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LifesDesire's JUDDD Diary

Discussion in 'JUDDD Diaries' started by LifesDesire, 4 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Welcome to my JUDDD diary and thanks for visiting :)

    I've just started JUDDD today, spent a long time reading about IF and found this part of the minimins forum yesterday.

    I started strong on a DD, the day isn't over but so far I've had:
    Weight watchers chicken noodle soup: 51cal
    Ham sandwich with weight watchers bread: 146

    So far still under 200 calories and have eaten when hungry rather than at specific meal times, but I'm very happy :)

    I plan to try and stay healthy on my UD's but not to worry about calorie content, has anyone found that you lose more when still counting calories on an up day and sticking to a limit? or when you just go with the flow?

    Any support or suggestions would be great.
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  3. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    Polished off today with another weight watchers bread ham sandwich and a ryvita.

    Exactly 415cals for the day, I feel a bit chuffed with myself :)
  4. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Well-Known Member

    Yay! Well done! Feels good being in control :0)
  5. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Well-Known Member

    BTW I found I just counted on my DD...and was careful on my UD...just satisfied myself and lost ten pounds in eight weeks..I was happy with that :0)
  6. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    Thanks for letting me know, I'm really quite interested in what I might be like on an up day, a little worried about over eating, think I'm going to try and eat like I did on Slimming World, lots of fruits and veggies and a minimal amount of added sugar or fat and try not to think about calories.

    On a side note, love your avatar :) xxx
  7. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Well-Known Member

    I find that because in my mind I think I can eat whatever I want I don't find myself bingeing? Usually day one of diet and I want everything I'm not supposed to lol x

    Following SW sounds great as its just a really healthy and satisfying way of eating, but at least if you over do it you haven't blown it :) x

    Oh yes....he is my thinspiration!!! ;0)
  8. missnic07

    missnic07 Well-Known Member

    Welcome! And congrats on finishing your first DD, well done :)
  9. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think as I quite like fruit and roasted vegetables, if I have lots of healthy stuff then decide I want a chocolate bar I'm not going to feel too bad about it :)

    I guess my pic is my thinspiration as well, however yours is far far better lol x
  10. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    Thank you missnic07!! Hopefully many more successful DD's to come :) x
  11. missnic07

    missnic07 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure there will be. Going to subscribe to your diary so I can keep up with you x
  12. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    Thank you :) will do the same with yours, just found it! x
  13. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    So, it's my second day and an Up Day for me. I'm not sure what to eat yet.

    Within the next two hours I should be receiving a supermarket delivery and I'm craving fruit, so I might wait for that, or eat now...

    See?! I'm already in emotional turmoil about actually eating when on a diet.

    However, I did weigh myself this morning (exactly like I shouldn't, but I confess I am a daily weigher, and the scientist in me wants to see the daily effects this diet will have on my body).

    Not sure I mentioned it in my first post, but yesterday morning I was 151.6lbs and today I'm 149.4lbs, a nice starting 2.2lb loss =) Yay Me!

    Been really enjoying receiving comments from people so keep it up ;) x
  14. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Well-Known Member

    Enjoy your up day :0) I'm on an up today and planning a boozy lunch ;0)
  15. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    o0o Boozy lunch, what a nice idea :p

    I'll see what arrives in my shopping and decide, surprised that I'm not particularly bothered about breakfast considering how hungry I was went I went to bed hehe x
  16. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Well-Known Member

    It's funny how you go to bed obsessing about food on a DD but when u wake on a UD you aren't that bothered lol xxxx
  17. missnic07

    missnic07 Well-Known Member

    Enjoy your UD :) that's the nice thing about this diet you can have tour UDs practically guilt free because the DDs do the magic. At first it does feel weird being able to eat whatever you want, because let's face it, which other diet can u do that on? Lol x
  18. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'm going to try to, so far I've not managed much, but I only just had breakfast (350cals) (going to calorie count of my UD's for a while to make sure I don't over eat) hopefully it'll allll be ok :) x
  19. missnic07

    missnic07 Well-Known Member

    I did that for the first one or 2 and then got sick of it lol z
  20. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    Haha, I'm sure I will too, but I'm used to counting calories so it's no bother for now and I want to make sure I don't go too overboard, or knowing me and my dieting brain, under lol xxx
  21. LifesDesire

    LifesDesire Well-Known Member

    So, my first up day went well, I had just under 2000 calories in the end, weight's down an ickle bit again today so I'm happy.

    Todays DD feels easy so far, I have lots of little jobs to get done, so I've written a list and each time I get hungry I'm going to do one of them (washing for instance) and if I still feel hungry afterwards then I'll have something small to eat, if not then I'll continue on with my relaxing Sunday until hunger hits again and do another chore, what do we think of that as a way of controlling eating and hunger?

    Also, just worked out if I stick to alternating fast days then I will be on a fast at my brothers birthday :(, buuuuut then I realised they always lay on a massive spread of all the buffet iceland foods and it should be after 7pm (I try not to eat any later than that) but I think if I told myself it was an UD I'd eat as much as everyone else, which is too much for any day. So I think I'm happy it falls on a DD, does that make any sense or am I just having a morning ramble? :confused:

    Oh well, happy Sunday to everyone :cool: xxx

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