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lighterlife newbie

Hi everyone, i'v just started lighterlife one week ago, i have my first weigh in tonight.

I've been browsing this website for a few days now and everyone seems to love this diet! I thought i might as well register because everyone seems to support each other brilliantly! Although im not really sure if im doing this right! I'm absolutely hopeless with computers!

Ive been feeling fine all week apart from a bit of a headache on day 2.

One thing im worried about though is i chose to have some porridge food packs and i absolutely cant eat them! I've not been able to get hold of my counsellor so i couldnt swap them. Will this effect my weight loss because i'v only been eating three food packs this week?

I'd be very grateful if anyone could help with this?

thank you!!:)
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Hi Mands - Welcome to minimins!!! I have been doing LL for about 10 weeks now and this forum has been brilliant for me!

The 1st week is hard and well done for getting through it!!

With regard to the packs, the problem is not so much the weight loss, its the fact that if you dont eat all 4 packs you are not having all the vitamins, minerals ect you need to stay healthy.

When you go to your meeting tonight, get a list of pop in days and times. These are times when you can just go straight in without advance warning to swap packs, ask questions or weigh in to keep on track.

With regard to the weight loss, as its your 1st week, I dont think you have anything to worry about. Im sure you will loose a good amount.

We have a lady at my centre who lost 13 stone on LL, and she told me the only times she had a slowed weight loss was when she didnt have all the packs and didnt have enough water.

I cant stress enough that when you get them swapped, ensure you eat all 4 of them and keep up your water consumption.

GOOD LUCK....come back on and let us know how you got on.


Jo B

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Welcome and good luck tonight - let us know how you've done xx


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Yup, gotta have all four really!!! I'm sure you've done fine though. ANY loss is a good loss!!
hi everyone, thanx for your kind words!

I lost 6lbs last night! Was a little bit disappointed because mine was the smallest loss of the new starters, but still proud of myself! lol Maybe its because i've got a bit less weight than the others to lose? Anyway onwards and upwards, just looking forward to being slim again! Its been a while!

Ive got 3 and half stone to lose, kept putting it off because of my children (ive got 4), but im not having anymore now, so ive got no excuse! lol

Thanx everyone and keep up your good work, all doing brilliant!

mands x
Well done on your loss! :)

Don't compare your losses to others in your group though, everyone is different and will lose at different rates. And yes, especially in the first week the more you have to lose the higher your initial loss will likely be, as it is mainly excess water that you lose within the first few days anyway; more body mass = more water to lose.
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Hi Mands,

Thought I'd say hello as I'm a newbie too - currently on day 3! Struggled yesterday as just generally felt a bit off and was soooo hungry. Feeling ok today though, a bit lightheaded but I'll live!

We're in a similar boat - though I have 4st to lose - so be good to rally each other on! Well done on the 6lbs, i'll be delighted if that's me next Tuesday and echo the comments from everyone else about the less you have to lose the smaller first week weight loss you will ahve (so I've been told anyway!). Keep smiling and good luck for the week ahead! x x x
Doing really well!

Hi everyone, thanx, i know six pounds is a good loss and i'm just concentrating on my goal now, not just how much i lose each week!

Hi Hayleyw, hope you're doing ok! Im getting used to the diet now and feel great! lots more energy:)

Sounds like you're doing well! Good luck with your wi on tue!

I wont be able to log on for a few days, as Im going to see my gran in leeds. Its been stressful as shes just had a second stroke, but im really determined im not gonna eat to cope with the stress!

Have a great weekend everyone, mands x

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