been very good at guessing what size i will be at a certain weight.

As long as i can remember, the smallest i have been is a size 16.

I remember being two types of size 16 though - the first - a very confident, outgoing size 16 and the second - an embarrassed, shy, exhausted size 16.

From the second type of size 16 is when the weight crept on. Maybe i allowed it? Feeling embarrassed from the offset possibly didn't help? I stopped socializing, i stayed home, i ATE!

And so i sit here now... Size 22/24 - weighing 19 stone exactly.

Not wondering how i got here....but how i let myself get here?

Apologies for my writing style. I over analyze myself.

Today is day 1.
I have decided to complete the first 3 days of S&S by having 4 packs a day.
I will weigh in this Friday.
From that point, i will continue S&S with 3 packs a day.

Today has been bearable. I have a week off work - which helps with the grouchyness and tiredness.
Hopefully by next Monday when i return to work i should of hit ketosis and manage better and be in the swing of things?

I have left myself puzzling - what weight or size should i set as either a mini or an end goal?

I am 5'5/5'6

A size 16 is the biggest i would want to be.

What weight would that be?

Enough analysis for one day.
I'm sure tomorrow will encounter more.


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Feeling great in 2012!
S: 17st6lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 26 Loss: 6st4lb(36.07%)
A size 16 is the biggest i would want to be.

What weight would that be?

About 12 and a half stone roughly I should think. I'm in 14 - 16 now (5'5") and am just under 12 stone.

I'd take each goal a stone at a time - it's what I did and it worked for me.


Feeling great in 2012!
S: 17st6lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 26 Loss: 6st4lb(36.07%)
I just took it a pound and then a stone at a time. The weight soon goes if you stick to plan. Good luck!
Morning again?
Slept amazingly!

Woke up feeling like a had eaten sandpaper!

It can't be dehydration as I managed to drink 4 litres of water over the course of the day yesterday.

No hunger pangs so far this morning - which is quite pleasant as I am usually ravished by 8am due to routine.

I plan to play today pretty much like yesterday - skip breakfast (not something I plan to do forever, but, I want to null out ANY hunger pangs in a morning for good) then double up on my lunch packs - possibly two mushroom pasta, then around 5:30 I will have my final meal - yesterday was mushroom pasta, black coffee an a chic Truffa!

I'm quite excited about the mushroom pasta - it's a firm favourite!!

Well - I have just taken out a 2ltr bottle of water - on with the day!!!
Well, appears I forgot to update my diary for day 3!!!
Woke up with a very icky yucky taste in my mouth yesterday, felt very euphoric all day and got a heck of a lot done!l in the house! (full house decoration)

I had a cottage pie around 12 and I followed it with a lemon and yog bar - made into a biscuit in the micro!! Can't say it was as satisfying as the bar standard - but a nice change none the less!!!
Tea around 5:00 consistent of 2x mac n cheese.
All washed down over the day with 4 litres of lovely fresh council pop!!!

Felt really good yesterday!!

Day 4 - woke up with the death breath again! Also soo cold it's unreal!!! Then just when I thought everything was dandy - hunger strikes!!! Energy levels at rock bottom and wanted to curl up and stay in bed!!!

Plodded it out until 11:30ish and decided to have a mushroom pasta and as I was ravished, I cooked 100g of chicken breast!!

All smelling lush and looking lovely - first mouthful and...... Yuuuuuuucccccckkkkk!!!!

The chicken!!!! Awful!!!!

So I found myself pushing the chicken pieces that I had diced, cooked and mixed in with my mushroom pasta, to the side of my bowl!!!

Now I feel cheated!!!

I bloody love chicken!!! It's my gave meat without a doubt!!

I ate ally pasta and now I feel sick.

Sick that I don't like chicken
Sick that I feel like I have blipped!!!

So angry and upset with myself.....

I'm also annoyed today as I really need to weigh in.
I'm a dolt weigher but now need to buy new scales.
I thought I ha lost the batteries, so this morning I retraced my steps and found them, but now I can't dud the back to hold the batteries in!!!!

Actualy! I'm not one to blame circumstances outside my doing, but being on s&s has made me a little more stressed than usual !!



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G: 12st0lb
Hunny you haven't blipped you didn't eat the chicken for starters. You can have 3 packs + protein and veg today.

Chin up you're doing so well!!

Day 4 for me too. Am feeling ratty and craving everything under the sun. Tired, no energy have spent most of the day lounging around being stroppy and cold. No death breath yet tho?

Now the fam are having spaghetti bolognese for dinner (my absolute FAVE) can't bring myself to have spag bol meal pack while they have that coz i know it won't be the same!! Grumble grumble!!

Hope you have a good afternoon hunny xx
If there having spag Bol Hun get a pack out an have the "same" (not quite but can pretend!)

Were on the same day!!
That's always good - knowing some one is going through exactly the same at exactly the same time!!!

How have you found it overall?
Do you have a goal in mind???

I weighed in this afternoon - as Fridays will be my weigh in day.... And have lost 6lbs!!
Little bit speechless!! Lol


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G: 12st0lb
Wow!! Well done 6lbs in 3 days and mid way thru a day is awesome. I was 4lbs down this morning. I weighed on weds tho coz forgot to do it Tuesday... Ooops. Its only just keeping me motivated tho. I would have been terrified to see those numbers on the scales before but i just jumped off and thought yeah... Whatevs... I am the heaviest I've ever been why am I so tempted to cheat and feeling hard done by coz I haven't yet! Argh emotional turmoil!!

Hope youve had a better day hunny!! Yes! Its fab that we are on the same days!

Had a spag bol meal pack in the end (even tho mum had saved me some a portion! Eeek)... Actually it wasn't bad... I was expecting it to be vile from the look/smell but i was pleasantly surprised. Am feeling quite full now... Will save a shake for bedtime i think.

How's your days menu been?xx

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