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Lindopski's Slim and Save Diary

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Lindopski, 20 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lindopski

    Lindopski Silver Member

    Hello all
    I have just got my 28 days supply of S&S.
    I started dieting a while back and went from almost 27 stone to 25 odd before using Lipotrim from last July.
    Came off in December at 19:10 but have mucked about since and went back up to 21:3 - not too drastic but enough...

    I have started S&S this Monday and I am now weighing in at 20:07 thats 10lb off in 4 days and I am chuffed, just need to plough on down now to my 15-16 ish stone target, not sure exactly where around there I want to be but Ill see it in my clothes as I get near to where I want to be and I will love just nipping into Asda and buying 2 pairs of pants and a shirt for pennies.... cant wait

    I am hoping to hit target before June as its my birthday then - S&S grub is quite tasty as well which is a bonus and the selection is far better than Lipotrim and after their greedy price increase its also far far far cheaper.

    all win :D

    now on to Target !!! -------------------------------->>>>>
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  3. Lindopski

    Lindopski Silver Member

    I really like the hot dinners ... mmm yum and the chocolate and orange bars are to die for :D
  4. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Welcome and well done on nipping that gain in the bud and your great losses overall.

    The support on here is fantastic - kind and friendly but a sharp kick when you need it.

    Those choc orange bars have saved the day many a time - I often say I would eat them for fun!!
  5. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    Hello! I also started on Monday and have lost 8lbs as of this morning. It's so motivating :) you have done brilliantly so far, all the best for the rest of your journey.

    Subscribing :)
  6. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Here to subscribe! How you getting on? I'm also from north Wales and currently pondering a restart x jo

    Sent from my Galaxy S4
  7. Lindopski

    Lindopski Silver Member

    Hello Ladies
    well its one week back into restart and all of my xmas-feb gain has been nailed pretty much. I weighed in at 19:11 this morning and I am now able to just about squeeze into the two 18 collar shirts I bought from Asda an age ago to slim down into, belly is still a podge but its going down as are other fatty lumps all over.
    I am starting to consider exercise again now too, my friend does capoeira which looks amazing but I think Id need to drop a little more first and get my cardio up so my friend has invited me out on a few brisk walks and some weight training over at his homemade gym which sounds like fun, my brother also does a form of self defence called Krav magar and that also looked good when I went over to watch them a month or so back. the guy that teaches it is my old work colleague as well and he is keen on getting me fitter and the cardio he does at the start of the session will be really good for me.
    This diet has been fantastic and VLCD's are perfect for me, low carb afterwards is also perfect as it keeps the tub away.

    Very best of luck to you all this week, dont cheat if you can help it but if you must must must then have some chicken with no skin etc and fill yourself up with that.
    I find now that I am never hungry though as Ketosis has kicked in and I dont need anything at all now which is great.

    I would like to be at target for June but I still dont know what my target is really, Ill see when I get there xxx
  8. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Wow that's amazing. Well done on sticking with it - so much easier when ketosis hits. And you smashed your mini goal way in advance - better set the next one!! Will definitely be where you want to be by June. I'm pondering on my ultimate target. I did get to 72kgs before and maintained for quite a while but I think a bit more is a bit more sustainable. You'll know when you get there.

    Good when the wardrobe starts opening up again.
  9. Kayroo

    Kayroo Silver Member

    Lindo! Welcome to the s&s train! :) subscribing on my new day 1 after a few weeks off :)

    How's it going?
  10. Lindopski

    Lindopski Silver Member

    hi everyone
    been a little ropey for a few days, not gone wild but a couple of small slips but at 19 stone 9 now and hoping to get into the 18s for the end of the month and that will be the first time in god knows how long - years probably and it will feel amazing.
  11. Lindopski

    Lindopski Silver Member

    So Easy isn't it to lose your way on this, been stressed to high heaven lately and went up to 21st 09lb and thought sod that for a lark and got back on plan.
    down at the moment to 21st 03 lb and going to try and nail it down to the 19s by the end of May. I generally find I do better as it warms up for some reason, maybe dieting is easier in the sunshine.
    I am determined to be target weight for xmas, whatever that target will be lol
  12. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    i really hope youve found your way again x im having to lose a bit ive gained but it happens to the best of us lol

    h x

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