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Linda McCartney Sausages...taste?

I used to be a veggie and I much preferred linda McCartney products to Quorn. I've never had Quorn sausages though, but the LMC ones did taste pretty much like the real deal.
Could anyone please tell me that these taste better than the Quorn ones??? I've tried all sorts of Quorn and really don't get on with it.

I know they are 2 syns each.

Kelly x
hi kelly, like you i also hate the quorn sausages they lack taste and it just doesnt cut it for me, but i can tell you that you will definately love the linda mcartney ones, they are lush and taste like real meat.. the only thing i'd say about them is if your suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol its probably not for you as its a bit high on the salty and oily side of the scale but apart from that its really nice.... not the fat contents though! but have u tried quorn burgers? their suprisingly nice.

hope that helps hun xx
I will definitely give them I try then! No problems on blood pressure or cholesterol front. And I should imagine once in while wouldn't do anyone any harm. I know what I am having for my dinner now...!


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i'm veggie and love quorn but i hate the sausages and think they're bland and metallic tasting.

i love cauldron sausages - they do lincolnshire (1.5 syns per sausage from 4 packs and 0.5 syns per sausage from the 6 packs - think they may have changed the recipe and getting rid of the tastier 1.5 syn ones :( ). they also do another flavour but i think they're 2.5 syns each.
i have tired quorn etc and really tried to like it but i find it horrible. I found the linda mcartney ones horrible to, better but still not edible. they taste like fibrous pate'


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All down to personal taste I suppose and I don't like the Linda McC ones as they don't have any bite - just all sort of soft and mushy.

I enjoy the Quorn cumberland sausages the best but find that all quorn sausages are best cooked from fresh rather than frozen as they are easily overcooked and that makes them go very tough and dry. Brush them with liquid seasoning, soy sauce or worcestershire sauce for added colour and flavour.

But the best veggie sausages in my opinion are the Tesco lincolnshire (free until recently) or the Asda lincolnshire sausages.


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i'll have to try the tesco ones. I like LMC ones, like cauldron ones but dont like quorn ones. none of them could be mistaken for a real sausage but prefer the others to quorn. the LMC ones marinaded in nandos sweet and sticky marinade are to die for! or brush on a bit of whole grain mustard xx
I did like the Quorn ones and relied on them a lot for the year I followed the plan, but had to give them up when I became a vegan as they're made with egg. The Linda McCartney ones are gorgeous and a lifesaver for me, the only veggie sausage that's suitable for vegans too.

I find they're even nicer if you put them in the microwave for 3 minutes rather than grilling them, incidentally. They keep more moisture. I don't actually count syns anymore, I just have them now and again in reasonable portions.


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I did used to do a rather nice quorn sausage casserole - but don't like them cooked just as 'sausages'. I used to grill them and cut them into bits and add them to a spicy tomato sauce made with onions, peppers, garlic, mushrooms, and red lentils. I let it simmer for about 15 mins so the flavours mixed, then serve with wholemeal pasta twirls or mash.

Will have to make that again soon. Mmmm.

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