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Lianne's weight Loss


Is so very nearly there!
Good Luck this week and a lb is a lb hun...

Well Done
Thanks Claire - I suppose you're right! Better than putting weight on. My partner who hardly kept to the diet lost 3lb! I was pleased for him but secretly miffed!


Is so very nearly there!
It is easier for men to lose weight quicker - not fair but life!

You can do it just keep focused!x
1st Week weight loss

I know how you feel, it was my 1st weigh in this morning and althought I lost 3lb when I've done it in the past I've done better the first week so I was still a bit miffed :( but as others have said its a loss which is great :)

I must admit I've found out the hard way trying to save syns during the week and having a bit of a blow out at the weekend doesn't really work.

I totally agree on the subject of men I have one of those annoying husband who hardly ever puts on weight :mad: and if he does all he has to do is cut out 1 snack per day for a week and he looses it all. Never mind at least we are on the right track now!!

Good luck!


taking one day at a time
Ilost 1lb this week and all the comments had made me feel more positive better off than on a step closer to goal x
1lb is great its better then gaining or loosing none so you should be very proud of yourself! you will probably see a bigger loss next week to! but 1 lb of fat is gone from your body and that is something to be very proud of. xx :)
I havn't weighed for a few weeks - I was supposed to but have chickened out each time. I don't know whether I have lost even a 1lb as I have been off and on with all the temptations lying around. I do feel a little thinner though - my trousers are a teany tiny but looser!

I'm writing this - so that I have to weigh tonight and then come back and post what the result is!

There - done it - I'll be back with the results :)( if any) tomorrow morning!
Well it took me until last night to weigh in.. I knew Ihad lost some because my clothes fit better and hooray I lost 4lbs (not in one week - in three). I'm really pleased now I'm finally getting the results I want. I've managed to lose 1/2 stone since I started just over a month ago ;). I now want to lose another half a stone by easter weekend..
Stick to the plan 100% and you will get to that goal Huni. Well done on the loss too!!!!
It doesnt matter how long it took to get there, the simple explanation is that you DID get there!

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