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Lighter Life in Stoke-on-Trent??

Hi lovely LLers :), I was wondering if there was anyone on the forums who is doing (or has done) the LL programme in any areas of Stoke?:confused:? It would be lovely to hear from you and i would appreciate it if you could share your experiences with me of doing the diet and the groups sessions etc.

I did CD in the past and have been trying to restart CD for awhile now with no success:(. So i think its time for something new and i'm just waiting for a local LL counsellor to get back to me :). I'm really anxious about switiching to LL so i would appreciate your advice and experiences.

I hope you all doing well on LL and having great success.

Thanks in advance for your replies :) xx
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S: 15st8lb C: 13st12lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st10lb(11.01%)
Hi Maybe,

There are a couple of us on here from S-o-T. I personally go to LL in Stafford because its easier for me with working down here. Laura (stokieslimmer)goes to the one in Hanley I think....but I'm sure she will catch up on this thread and answer herself! :p

I haven't started a group yet but didn't want to wait for a group to start to start Lighterlife, so I took the plunge. Hopefully should be joining a group in the next couple of weeks.

LL is a great (although radical) program. If you stick to it then you're guaranteed to lose the weight. It's a bit of a struggle for the first week - but things do get easier. The weight loss always spurs me on!

There are always plenty of people on Minimins that can help and give advice, so don't be frightened of asking :D

Paula xx
Morning Ladies,

Yeah I go to the LL in Hanley. The counsellor is Cindy and she's luverly!

This is my 4th week on the programme now. I was anxious at first, the thought of not eating scared me and I also thought it was slightly expensive, but i am SO GLAD that I started! I feel amazing already!

Let me know how you get on!

Hi Polly740 & StokieSlimmer, thank you for your replies :). I didnt think there were any stokies on the boards, lol. Wow, you have both had amazing losses and are doing so well. I wish i have as much success if i start LL :)

I have contacted Cindy the counsellor in Hanley and i'm just waiting for her to get back to me. I saw her last year when i wanted to do LL but i couldnt start the programme because my GP wouldn't sign my forms :(. I'm hoping i wont have that problem this time round.

How have you been finding the CBT sessions StokieSlimmer?? I have heard that some counsellors dont deliver the sessions as good as they could and so some people dont benefit from it. I'm only worried because £66 a week is alot of money to spend and if i do the diet i want the CBT sessions to benefit me.

I really want to start LL ASAP, so i might try to contact Cindy again. I hope there are some start dates in October.

The only thing making me anxious about starting is that i have been trying to restart CD for weeks (well over a year now) now and i'm worried i wont make it through day one of LL. But with CD, i would always say ''i'll eat this 2day and the i'll start again tmrw'' because you can kinda do CD in your own time. But with LL i like that its moe rigid and i have that black and white thinking so i'll be fine with just living off the food packs, lol. I also like the idea of doing it with others for support and the RTM part of the programmes too.

StokieSlimmer, how often do you attend group sessions? Is it once or twice a week? Sorry about the questions but i really excited about LL and have so many questions, lol.

Thank you again for your replies. I hope you continue to do well on the diet :) xx


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S: 15st8lb C: 13st12lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st10lb(11.01%)
Most certainly rigid...there is no grey!

You follow the rules and you lose the weight, that's the up and down of it. I start my group class next Thursday, so my weigh in day will change as well. By the time I go to my first group I will have already been on LL for nearly 7 weeks! :D

Although the weight loss is an important part of this, the CBT is also important to help you understand your relationship with food. Your LLC may allow you to start without a group, as mine did.

You just have to put your mind to it. It's a small part of your life to go without food and the benefits far outweigh the symptoms and mental battling! :D

Good luck to you - I hope you get the results you want :D

Hi Paula, you've done so well to lose the weight over 7 weeks and without the group sessions aswell, thats amazing. I wish i can be as successful as you. After so many CD restarts i need something new and i hope LL will be a new start for me.

I contacted my LLC yesterday and she told me to to make an appointment to see a nurse who she reccomended and then go from there. I couldnt get an appointment to see the nurse this week so i have to wait untill next thursday :(

I'm really nervous that i wont get my forms signed because i do have an illness which shouldnt allow me to do LL. But i have been well for 3 years now and my LLC said its upto my dr. I'v also done CD SS and my doctor was happy to sign my forms for that. But i am really anxious about it. I am thinking i might actually ring up the nurse and ask her if there is any chance for me to do the LL programme with having my illness on the phone rather than getting my hopes up whilst waiting to see her and waiting untill next thursday to be told NO as soon as i walk through the door. Does that make sense?? lol

If i do get my forms signed i want to start LL ASAP because i have this month off from university and placements so it would be nice to be at home when i go through the carb withdrawal and to get used to the diet. So if i can do LL i may have to ask if i can start without groups or look for another LLC.

