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Life after refeed... what treats can we have?

I've been 'unofficially' refeeding for about 10 days. To cut a long story short, I've been doing 2 shakes a day and a very light meal at night, avoiding carbs. Pharmacy is ok with it, I lost 5lb the week before last and 2lb last week. It was either do it this way or fail completely, I was close to binge eating.

Anyway. I can't imagine a day will ever come where I'll want to tuck into fish and chips... I just can't go back to being 13 stone. The thought of a big plate of fatty, carbohydrate laden food makes me want to gip, seriously. I'm enjoying being the weight I am and would ideally like another half stone off but don't care if it takes me till Christmas to do it.

I've had the odd cube of Stilton lately, it's just enough because it's so strong, and it stopped me reaching for anything more dangerous. I've also had a slice or two of grilled Halloumi cheese, that's really tasty and with a salad it was really scrumptious. I'm finding that I need the taste of food rather than the volume, which is a good thing.

So back to the point, what 'treats' can you have to replace what you used to have? I used to love toast with half an inch of Lurpak, or toasted teacakes. And crisps, crisps and more crisps. But never want to go there again...:eek:
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I hoping that my palate will be satisfied with less high sugar/high fat stuff, but if I do go back to them it's less often.... fruit???
Hmmm... we're all so different aren't we? I liked a choc or two but could take it or leave it. I think I was a carbaholic and I think it's cutting right back that's made me lose weight.

Who ate all the pies? Me. :D


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hehehe, I had a flatmate once who said she could eat 10lbs of cheese but could take or leave chocolate, I just didn't understand ;)

Don't get me wrong I've never met a carbohydrate I didn't like....
hehehe, I had a flatmate once who said she could eat 10lbs of cheese but could take or leave chocolate, I just didn't understand ;)

Don't get me wrong I've never met a carbohydrate I didn't like....
I've also got to learn to say no. My o/h often gets in from work before me and will slam a pizza in the oven and have a bottle of wine open for when I come in. The perfect man. I think he's learning about carbs and protein and realising what's given me an ass the size of a gable end.


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Raw carrots are great, my OH enoys them now too. I like the carrot batons (Tesco does them in handy little packs -about 60p each). Apples also have that 'crunch' factor! I also go for the giant or jumbo snackerjacks; caramel flavour =51cals and cheese flavour = 38cals, I think. For chocolate I either have a slimfast choc bar snack (chewy) = 99cals, or have as a main meal slimfast choc bar meal (crunchy) = 200 cals approx. Sometimes I have Ryvita.
what about sugar free ice lollies? I have a terrible sore throat and had one which was about 40kcals and now feel very guilty but it eased the pain in my poor throat!
I have meringues, low fat ice cream and fresh fruit, usually strawberries when in season - this satisfies my sweet tooth when needed. Mainly savoury tastes though, so always have ryvita in the house and low fat cream cheese, or marmite (you either love it or hate it lol) and matzos. If you have a base then you can always add something to it, if you see what I mean, as long as they are low fat/cal choices. I make my own dips too, low fat of course, and just add garlic, herbs etc etc, or tomato based ones.
i have the odd treat on occasions just in moderation now, but tbh i dont really enjoy the sweet things like i used to which i suppose is a good thing x
My boss makes a great desset....2 low fat wholemeal biscuits bashed and broken in a small square tupperware bowl,a layer of peaches,layer of fat free yogart,and sprinkled with alpan i think it is.Like crunchy ceral.OMG it looks sooooo good to eat.I cant wait to try it when im back eating again lol