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Lilminx's munch pad

Ok after being a bit disappointed at weigh in.. i lost 1.5lb and i was walking miles and being good.. tho i think it may be because its tom the 1st iv had in a long time.. so anyway..
going to keep a record of all i eat on here today 11.8.10

2 egg whites splash of milk 0.5
mushrooms, onion, cherry tomatoes 0
made into an omelette

Butternut zero points soup 0
sugar free jelly 0

Tesco light choices ready meal 3
beaked beans 2
ww yog 0.5

Milky way and 2 reason choc 3.5

Total 9.5/17
walked 2 miles so far
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Hun I think you need to up your points if your actually trying to lose weight or your body will go on strike and not lose at all? How many lbs do want to shift? When I lost 5 stone years ago I stuck to my required points for about 6 weeks then threw a two point lower than it week in before resuming my required ,this kept me fuelled for energy and motivation. Im no leader tho so please ask one for further advice? Hugs Maria x
my goal weight is 9st 2lb and im a little over at 9st 4.5lbs which isnt to bad of a weight gain in a year! but i wanna shift another 6lb before my hols in 2 weeks so thats why im going so hard at it.. tho i think your prob right not taking in enough.. but i havent felt hungry all day.. maybe a big tub of ben and jerrys ice cream is needed to boost the points tee hee only joking x
Ah you see I think 9 stone was my birth weight ! How amazing to be so so close to what you want to be and they say our dogs reflect us ... yours is a slim and athletic greyhound while mine is a chunky little maltese who loves to sleep ha ha .Very well done but still think your too low on points:p:p:p:p:p:p xxMaria xx
tee hee thanks.. hes a whippet and just gained his Irish Junior Champion title :D but i must say i could never run as fast as he does not all the time anyway lol.. i had a milkyway and 2 chocs to take my points up a wee bit yesterday

40g shredded wheat with fruit 2
milk 1.5

125g grilled chicken breast 2
salad, beetroot, pickles, cherry toms and fat free dressing 0
Sugar free jelly and grapefruit ww yog 0.5

Tescos LC ready meal 5
Mini milk 1

Total 12
miles 5
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hello folks hope ur all well.. weekend is upon me now.. whooo and booo as i go on the skids at weekends lol been doing lots of walking hope that helps with the loss.. anyway today..

one egg, one egg white, mushrooms tom and onion omelette 2.

ww soup 1.5
ww roll 1.5
ww biscuts 1.5

a king prawn chow main for the chinese tee hee naughty i know 6

total 12.5
walked 5 miles
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wow i'd be surprised if u don't lose after ur diet the past few days, u really know how to work the low points
hey donna... i need to shift it quick b4 my hols.. but i do still enjoy a chinese at the weekends like today thats why i eat so low.. but been walking and running so much too..x
:break_diet: ooops well been flat out this weekend with stuff so haven't been great had two cheese covered baps today and a burger from the bbq... but tomorrow is another day at back at it... but have been keeping up with the walking :)
porrage 1.5
milk 1.5

Zero points soup 0
bread 1.5
one sweet 1.5

lamb chop fat removed and grilled 4.5
sugar free jelly and ww yog 0.5

Total 11
walked 5
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