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Lets compare weight losses, heights and start weights??

Hi Guys,

I am quite interested to know how much you all are losing week by week. Can you also tell me your start weight and height.

It would be interesting to know if people with less to lose can still have the same weight losses week by week as people that have more to lose?

Sorry for being so nosey, but I want to work out how fast i can lose !

My start weight was 14 stone 3 lbs. My height is 5'8.

My loses are in my signature below :)

Ideally I would like to get to 10 stone
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To follow on from above. Its intersting to know what weight people have to be to go a dress size lower. Oh, my start dress size was 16/18. Now i think i am a 16
Good idea Lizzie!
Well....My start weight was 15st 4oz and i am 5ft 9. I was and still ama size 18 and have lost 10lb this my first week!! I am now 14st 8oz and my size 18s are a bit loose...ok i have keep pulling my pants up lol xxx


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Yes definitely Good idea. Although I think dress sizes depend on body shape too.

Height: 5ft 8"
Start Weight: 15 8lbs
BMI: 33.33
Size: Mostly 16's but 18's also.

Week 1 Weight: -8lbs (Had WI after 5 days)
Week 1 Size: All 16's (after 7 days)....... confused? Never!!

Aim: As close to 10 stone as possible :) - BMI 21.3
Haha yuna we are so alike! x
Thanks Guys :) You know i have a feeling that it takes ages to get down to a 14. I think i have been a 16 for years and stones! Cant remember what weight i was when i was last a 14! Oh well, i will let you know when i get there:)
Well i know its all about body shape but at my smallest and idea weight 4 and a half years ago, i was 10st 4oz and a size 10 on top and 14/16 at the bottom. Im 18 now so i prob have my full weight loss abd more to go before i will a 14 again! Some people are naturally curvy which i like, or maybe i just have a big bum lol x
Haha i wish i was losing off my legs more, i have lost 2 inches off my waist this week!! how good is that already?!
Here is me:-

Height: 5'.09 (yes not even 5ft one :( )
Start Weight: 12st 11lb
Week One: -6lb
Week Two:- 4lb
BMI: 34
My weight today: 11st 12lb (on my crappy scales so thats not an official weigh in))

8st 7lb - this may sound small but it is in the middle of my healthy BMI 22.5 - I'm only shorty remember :D

Cool post btw xx

Oh yeah, and I'm a size 14 :)
Height: 5ft 4 inch
Starting weight: 14st 12lbs
Size: 16/18 depending on where bought from!
Week one : loss 9.5
Week two: loss 5.5

My clothes are starting to get lose, but some of them were so tight before that I'll prob need to weight til I lose a bitty more before am down and actual sizE!!
Yeah you're righ 8st 7 sounds tiny to me but yeah its prob right for your height x
Oh and Lacey my friend is a tiny 4ft 11!! x
Its actually reallly confusing the differences in weights and hights and body shapes. I am losing the weight all over, so thats prob why i dont feel like its showing yet. (it is nearly 2stone for me now)
2 stone is fantastic Lizzie and the fact that its all over is even better x
2 stone is fantastis Lizzie and the fact thats its from all over is even better x
Haha yeah i think its nice when people know who they are talking to xx

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