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Lipotrim diet


Life is not a Rehersal!
Yes, this seems to be the concensus from most people! Which I can understand where they are coming from....rapid weight loss, and then people start to eat the old way with unhealthy options and then they put it all back on again.

We need to start to prove them wrong that we can learn to be healthy whilst on LT and carry on maintaining our healthy weight...well, this is my ultimate goal! I want to prove all the critics wrong!

Watch this space :)


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It sounded as if the GP did not have much knowledge of Lipotrim except for the fact that it was a rapid weight loss program. Therefore she made the same comments that we get from everyone.

If you carry on eating the way you have done before the diet then yes you will pile it back on and more. But if you start eating healthy then you will maintain the weight and not put it on.
Me too!

I do understand why people think we'll just pile all the weight back on, and then some :rolleyes:

But I'm really hoping that my time on LT has allowed me time to re-think the way i eat and the way i live - i'm not going to lose 9 stone and just return to the way i ate before. there's no WAY i'm putting that lot back on.

I'm determined - we can do this!!
I agree with you Jesi - basically my plan is lose all the weight and start with a clean slate, on the healthy eating train...


maintaining since June'09
I find it incredibly sad and not a little worrying that a GP is so ill-informed :( xx


Life is not a Rehersal!
I find it incredibly sad and not a little worrying that a GP is so ill-informed :( xx
I know, but I dont think I have met one person in the health industry or GP that has a good word to say about any VLCD unfortunately.

But I think the media doesnt help at all....always focus on the negative....that is why I was so surprised at the older guy the other week that got some good positive media attention!!

Just something we have to live with....I know I nearly came off LT 3 days in as my friend who is a cancer specialist ripped the diet apart...I was so upset! They just havent ever been in our shoes and experienced our feelings.


maintaining since June'09
I know what you mean ..... and I bet they're all thin ;) xx

Or yo-yo-ers xx
It was my GP who originally mentioned LT to me 2 years ago. Alas I didn't think I could do a VLCD and dismissed it - until 2 friends did it and lost stones on it!

As with any diet, if you go back to your old eating habits you will put weight back on!


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