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Lifeline online food diary,,

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hey guys and gals.

I noticed the option for an online food diary on the website ages ago, but decided i couldn't be bothered..
I just wandered how many of you use it?
I'v decided to start using it myself, I LOVE massive handbags, but my elder sister has shed some light on how rediculously big my handbag was and that infact, she actually had more in her handbag, which was almost 5 time smaller, than i had in mine lol. . so i'v bought a new handbag, but i can't fit my slimming pack in it anymore, so i'v decided to start using the online food diary to keep on top of what i'm eating, aswell as writing it in my weightloss journey diary on here.

I think the little bit you can write notes in quite cool aswell... & you can double check syns!

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I've used it since I started back to SW but I also write it down. It is fantastic for accurate syns but difficult if you have a recipe you want synned. Never thought of using the journal foe that. Thanks for reminding me. Good luck I hope it helps you. :p


soon to be skinny minnie
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I never used to use it with my attempts at sw but i have been using it every day and would be lost without it now. Plus this is the longest i have stuck to plan ever 100%, so it works for me x

Wacky Jacky

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I use it most of the time too - it's really good for checking syns as you go - it took a bit of getting used to, so I used to keep a paper diary sheet on the fridge then keyed in the details from that
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i used it but preferred my written one on the fridge in the end! it's easier to carry a piece of paper round then keep logging on!
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Just had a look at the diary and am going to try it for this week to see how I get on. Need to try something to keep me on track.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
:) ah, thanks for the replys, it's nice to hear what people think!
I prefer to carry my little pad around with me to, but shall ahve to find a smaller one now to fit in my small handbag, grr lol.
but its doing me good for the time!

i think its quite helpful meself!, but as you say, logging on all the time is a pain, but as i see it, i come on here atleast 3 timesa day, so i can do it if i wanted too..


Andy R.

Time for a change
I use it all the time, i think its a good way too keep track and also look back over the months and what i used to eat and meal ideas i forgot about, great for checking on ur syns too
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I use it and like it I have my laptop on all day so just leave the page sitting open and add to it as I eat but on days out I just have a little note pad but plan to get a student year diary thing when I go to the shops. To be honest I hardly ever eat outside the house, like McDonald's yesterday I just had a cup of tea.


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Hey fern

Gosh i dont even have a handbag but am looking for nice one and purse for when i go to vegas lol, but as for online diary omg i use it all time its my lifesaver and to make it really easier i always check mark save to favourites so its easier to just click on your favourite foods instead of clicking different free foods etc, you have to do that first but everytime you click a food save it in your favourties its sooo easy, good luck hun xx
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I write everything down in my pad as I go along then write it in the online diary, I like it cos I have my 'favourties' list (peri peri sauce etc) and dont have to try to remeber the syns value all the time.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey fern

Gosh i dont even have a handbag

:eek:... what, how do you even survive through the day!!?? where do you put everything LOL.

LOL right back on track..

its been nice to hear everyones feedback! and i hope some of you that hadnt heard of it before make good use from it and find it helpful!

i'm gunna give it ago and keeps me on track! x

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