I am really fed up of having to wait around for all this. I have 1 weeks supply of CD and would love to do it but i cant lose any weight because i'm only just a BMI of 30, so if i go under i can't do LL.

Sorry if all this sounds so confusing :(. I have no patience for these things and just want to get started LL or try again for CD.

I hope you enjoy your group sessions, you'll have to let me know how you get on.

Sorry about the long rant but i am desperate to lose this weight.

Thanks for your reply, i appreciate your support :) xx


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S: 15st8lb C: 13st12lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st10lb(11.01%)
No need to apologise, we're all desperate to lose the weight....probably why most of us have turned to LL as a final resort.

You will be successful if you want to lose the weight as much as you sound like you do! It may be worth calling the nurse and talking your issue through with her. LL does help a lot of illnesses, but then it does depend on what you have. Medical opinion will be far better than any that I could give!

If the nurse / doctor gives their approval then you should start as soon as you can. That part will be down to your LLC - you would need to ask her if you can start before she arranges her next group.
My group starts on the 9th October - by which time I will be half way through the program. It isn't really a problem, although some may argue that the benefits of being in a group are high and you get more out of it.

Good luck with it - I do hope that you are allowed to start and reap the benefits of LL. Let us know how it goes....... :D

Awww, thank you for your reply. I was getting abit stressed about this last night and not having anyone to talk to about it makes things worse, so i had to rant, lol.

I have to pop into the the doctors surgery tmrw morning to pick up my repeat perscription so i'll ask if i can speak to the nurse or another professional then. Its bit unfair if cant do it because i gained all my weight as a side efect of the medication i used to be on when i first got diagnosed (before then i was my ideal weight).

I really do want to start ASAP so i will see how i get on with the nurse and go from there.

Thanks again for your support :) xx
Good morning, sorry for the late reply. I was working ALL day yesterday!! :character00148:

Ok, I attend Cindy's classes once a week. I go on a Monday night (if I can get the time off work!) And she also does a 'pop-in' session on a Wednesday for us to call in for a chat or see how we are doing. The sessions that she does are great. Defo worth the £66, she really gets you thinking about things. We are a group of about 10 people and we have loads of discussions and group activities. You get a workbook to follow and we do a lot of work in there too!

The diet is certainly rigid, there is no deviating or cheating. Which is why I like it so much. It takes away all the hassle of having to plan your meals. Im a huge foodie and love all types of food so thought I was really going to struggle with the sachets, to be honest the first week was hard, but with the support of the group and coming on here to chat to other people going through the same I found that all the hard work had paid off at the weigh in. Im now on my fourth week and am feeling fab, getting lots of compliments and have more energy already!
I would defo reccommend this diet huni, it might be worth seeing another GP if you are still having trouble with yours.

Good luck

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

I didnt get the chance to go to the surgery last Thursday so i'll give them a ring this Monday coming and see if i can see the practise nurse then rather than waiting untill Thursday next week. Having said that, i am still waiting for the medical form that the LLC was meant to send me in the post. So if it doesn't get to me by Monday i'll give her a ring and ask if i can get is ASAP or pick it up from her as i dont live to far from her LL office thing.

Thank you for your reply StokieSlimmer, its great to hear that you're doing so well on the diet and you find the sessions beneficial. My main reason for doing LL is to benefit frm the CBT sessions so i dont put the weight back on like i did with CD. So its great to hear that that you find Cindys sessions so helpul. The group activities sound like fun and i'm the kinda person who loves to work through workbooks etc, lol. If i get my forms signed with no problems i would like to start the diet ASAP. I am getting really depressed waiting around to see if i can do LL and i just want to get started.

If i have problems with my forms, i will just have to find a private doctor to sign my forms, because i cnt stand being this weight and its makin me become very anti-social.

Thanks again for your replies. I hope you enjoy your session on Monday StokieSlimmer and i hope you are doing well too Paula :).

I will let you know how i get on :) xx

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