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Let's all send our love and good wishes to SlendaBlenda.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Well darlin, tomorrow is your surgery and I just know so many people here would like to send virtual love and support andhealing vibes toyou.

You are going to be in my thoughts all day tomorrow, and I will be sending so much healing love and light through the vapours to you.

My lovely friend, I wish you nothing but the best possible outcome for this life changing situation you are facing.

Good luck angel - will be here for you whenever you need.

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Good luck for tomorrow - I hope it all goes well xxx


Tough But Sexy X
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SB you are as many have said in the past a true legend always full of inspiration and positive messages for others!

Tomorrow i will spend my time sending positive thoughts to the universe for you!

Goodluck beautiful, thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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...we're sinking deeper.
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Thank you BL for making this thread. Like everyone here, I too am wishing her the best for tomorrow, as well as a speedy and healthy recovery. She has been in my thoughts for the last week and I will continue sending her my best intentions.

Splenda - you're an absolute legend, inspiration and your boundless energy, extreme kindness and sensitivity paint you as an absolutely beautiful person inside and out. I know you can get through this and we're all here to support you, just like you've supported us over the years too.

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Loves to post
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Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending you positive thoughts and wishes SB xxx


is Magdalicious
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You will be in my prayers tomorrow hun.
Love you lots xxxxxx


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Will be thinking about you SB xxxxxxxxx


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Thank you for posting this BL!

Slenda, you have helped and inspired me (and no doubt countless others) so many times on my journey. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying that all goes well xxx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
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Aww... what a great idea for a thread! :)

Of course, good luck tomorrow SB, not that you'll need it... We're all thinking of you and sending positive loving vibes!... Hope you can feel them!! ;)



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Aww good luck for tomorrow SB,you will get through this,you will be in my thought and prayers! <<<Big hugs!>>>.
Sexy xx


Staff member
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Wishing you all the best for tomorrow SB:grouphugg:

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Will be thinking of you, am sure it will all go well, xx


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You are in my thoughts and prayers SB. All the best my lovely and here's tpo a speedy recovery xx
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Awe such a lovely post.

Will be in my thoughts SB.

Wishing you a speedy recovery you brave lady you :)



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You are in my prayers and thoughts - you kick that evil cancer's ass SB xxxxxx


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Thoughts are with you to beat this! Know you have an inner strength, and you can count on us for support from here.
Positive thoughts, you will soon be back on ypu feet.
Group hugs


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I will be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing you well xx

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