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Lilobugs FD - Newbie!!!

Hi Everyone,

I have just noticed this thread and think its fantastic. Its good to read everybody elses food diaries and to get ideas for meals...its also good for me too as I have already seen that everyone helps each other out on here so it will discipline me be good and honest when I post my diaries but also as I cant afford to go to classes right now, hopefully people will point out to me if I am eating too much or too little or point out any mistakes I have made in terms of syn values....

SO as I am a single mum, its really important that I plan my menus for the week ahead so I already know what I am eating tomorrow and want to put it up now now now lol, however I will wait until tomorrow incase I eat anything extra..

Have a good week everyone
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Hi there and welcome!
I dont go to classes as I cant afford to. Have been on and off the SW plan for years, but this time its stuck! Lol

I have a diary on here if you want to have a look to give you some ideas Hun.

Good luck!

Food Diary

I was really worried I would go off track to day and think to myself - oh I will start tomorrow as my little boy was off school which meant I could not go to work or the gym...I didnt!! But I was soooo hungry today so apologies, I have ate loads!
Monday 11th January 2010

Breakfast:- 2 x 57g Brown Baps ( B Choice * 2)
4 Quorn Sausages (Free)
Tomato Ketchup 1 tsp (1 Syn)

Lunch:- SW Spinach and Sweet Potato Curry and Rice (2 Syns)

Dinner:- Jkt Potato with cheese an onion (AChoice)
Chicken Low Fat Noodles with Quorn Pieces (Free)

Snacks - Apple, Carrots

Milky Coffee:- 250ml Semi Skimmed Milk (A Choice)

Total Syns:- 3

No Gym today.
Tuesday 12th January 2010

Breakfast:- 1 Red Apple, 1 Muller Light, Strawberries (Free)

Lunch:- 142g Baked Beans (B Choice)
2 Slices of Nimble Wholemeal Bread (B Choice)

Dinner:- Beef Stew (Extra Lean Beef, peas, carrots,celery,swede,Bovril Cubes (1 Syn)

Milky Coffee:- 250ml Semi Skimmed Milk (A) Choice

Exercise:- GYM – 50 Mins of Interval Training.
Wednesday 13th January 2010

Breakfast:- 28g Ready Brek & 1 ts Honey (B Choice) ( 1.5 Syns)

Snack:- Strawberries

Lunch:- 2 Slices Nimble Bread (B Choice) Baked Beans

Snack:- 1 Biscuit (5 Syns) Muller Light, ¼ Pk Wheat Crunches (2 Syns)

Dinner:- Quorn and Cauliflower Curry and Rice.

Syns:- 8.5

No Gym

Bad day today. Did not sleep well at all last night hence v tired today and no way I could do the gym. Second I was supposed to be on red day today but I did not pack enough snacks and a realistic lunch so I was very hungry anf by Tea time I was hungry only carbs could save me. Lucky I only had baked beans at lunch and not meat. Picked a lot also – not good but the syns did not work out as bad as I thought. Back on it tomorrow.
Thursday 14th January 2010

Breakfast:- 28g Porridge ( B Choice) with 1 SW Ferro Roche to make into chocolate Ready Brek (1 Syn)

Snack:- Strawberries

Lunch:- LF Chicken and Herb Super Noodles (Free)

Snack:- Grapes, 2 SW Ferro Roche (2 Syns)

Dinner:- Quorn Southern Style Burgers * 2 (5Syns) , 1 Brown Roll (B Choice), Slimming World Chips (Free)

Totals Syns:- 8

250ml Semi Skimmed Milt (A Choice)

Gym – 30 Body Step – Hard work, but damn it makes you sweat!
I did not struggle with my eating today either as again I am on green - Really need to conquer red days!!
Hi Circes

Thanks for that advice and clearly it worked for you :)...I guess in the past when I have done slimming world I have always lost more weight from doing red days but then I suppose thats becuase I have been hungry all week lol ....I am going to stick to green and slot in the red days every now and again just for variety as I really want to keep going with this and if I am forcing myself to have red days when I dont want to have them is just going to make me give up!
I am having a few red days today because I have prepared for them and actually want them (chicken dinner and SW burgers) but think will stick with mainly Green in the future.

Thanks again for the advice!!! :)
Friday 15th January 10

Breakfast:- 28g Porridge ( B Choice) with 1 SW Ferro Roche to make into chocolate Ready Brek (1 Syn)

Snack:- Melon

Lunch:- Jacket Potato (B Choice), Cheese (A Choice)

Dinner:- **Treat Night with Girls** 1 Beef Chow Mein (8 SYNS)

250ml Semi Milk (A Choice)

Total Syns:- 9

GYM:- 45mins , worked extra hard and really chuffed with myself

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