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Lipotrim day 1 - help and advice?

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Well done u babe for being so young and taking a huge responsibility into ur hands. Your taking control of your life and your future! If you stay 100% i guarantee you that you will lose all your weight. Its not going to be easy its going to probably be the hardest thing you have ever done but be brave abd be strong and you will get results. You can mix the chocolate shake with peppermint tea which is either like hot mintychoc or cold so its choccomint shake either way is quite nice. You can add tablet sweetners only which i do and to the vanilla or choc you can add some coffee. You can also make them with less water to make a mousse. I havent tried the flapjacks but ive heard they are naff. I persobally didnt like the soup but u may do! Good luck im here for u if u need me! :)

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
P.s you may feel tired, headachy, hungry and just generally out of sorts for up to 5 days once u get to ketosis it feels easier and side effects should diminish xx
Thanks very much and I would love to chat to you all and hear your success. I'm aiming for nine pound off this week so just fingers crossed, I really wasn't keen on soup either, hopefully chocolate and vanilla will get me through! :D

By the way
I'm Michael and mainly on here to stop bullying. I really wanna get 3 stone off and hopefully with your support I'll do it!
Hey :) welcome to the forums and the best decision u have ever made!!! If you stay strong and get into the right frame of mind, this will change your life. You are only 16 bless you, you are doing this at the right time!!!
Firstly... Don't get the chicken soups lol. I felt exactly the same and they are hideous!! I only get the choc and strawberry shakes... If u blend then and stick a couple ice cubes in they are HEAVEN!! so don't be disheartened... The soup is feckin hideous!!!
Anyway... This is gonna be a tough week... You will feel very tired and you are likely to obsess about food, get voices telling you that you won't succeed, and that tell you to scoff some food... But please please just fight through and know it won't last! I'm in week 3 and it's a breeze now. Until u get properly into ketosis it will be very difficult. Just drink as much water as u can... At least 2 litres but more if you can. Keep busy, stay focused on your goal, and most importantly believe in yourself!!! Because you CAN do it... And these forums will help you through. The people in here are amazing and are here to support you, offer advice and share their journeys so that we are all in it together. It really helps!! Everytime the fridge starts calling you, just come here and read through diaries and chat to people. You won't believe how much it gets you through your tough moments.

Also it helps to set up a weight ticker and write a diary. It's great to see your progress!

It's gonna be a long journey but take every day as it is, don't think of it as a whole because it can be so daunting. Just know that for TODAY you are going to be strong and stick to your shakes. And every day it will get easier. You are the maker ofyour own destiny hun and you are 100% capable of being the slim, confident person that you want to be!! Watch the inspirational slideshow at the top to see all the other people who achieved it cuz it truly is inspirational. If they can do it, we can do it!!

Wish you all the best with your journey and if u need any help or support just ask and someone will be there for you xx


Never Ever Give Up!
Hi Michael and welcome on the LT forum. You have made a big step forward into joining LT but it won't be easy! The first week is living hell on earth (well, it was for me) but don't let this put you off! I've losst 4st in 12 weeks and I start refeed Saturday next week. I couldn't stomach the chicken soup after 1 week so now I only have 2 strawberry and 1 chocolate a day and I love them! You will find a lot of support on here as we are all LT "losers", the one a bit further down the line than the other one. If you need advice or wanna rant, just post up here and we'll be here for you. Good luck xxx
Will power is all you need! Just have to be the strongest u have ever been because your mind will fight against this! It really will. I also used to get very badly bullied for my weight when I was at school and college... I really know how awful it is... And the more they did it the more I ate because they make u feel weak. But don't let them beat you down... What they think or say just doesn't matter in the whole scheme of your life. If I had realised that back then I wouldn't have let it affect me so much. I'm 10 years on from all that and I can just laugh at how pathetic they were. And I'm a million times the person any of them are!! So please don't let their bullsh!t stop you from achieving this! They are nothing... You are everything... you deserve to succeed. And you will xxx

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Oh squeeze how true! That nearly made me cry to think of people suffering due to bullying. Michael you are worth so much more than to be on the receiving end of such hideous torture. And you can do this day by day or even hour by hour. You definately will need to find a distraction whilst u are doung this or i fear it may be intolerable for you. When u feel like eating or giving up channel ur feelings into something positive or even creative! U CAN do this. Tell urself this over and over again and ur brain will start to believe you and will make it easier on u xxx
Michael welcome to the forum. You have taken one massive step for someone so young. and I salute you. Being on the receiving end of bullies is hard i have been there and done that. once you are into the swing of the diet and have started losing some weight you willbe so so surprised how much you will suddenly start to feel good about yourself, and also gain confidence.

When things get tough (and they will) remember why you are doing this...it will see you through.

You have the will power to succeed, and I have every faith in you to do so. You have everyone's full support on here.

do this and succeed for yourself and not for the bullies.......you are worth much more than people like that.

best of luck honey xx
Hi Michael and welcome to the Lipotrim journey.

This is my first week of the second time around( fell off the foodwagon). This website is an amazing support. I honestly dont think we would get through without the support everyone gives here. I wont lie to you and tell you that its easy. But it is do-able. The first week I found had some tough days but you just have to find the inner strength and determination to get through them. Once you are in ketosis it honestly does become a lot easier. I find I am not actually hungry on this diet but I do have some serious cravings. Find something that takes your mind off food. For me its a hot bubbly bath. You will find some comfortzone that does help when the munchies come. Whenever you feel that its really tough come on this website and talk about it. You can honestly say how you feel, no one here judges anyone else. We just support each other when the going gets tough.

You have made prob one of the most important decisions of you life joining Lipotrim and taking control of your body. I deplore bullying, those who partake in it are nothing but cowards who have no real life of their own. By taking this step you have shown that you are the furthest thing from a coward, because only a very brave person of your age would have the strength to take control. Good for you Michael.

Well I hope you see that you have friends here who will help you and support you.

Drink loads of water and I mean loads!!! Personally I dont mind the chicken soup. I have a strawberry shake about 12 ish, then my soup watching Emerdale and then I go to bed with a chocolate shake!!! Thats my routine. You will settle into a routine very quickly.

Good luck Michael
Hey hun, I'm not to sure about breath spray - I wouldn't of thought so but don't quote me on that. But chewing gum is a no. If it's because you're concerned about your breath I use the original listerine mouthwash I find that works a treat. By the way if you ever want to chat it's fine, I'm 19 and on my 3rd week and I promise it does get soo much easier x


Silver Member
Hi Michael! Welcome on here. I'm new too and i find the people on this forum soooo helpful! You're not allowed chewing gum or breath spray but you are allowed mint strips, think you get them in the pharmacy. I've not tried the soup but think i'll steer well clear from the looks of things ;) Just keep yourself occupied on here whenever you feel like faltering and you'll do great! I'm only on day 2 and already see a difference. This is my first time dieting and i'm 100% into it, as it sounds like you are too. You can and will do it!!!
Do steer clear of the soup, I've got 3 meals worth to get through this week EURGHH NOO! haha and the people on this forum are brilliant, as it's your second day and it's mine tomorrow I would like to ask how you feel
hi michael, you can take the soups back to the pharmacy and they will swap them for you. well done on the start of your journey, i will be following your progress, i am finding it easier now nearly done week 3, good luck, you will do it, you will show them all!!!
p.s, get yourself a ticker x

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