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Lipotrim Anew

I was wondering if a second thread was okay, but after searching around it seems others have done it. I figured it would be a good idea to avoid any confusion. Anyway, I started anew on the 23rd of August and do it on Wednesdays. After the first week I lost five pounds. I took an early peek at the scales today (which I normally avoid doing!) and it looks like progress will be good on Wednesday, but you can see all of this (including kg/stone conversions) in my signature.

I've been watching a lot of videos and considering what I want to do. I'll have major surgery in March and I want to reach around 210-220lb by then. If I lose an average of 4lb a week that should be possible. It so happens that I planned to move to low-carb when reaching 210lb, kind of like a 100-loss reward. You'd probably have to read about it as I can't explain it so well but low-carb really interests me and I'm quite excited to start eating normally again and learn to cook the recipes I've read about. Low-carb often has a large focus on meat which contradicts what most people have been raised to believe, but it would allow me to continue in ketosis by monitoring my macros.

I'll have to stay in the hospital for a while after the brain surgery for recovery. This actually messed up my first Lipotrim journey since there's no way of getting around the hospital food when you're confined to a room by cables! After the stress of being stuck there for a month I was back to my regular unhealthy eating. The idea of moving onto low-carb after the hospital is much more exciting than returning to powdered mystery meals, so I'm totally aiming to reach my goal by March! However, there's an expected setback...

In November I'll go to Spain and Gibraltar for a week. It'll mean there will be no weigh-in during Week 12. I also expect I won't lose anything (or I might gain while there), so I'm keeping this in mind. And honestly, I'm going to enjoy myself during that week. It'll be the first trip abroad in over four years. It goes against my principles to spoil a trip for the rest of my family. I already know how hard it is to get back on Lipotrim and how the cravings are. I'll just have to grit my teeth and deal with it.

Speaking of that, I'm past the cravings stage. For me, junk cravings last about ten days into Lipotrim. I'm glad I don't desire any of it anymore. Here's to the future, and I wish anybody else on Lipotrim success.
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It's now Wednesday, and I've got some awesome news. I'm now 300.5—very close to transferring from the very shameful 300 club to the less shameful 200 club. :p 8.5lb in a week though? That's fantastic, although I don't want to set myself up for disappointment next Wednesday since weight does fluctuate.
Fantastic weight loss Well done!
Thank you, Failedatdietsfor15years!

Yesterday I had a bit of a problem. I drifted off early so I only ended up having one shake. I think it's a risk so I'll make up for it by having three shakes today. :1461:
Weigh-in day. Not only am I in the 200 club, but I'm 295.5lb! That's pretty cool. :) I'm still reading/watching things about food but I'm not sure it's such a bad thing as it's not a craving, but curiosity about what I'll do at the end of this. Hmm. :confused:
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Weigh-in day. Not only am I in the 200 club, but I'm 295.5lb! That's pretty cool. :) I'm still reading/watching things about food but I'm not sure it's such a bad thing as it's not a craving, but curiosity about what I'll do at the end of this. Hmm. :confused:
That's fantastic, well done!!
The thread's been moved to the main weight loss diary forum. While I'd have liked to keep it in the Lipotrim section there aren't many people on Lipotrim who visit those boards anymore. I think it would be nice if there was only one main diary forum and every thread could have a "diet type" tag placed at the beginning of thread titles. For instance, mine would be [Lipotrim] and Slimming World dieters would be [SW]. I should eventually post this suggestion!

At any rate, I'm glad to join you all. I know not everybody supports a very low calorie diet. I feel it's necessary for my surgery in March. Then I'll switch to healthy eating and exercising. :) Things are going fine and my cravings don't seem to be a problem.
Loving your avatar, I have a leopard gecko myself.

That seems like quite a good suggestion, I sometimes wonder about the diaries being spread a bit thin.

You're doing really well with the weight loss so far, that plan must be working really well for you. :D
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The past week seemed to drag so much. Weighed in this morning and four pounds less seems good to me. My nephew's having an 18th birthday party at my sister's house later today. I know what my sister's like though. She'll be bouncing around and offering treats to everyone. I won't be surprised if she says something along the lines of: "just one won't hurt, will it?" I'll resist and deal with it!

On the bright side, my family knows she's a terrible cook and they dread eating whenever we stay there. I never thought my mystery shakes would be such a lifesaver in a metaphorical sense.
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