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lipotrim ladies, you are superstars

:cry:I'm just entering day two and the food cravings are killing me.

I read through your stories though and find them so inspiring. Some of you ladies have been going for weeks and reading your weight loss stories is the only thing keeping me out the fridge.

You are all superstars and deserve to be slim, this really takes effort and will power, I just hope I can do the same x

Jo x x x x :wave_cry:
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This site is BRILLIANT for re-motivating you when you're losing your way! I'm addicted to it at work (sorry Boss! Thank God he's computer illiterate! LOL!)- in the evenings when I'm pc-free, it gets harder....


Here we go again!
Hi Jo and welcome. We all felt the same on day 2 so don't worry too much. Get to your first week's weigh in and it will really spur you on. The cravings and hunger will go as soon as you are in ketosis.

Just get to your first weigh in and it gets a lot easier. Can't believe I'm in week 13 already. It really has flown by. Keep going and keep up the good work, it will all be worth it!
Come on girls.......summer is just around the corner ! If I can do it, (a real foodaholic!) then you can. I've just gone and bought a size 16 dress from George at Asda for half-price (£8.00) as I've come down from a size 20. My reward for 28 days on shakes and water only!!!!! Promise, hand on heart that it WILL get easier, although if you have to cook for your OH and kids, its still tempting........AND its getting warmer out and you'll want to wear gorgeous stuff very soon. So crack on and get your first WI out of the way and see how much better you will feel.
thank you so much for the well wishes x x x

:) Thank you ladies for the encouragment. Day two nearly over and I'm still going strong.

see you all tomorrow as this is the best motivational site and just reading about the dress sizes you are dropping does wonders for me.

Take care all and stay strong x x x x :)


Here we go again!
Glad you've got through day 2 jojo. Keep going and keep logging on here, it really does help. I wouldn't have got this far without it!
Hi jojo. just keep going!! you can and WILL get there :)

this place is fantastic, i totally agree!

reading what other people have achieved in what is usually a surprisingly short space of time has definitely kept me motivated to believe that what i want to achieve is also possible.

i've never done so well or felt so determined and motivated (and free of hunger!!) on a diet in my life.
Hi Jo jo and welcome. I totally agree with everything everyone has said. When the going gets tough I get straight on here. Its a great distraction tecnique and the inspiration from what people have achieved on this diet is fantastic.This forum really keeps me going.


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**What everyone else has said**

Keep going - you'll be fine!!

IrishMum ...... I'm not sure I could cope with the evenings without coming on here! All power to you!!
Im facing day 2 tomorrow and im expecting it to be tough, i cant log on here in the day as im a teacher but we break up for 2 weeks this Fri so will probably be coming here to read your ispirational stories and messages of support.
Welcome and good luck. Perseverance is the name of the game for those first few days then you will be laughing all the way to goal hun. Good luck.
Thank you Kered, day 2 here i come!



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Hey jo! Hope your feeling better today! But hun it will only take another day or 2 till you are in ketosis and then it will start to get easier so hang in there.

Flirtygerty - welcome hun! Just keep busy and log on in the evening and weekends for some distraction therapy.
Thankyou Sara4, day 2 is nearly over, i must admit to feeling slightly light headed today, but got through the day!

Day 3 tomorrow.......can you tell me how you know when your body is in ketosis, as i keep hearing about it but dont understand how i will know.

Thankyou for your messages of support :)


maintaining since June'09
You won't be hungry any more! Some people say they get a burst of energy but I didn't get that x
Thank you Jan, i am on day 4 now and i certainly feel less hungry, its true it does get easier, although am getting headaches is that normal?

I must say I dont think I could ve stuck to LT without thi site!!!! everyone is so helpful and everyone is in the same boat!!! I felt alienated at first by this diet but when I found this site it was great as people could understand what I was going through!!
It is hard but it is possible as long as you stick to the rules!!!!
Everyone on here is amazing and does deserve to be slim!!!!!
GO GIRLS AND BOYS of course!!!!!!!!!

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