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Let this be it!!!

Finally after months of trying to decide if this is the way to go, I have today seen my new Cambridge Plan Lady and bought all my shakes. One of each and a couple of extras, got to try everything and see what I do and don't like. I've even been brave and bought the porridge - I have heard good and bad reports about them so I shall try one tonight and make up my own mind!

Ok, so here goes, before photos taken today and plenty of bottled water in the fridge ... things can only get better, or lighter and I am determined that this will be it - no more pfaffing around, lose the weight, be healthier and above all, be able to get into some clothes that I want to wear and not just things that fit.

I will let you know how I get on - wish me luck as I am very aprehensive but also sooo happy to be finally changing my life!
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Good luck on your journey hon xx
Hello, glad you made it! Look forward to seeing how you do, give us a shout if you need anything and best of luck!! xx
Well done for making the decision and welcome aboard!
Am only on Day 2 so pretty much doing it with you :)
Good luck hun xxx
Thanks to everyone for their support and welcome. I am enjoying most of the products, even the porridge but not keen on the soups I've tried so far!

Tonight I'm feeling soooo tired and very hungry so having an earlyish night. I will write again tomorrow!

Sweet dreams x x
Good luck on your journey to slimville :)
I love the porridge and hate the soup. I'll look forward to further updates x

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Hello again everyone. You are all so inspiring, look at your losses and the length of time you have all stuck to this plan. My goal is to get within a healthy BMI by my holiday next summer which I know is well within reach.

I am now on day 5 and sooo hungry!! I have had over 2 litres of water today which is the amount my CDC says to drink and extra is a bonus but tonight I am ravenous and could have eaten tea with the rest of the family. Also, does anyone feel very tired? I went up to bed at 7.45pm last night as I was falling asleep on the sofa but then I was awake at 3am! Tonight I am going to persevere and try and stay awake for longer and hope for a good night's sleep.

Also, I don't feel like I've lost any weight this week, guess Monday morning will tell when I get weighed ..... don't know what I expected after just a week but I don't feel any different if that makes any sense?!

Enough of my ramblings, I'll let you know how I get on Monday. Bye again for now,
WOW!! 12 lbs lost in my first week, how fab!:)

Why am I still feeling so hungry though? I thought once I was in ketosis my hunger pangs would go. Some people say that food doesn't bother them and they never feel hungry. I am drinking my water before you ask, it does help to a degree but I am very tempted by the roastie dinner I've cooked tonight and the cakes I made with my daughter.

I hope it will get easier, after all it is only week one. Guess I will just have to go and have a bath. I will be a very clean, slim person by the time I finsh this plan + it's costing me a fortune in magazines to take my mind off the food!!! LOL x
AMAZING!! Such a great result! And that's just in a week - imagine what you can do in a month! :) Keep it up x
Thank you KatieBoo, you have done brilliantly too, 9 lbs in 4 days think what that would be in a week. Blimey, we will be so different by Christmas.

Hope you have another good week, are you still getting the hunger pangs?
12lbs is amazing. So happy for you :)
Resist those roasties and you'll have another corker next week!!! X

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Well another brilliant week, I am so amazed at my willpower on this diet!!!

It's been almost 1.5 weeks since my last weigh-in and I've lost another 10lbs, so in 2.5 weeks I've lost 22lbs. I am feeling so much better already, clothes are starting to fit more comfortably and my legs don't hurt when I stand up - I used to be like a little old lady LOL and I'm only 43!!!!

This week I am having some bars, and tonight I've tried the peanut one, not convinced I will have them that often but you have to try these things don't you?! I've totally gone off the porrige and soups so have a lovely stash of milkshakes and 6 tetras which have been a lifesaver when I've been out. I love most flavours of the shakes and find I really look forward to something sweet, does anyone else feel the same? They are like a little treat!!

Well enough of my ramblings, hope you are all getting on OK too xx
Had another weigh-in this morning, it is sort of my week 3 but as I was away over half term my weigh-ins got a bit moved around .....

Anyway, day 23 and I have lost a total of 27lbs. How can this be happening?! I have never stuck to a diet for more than a couple of weeks and I have certainly not lost this much EVER!!!!

Roll on next week, I can't wait to see what happens and I really can't wait until Christmas when I should be so much more lighter and might even need to be treating myself to some new clothes .... oh how exciting!!!

Ps. This is the best diet ever xx
Thanks Illa and so are you .... not too far to get to your goal now either, are you still losing if you are pregnant? Just curious x

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