let lipotrim kick her ass!


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After weeks of knawing my way through 12 pounds of ...well fat really, as that is how much I have gained after coming off lipotrim, I have decided to return to LT with gusto this time. Yes it seems that there is no better way to re-inflate your pride than to deflate your ass.
After recently being retired from a relationship of six years by a boyfriend who decided to upgrade his girlfriend like one would a car (overnight and with minimal fuss), I am now determined to finally get shut of the last two stone.
It's not all bad though, I got a new house, a new car and a shiny new wardrobe to wear (eventually) on my shiny new bod.

So while his new girlfriend may run smoothly for a while, appearing more economical, low maintainance and with lots of fun new buttons to press, he will one day miss the old girl who saw him through the tough times faithfully and lovingly and who never let him down. Yes she has flaws and a bit of wear and tear but one day he'll see her down the street all buffed up and as gorgeous as the first day.

Here's to day 1 :D
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mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
You go girl!! x


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Gud luck hun, love your attitude babe thats the way to do it!! Wash that man right out of your hair!!


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Keeley, you go girl!!!!! No man is worth stressing over and let him see what he is missing when the new one gets a puncture!!!!!

Girl power rules (sorry lads!)



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Thanks everyone. Nice to cyber see you cuddly it's been a while, I see you are almost at target well done!

It's funny how a relationship is like a ticket to sit on your arse and take everything from food to each other for granted. we know we can do better and look after ourselves, after all we work like crazy to look good to catch our selves a prize yet after the kill we eventually stop shaving our legs and sucking in the old gut. The end of my relationship has allowed me to re-discover myself and as a wiser 30 something I can work at it for myself and not for the sake of a bloke.

Saying that..does anyone have instructions for shaving your legs... I've forgotten how.


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Hi Keely, he didn't deserve someone as nice as you Hun. Bad cess to him!
I need instructions re the leg shaving too, coz I don't bother in the Winter. My husband says they feel like a Dreadnought file! (some sort of heavy duty filing tool thingy!)


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welcome back!

All boys arent bad but this fella sounds like an awful un! Best of luck on restart and hope the 2 stone go fast! :)


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Good for you girl that guy sounds like a total waste of ur time anyway!!! I was in a relationship that made me miserable and hit 20 stone but since I hav found true love with my other half Im already down 6 stone so the good ones are out there and will support u thru THICK and THIN


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All boys arent bad but this fella sounds like an awful un! Best of luck on restart and hope the 2 stone go fast! :)

yeah he sounds like a jeb tbh - ohwell, his loss :p

2st should go in notime love...


oh and when it comes to shaving legs...erm, against? the hair? - or wax :)


All the best on your LT journey :)
and the guy sounds a real jerk, you're better off without him!

We're not all like that; honest! :eek:

SM said:
Saying that..does anyone have instructions for shaving your legs... I've forgotten how.

1) Run a warm bath
2) Light some candels
3) Get in the bath
4) Call me to come do it for you ;)

and there was you thinking I was being serious for once :p :D


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He's not a bad chap just easily led.. (slight male thing but not a dig at all males, honest)

I suppose I shouldn't slap him around on the forum.. after all it takes two to make a relationship work...it's just a shame three made it a crowd.

Excellent progress by the way boys!


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lol - thx for that...all the best of luck to you..he is not worthy!

rainbow brite

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Well I'm glad you're shot of him :) Perfect attitude doll, I wish you all the best of luck xxx