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Lipotrim diary of an Irish groom!!

I have posted on another section but this is probably the right section to be in!

Hi everyone. My name is Finn and I am 32 years old. I am from Ireland but living in Wales for the past 6 years. I've been a big man most of my life. I have ready some really hard stories on this site and my size has not held me back as much as some of the people on here but I completely recognise the problems ech person faces. I have recently got engaged and want to be looking good on the big day. I know, I'm sounding like Groomzilla but its not really for me. Its more for my fiance. She says she doesn't care but I want us both to be able to look at our photographs and well... you know! I have tried diets before but never really stuck to them because I just like my food too much. I have been on the Lipotrim diet now for 5 days and I am struggling to tell you the truth! My fiance said that using sites like this might help me and even now I know it has having read other peoples stories. I don't really know how this diary thing will work but I will give it a go and keep everyone updated. I hope it will drive me on a bit also to stick to it. I am really excited to hear from people who can help me along or give me a few tips!!! So....

My Stats so far
Start weight = 18st 13lb (120.4kg)
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Message above was from a few days ago. Just got weighed today and my new stats are

(drumroll and fanfare!!!)

My Stats so far
Start weight = 18st 13lb (120.4kg)
Week 1...... 04/01/10 - 18st 2lb (115.6kg) -11lb


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Fantastic first week result - you must be delighted. You can expect great losses for the first couple of weeks, then they'll slow down a bit - but they'll still be much better than any regular lo-cal diet. Stick to it and you'll be fine.

All the best



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Well done Finn, you have made a great start with the diet. It definitely isnt the easiest diet but the results speak for themselves. Good luck with the coming week. (the first week is the hardest) keep up the good work :) x
Well done, Finn and congrats too on your engagement! Just focus on the diet by keeping in mind your future wedding and what a handsome groom you'll be next to your stunning bride!!
Hi Finn,

Just a quick message to congradulate you on your weight loss. I'm also a beginner, also an Irishman, and also a finding it hard to find the right words to use on this site haha!!

Well, I set my sights on loosing 30lbs by my birthday in september but seeing as you've lost 11lbs in a week I might have to reconsider my goal! Dont really know how fast weight can be lost but maybe 5lbs a week is realistic :)

This is all new to me, hope we can chat sometime....

Keep up the good work!!!

Hi Finn and Wayne. Well done on the weight loss! Welcome to LT

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done Finn both on starting on LT and on a great first week. You have the hard part over now and that is getting started. Try and stay really focussed. The weeks will fly by and the whole thing becomes addictive!! Keep up your water intake, aim for between three and four litres a day. Keep a bottle handy at all times and keep sipping at it rather than big glugs as this really helps stave off the hunger pangs!!
Lots of luck for the coming week.
Hi Finn,

Congratulations on your engagement!

You are gonna look gorgeous and proud standing next to your beautiful new wife on your wedding photos.

They are gonna be around forever so keep your goal in site you can do it!

Good luck,
Kirstie x


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Congratulations on your first weeks weight loss - I bet you feel great now and can really see how worth it its going to be.

Good Luck this week and I'm sure you'll look fab on your wedding day.
Dunlop, Hez, MamaElla, Wawawayne, Curleytop, Irish Molly, Kirstie007 and MrsN. Thanks for your lovely words and support.
Woke up today with a killing headache. Laid of the water a little yesterday too much maybe?

Hats off to to Dunlop (Jon) you have had an amazing loss over the time you have been on it. Gives me something to aim for and inspire!

Your right Hez, it is not the easiest to stick to! The past week has been hard. Poor fiance has been getting it in the ear but she understands. Thankfully!!

Thanks MamaElle... She is stunning! I have a year to lose the weight so should be good for April next year! Hopefully! Whats your motivation?

Cheers Wayne. Nice to know tere is a fellow paddy who is trying to lose weight out there as well. Not easy as most of my diet growing up in Donegal was meat and spudz! Where you from?

Caroline... You look great with out any weight loss! Why you doing it?

