Lipotrim bars !?


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Only on day 2 & thank God for this site. I Nearly gave up before, but knowing that it gets easier after 3 or 4 days is keeping me going. Anyhoo, my chemist only gave me the sachets but she said there are peanut & coconut flapjacks too. Has anyone tried them, & if so, are they nice or should I stick to the shakes ? Thanks :wave_cry:
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def. an acquired 'taste' ;)

you can mush em up with half a pack of vanilla shake to make a porridge though :)


S: 11st12lb C: 10st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.6 Loss: 1st8lb(13.25%)
Thanks, think I will stick to the shakes then. Seems like everyone is doing so well without the cardboard bars anyway.


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i cant say ive ever tried them but from what ive heard i think its a case of better the devil you know than the one you dont lol :D;)


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They are disgusting - more like very thick chipboard than cardboard:eek:!!! would not recommend unless you are desperate to chew something, and chew and chew and chew!!! Good luck with the shakes!:)


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stay clear!!! id rather go with out food!:eek::eek::eek:


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DISGUSTING YUK !!! yes tried both flavours,both ended up in bin...yuk yuk yuk!!! Caz xx


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i love the coconut ones. it's much easier to take one in my bag for lunch at work, than a shake.
it was horrendous at first - i nearly couldn't finish my very first one, it took me about forty minutes to eat. but like anything on LT, you get used to it :) x


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stay away from the bars there like eating the outside of a coconut admittedly I havent tried them again Im to scared.

xx Sharron


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i honestly wouldnt put ya through it, they are gross!! They will put ya off the diet for sure if ya decide to go on them but then I have heard people that likes them but they aint for me!! All the best with your first week, take care


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The "flapjacks" are absolutely vile, should get done by trading standards in my opinion. Different strokes for different folks though I guess - try one!


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I love the coconut bars and they are so handy when you are in work or on the move. It is definitely an aquired taste though as when I first tried them I nearly cried as I was so disappointed, I'd been looking forward to chew something and they were gross. But now I am used to them they are the highlight of my day (how sad is that?).
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I really like the peanut flapjacks- what I do is get two small cake tins (no more than 3 inches in diameter), crumble half into each and then make a vanilla shake up quite thickly (with about 150- 200 mls of water) pour half into each tin and then whack it in the freezer until set. Hey presto two vanilla 'cheesecake' wannabes for the equivalent of one shake! Granted it's not as nice as a proper cheesecake but we all know where they got us. Lol.