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  1. Linda S

    Linda S Full Member

    Day one.....

    Met with my consultant for the first time this morning, lovely lady::) Got all the info and well stocked up for the week. Don't feel too bad so far today, a little fuzzy headed now the day has gone on, and a little tired, but don't really feel hungry.

    Wasn't sure whether to do ss or ss+ because I'm worried about feeling dizzy as I drive alot. And I was thinking having one meal a day may make it easier for me to stick to. Gonna try ss and see how it goes. It's only 5.30pm though so I may need that 200cal meal before bed! We'll see :)

    Also, currently off to the loo atleast every hour!!
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  3. Sykesy

    Sykesy Full Member

    So it's all systems go .... in more ways than one! Good luck over the next few days. People seem to have differing views over SS or SS+, especially at the beginning. For me, it needs to be SS all the way as once I pop, I definitely can't stop.I was slightly dizzy in the first week or so but it passed quickly enough when I had another glass of water.
    Let us all know how you get on through the week and at your first weigh in xxx
  4. Linda S

    Linda S Full Member

    Thanks, will keep you updated :)
  5. Linda S

    Linda S Full Member

    Just looked at your weightlosses Sykesy.... brilliant!... well done you :)
  6. chunkystreet

    chunkystreet Full Member

    good luck for whichever you choose to do. I also can only do ss as I can wobble when I bring food into the equation, but thats just me. I hope you have a good week xx
  7. Lollymay

    Lollymay Member

    Its nice to see someone else started today. I have had the dizzyness and have got quiet upset with myself and everyone today your doing amazingly.

    I was thinking that id mabey move to ss+ after the bad day ive had but now im settled and thought about it and looked at other peoples diarys i have seen that ss in the way forward and i need to be away from the food to benefit.

    wish you all the luck in the world ... keep us updated xx
  8. Miss H

    Miss H Full Member

    well done on ur first day linda, keep glugging the water if u feel dizzy n make sure u plan out ur shakes, i hold off till 10 at least for my first one n this helps with the feeling dizzy.

    i am on SS and my partner is also doing this with me, he plays footy n the CDC has said to have chicken on the nights hes playing, keeps him in ketosis but not ss+. Iv had the odd bit of chicken n been fine, plain n no skin tho!!

    u cld try that on days u need it but if u last to the evening my best advice is to stick it out, drink water n early night n b4 u know it a day of ss is under the belt!!

    good luck!
  9. Linda S

    Linda S Full Member

    I'm planning to stick to ss when I can. But tomorrow I go out for lunch with my mom. Can't tell her I'm on CD, she'll think I'm starving myself. So will do ss+ then, and if I'm really having a bad day. Would rather think in those terms than feel restricted by ss, and eat something and feel like I've cheated because then I'll lose my motivation!
  10. Miss H

    Miss H Full Member

    thats the best mindset linda, keep to non carbs n ul b fine, life goes on and we have to learn to live with events its just how u handle them. I wish i cld hide away while im on SS but we cant!!
    N if u do slip up just get bk on it ASAP to minimise the damage, were all human!! :)
  11. Linda S

    Linda S Full Member

    So day one done... 100% ss :)
    Just off to walk the dogs then bed.... here's to day 2 :)
  12. Yolande

    Yolande Silver Member

    Yay congrats on your 1st day 100% I really like the way you think about SS+ like you dont want to feel you cheated so you will do SS when you can very good way to look at it. Good luck for the rest of your journey.
  13. Linda S

    Linda S Full Member

    Thanks Yolande. Thinking like that makes things feel a bit more flexible. So I'm either gonna do a 100% ss day or 100% ss+ day, depending on what my day brings or how I feel. 100% is 100% Having that 2nd option means I don't have to cheat :)
  14. Linda S

    Linda S Full Member

    Have to say I didn't sleep too well last night. SAtruggled to drop off because I felt pretty dizzy. Then woke at 3.30am and have been tossing and turning ever since. Just get the first week over I keep telling myself!
    Off to try some porridge for breakfast..........................
  15. Miss H

    Miss H Full Member

    i find i sleep better since on it, strange how it effects us!!

    what do u think of the porridge? i cant stand it, reminds me of wallpaper paste!!
  16. Linda S

    Linda S Full Member

    First couple of mouthfuls were yuk, but got used to it. Just kept telling myself it was good for me!
  17. Linda S

    Linda S Full Member

    Day 2 done. Felt really tired and disorientated at times. Had to drive a fair bit today too, but stuck with it. Not feeling hungry, which I find very strange.
  18. Miss H

    Miss H Full Member

    i still get times where i feel disorientated n weak, but today it was after the shake lol we need to remember its so few calories r bodies r used to lots more n is trying to adapt!!
  19. Linda S

    Linda S Full Member

    So day 3 nearly at an end. Not been too bad. Feels like I have a real low around late afternoon. Feel really tired but then I pick back up again. Felt a little hungry today but water really helps :)
  20. Linda S

    Linda S Full Member

    Day 4.. and all is going pretty well. Not really felt that hungry, but have been feeling tired, especially around late afternoon. Suprised I've managed 4 days, and that is hasn't been too difficult. Already feeling less bloated, which is nice.

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