Thanks for the advice Irish Molly. I have always got water to hand and have just tried the chicken soup today. It tastes ok but I think thats just because I've had a week with no flavours in my mouth so it was like a taste overload. On a normal day I'd probably be disgusted!

Kirstie007... Your very right about the wedding pictures being around forever! We have pictures all over the house from our engagement in Dubai so its would be nice to have to look at someones where I don't look as HEALTHY! Hopefully the honeymoon ones will look even better!

Thanks MrsN... I can definately see how good things will be if I stick to it. Talking on this site will give me that extra push! I can actually feel a bit different. I am not breathing as heavy now and feel way less bloated all the time! Send me a pic when you get into those size 16 jeans again!!!

Thanks for all your positive thoughts! They really do make a diffenece knowing that others are working hard as well.


My Stats so far
Start weight = 18st 13lb (120.4kg)
Week 1...... 04/01/10 - 18st 2lb (115.6kg) -11lb
Not easy as most of my diet growing up in Donegal was meat and spudz! Where you from?

hummmmmmmm decent sausages..... veda, and tayto, or a bacon soda ye just cannae go wrong. can't wait to when i am at goal and get a little denny bacon....

well done on your weight loss so far, your doing great


Determined and motivated!
Hi Finn,
just wanted to say well done for your weight loss so far, and good on you for wanting to do this for your big day.

My now husband loves me for me and has seen me at all weights!! We met when i was 16 stone. I spent a lot of time around 18 stone, and I was 21 stone when we got engaged. However when my mum pushed me to start looking for a wedding dress, i broke down and cried because the prospect of getting married in a size 26 tarpaulin terrified me! I wanted to look at our wedding photo's with pride, not hide them away.
I started Lighterlife in August 2008 at 21st 1lb, and by our wedding day in May 2009 I weighed 11st 5lb and wore a beautiful ivory size 14 wedding dress!!
I totally understand why you want to lose weight for your wedding, and applaud you for doing something about it.

Unfortunately that is not where my story ends...... we got married in Cyprus and ate and drank and ate and drank constantly...... we had a party and ate and drank..... we went to spain and ate and drank..... it was Christmas so we ate and drank, and by my 30th birthday in February this year i had gained 5 stone and my husband gained 4 stone (he hadn't done lighterlife, just got caught up in the many moments with me)!!!

So we are now both doing lipotrim and are mega committed to not following the same mistakes as we did before.
I guess what i'm trying to say is that enjoy your wedding and settling into married life, but just be bloody careful you don't relax too much, because it is heart breaking loosing so much weight and then gaining so much so quickly.

But we lucky.... we have partners that will be there no matter what we look like!!

Good luck with your lipotrim journey

hummmmmmmm decent sausages..... veda, and tayto, or a bacon soda ye just cannae go wrong. can't wait to when i am at goal and get a little denny bacon....
I'm tell ye, nothing compares to the Gallaghers sausages you get in Donegal! And do't get me started on the tayto. Its all they ask me to bring bck to Cardiff when I go home for a few days!
So where you from? Living? Why you looking to lose?

Its a good job we got people that will take us how we are! Other people ain't so lucky! What an amazing loss you had for your wedding! Near enough 10 st gone! That amazing! You myst have been very strict and stuck to it religiously? I guess there is nothing like something to give you a boost and have very clear aims. I know what you mean about putting back on. I lost about 5 stone on Weightwatchers and went down to 13 stone which I was happy staying at. I missed one meeting and to cut a long story short 4 moths later I had put 5 stone back on again!!! I really just love my food and whatever it is I can't say no. But this is only the second time I have really been doing a diet with full effort. Other times I wasn't too bothered. I've changed my lifestyle since the engagement. I've been at gyms regulary and have been off the fags now for the last 3 months. Its all about replacing addictions with more healthy addictions!
All the best to you and your hubby! Stick at it! Its so much better when you have someone there supporting you!



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It can be scary but don't worry! If you're a stickler for rules you will be fine on refeed because you can follow it exactly. For my maintenance I am just slowly extending a refeed type plan with 1 or 2 meal replacements a day. Seems to be working ok so far but the last few pounds are proving sticky.


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