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lipotrim long hair hair loss


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Hi Laura,

My hair is quite long, although not at my waist, its also very thick. I haven't encountered any hair loss at all. Its still quite thick and healthy. I'm refeeding now so if I notice and loss I'll let u know. It doesn't happen to too many from what I've seen anyway, good luck with the diet!


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Hi, I've done LT a couple of times now and I've had hair loss but at different times on LT. The first time round I did it for 12 weeks, I have long thick curly hair and I was on about week 6 when my hair started coming out in clumps when I washed it and I was really distressed by this but only I knew and it wasn't noticable to others. But when I finished LT about a month later it started growing back even thicker which was a relief.

When I did LT in April this year I didn't get any hair loss.....until now, and I refed over a month ago so I was a bit confused but I know it had to happen at some point and it will grow back thicker.

It's like your hair goes to sleep when your on LT and then all of a sudden it wakes up and you have too much and it needs to off load the excess hair you've held on to.....if that's makes sense.

So you don't actually lose any hair but it feels like you are so don't worry.
I have long hair, and mine has been falling out for months. It hasn't left me with bald patches or anything, it just thins and is unnoticable to others. It doesn't happen to everyone, but from what I have heard, it grows back thicker and better than ever before.

Clair x


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My hair was long (down to the middle of my back) and was getting rather thin when I was on LT last year. It was not noticeable to anyone else only me. But I had it cut a bit shorter (just below my shoulders) and it improved the thickness and looked so much better. Now that I have been off TFR (back on again for a short while at the moment) I have noticed that my hair is getting thicker again. One good thing is that during all the TFR I found that the condition of my hair was much better - it seemed to be a lot shinier than normal. Please be assured though that your hair will come back and probably better than before :D


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Ive very thick hair, just below shoulder length. When I was on LT two years ago, I did notice my hair thinning a bit, then I had a bit of a knock (I fainted and spilt my head open) came off LT and started refeeding and that's when I noticed the lumps of hair coming out. I was distressed but within a few weeks I could feel the hair growing back. It happens to some people, and it can be destressing, but others dont notice it. Fingers crossed you will be sorted xx

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