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Lipotrim money costs


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Hi to everyone, some great stories on this blog!!

Im one of them people in life who have gone on every diet in the world, i've been a yo-yo dieter all my life, its so not fair!!
I've been to the doctors and had all the tests done, guess what...all clear.. not under-active thyroid..pity

I really want to start the Lipotrim programme but the cost is really putting me off:cry:.

I not unhappy being overweight but just abit pee off with my health and clothes not fitting.
I would like to lose around 4 1/2 stone.

Wait for it....here's my stats....
Male (not bad looking) ha ha
5ft 11..(nice height)
17st 5 pounds (don't talk)

My friend was on it for 5 wks and lost 2 stone but he not no energy at all and was doing light training but passed out, his trainer said it was to do with not enough food in take to train.
Anyway i'm going to start maybe in the next few weeks and see how it goes so any words of encouragement would be really appreciated.
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on the road to slimdom
hey philip, welcome :)

im on my 5th day and feel fantastic, i cycled 10k last night, crunched some abs, and did some weights for the bingo wings :rolleyes:

i got my first weigh in on monday and to be honest i feel better than i have for ages. i thoroughly recommend it and this place, and the wonderful people here are great for any support you might need

good luck xx
hey - i think u should be happy u dont have a thyroid problem dude!!! lol wow - all u need to do is pick a date and get your ass in gear - u guys are lucky cos the weight seems to drop off men at a much quicker rate - the longer u delay starting the longer ur going to be overweight!

This place is a great place to get ideas and motivation and advice! Just jump on the LT train and lets get this party started!



a new way of living!
Hi Philip

The cost really is comparable to food costs really, a little less for me as i was drinking 1/2 bottle of wine 4-5 nights a week, plus choc bars etc...

as for energy, yeah i felt pants for a few days (on day 5 now) but felt better after ketosis kicked in. i'd reccommend starting when you are off work and have no plans other than light housework/paperwork catching up reading newspapers books etc... training in the first week may cause a few probs, but your energy will improve later.

not being funny here, but if you are not unhappy as you are, you may not be motivated for total food replacement just yet. getting your head into gear is half the battle.

before you start, try and get a head start by cutting down on carbs and just drink water, black tea/coffee, peppermint tea etc...

watch the dvd first, have a chat to pharm, read entries on here, and wait till you feel ready and commited.

work out what you are spending now on food, snacks and drinks and you'll prob find it is cheaper on this system, its about £36 pw for most of us.

good luck



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hi thanks for your quick replys, i dont spend much money on shopping as i eat in work everyday, to be honest i think i have a really bad diet, i sit all day at my desk, go home and spend quality time with my baby..bed and then same thing all week my typical meals would be as follows..

Breakfast... oats
Lunch..spuds, veg, (something like pie/meat/fish)
Tea...nothing maybe cereal
Evening..tea/sweets/ handful of crisps (not every nite)

I have a question and could someone please answer if possible..
If you lose excess weight and quick ( as this programme does) do you have really bad excess skin??
5ft 11..(nice height)
Oh how i wish i was 5ft 11 :rolleyes:
Its not fun being a short ass & 8 stone overweight. I blame my mum for me being so short, my dad was over 6ft... damn it :giggle:

I do have an under active thyroid & feel like s*** go you're lucky you don't have it.

Anyway..... i think you should go for it. You don't have that much to lose in the grand scale of things. Ok so its expensive but you'd only be on it for 2-3 months.
Energy wise most people feel great after 2 weeks. I haven't but i wasn't feeling great before i started LT. The first week is always the worse & once your in ketosis you should be fine.

Give it a try, if you feel like cr*p after a couple of weeks at least you've given it a go. Everyone is different. My friend is on the CD & he felt fantastic, full of energy etc after 2 weeks.


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ketosis?? give me a few minutes to google this lol
daisy2002, you doing well, 2 stone losted already!!
I thought people would be happy having an under active thyroid, pop a couple of pills and the weight fly off??
Maybe i don't know what im talking about!!!


a new way of living!
mmm not that easy, i also have underactive thyroid, and been on thyroid tablets about 8 months and no, no flying weight round here.
in face i did lose 17lb, before going on meds, then after meds (and admittedly a bit of diet misbehaving!) i gained it all back again.

being on meds improves the other symptoms, like low energy, depression, feeling cold all the time, but doesn't make you lose weight.

you do get free perscriptions afterwards though. its an ill wind that blows no one anygood! ;)

rainbow brite

It could be the best £36 p/w you've ever spent but if your heart isn't in it it will just turn out to be a waste of money.

Dieting never works unless the dieter is completely focused on their goal. If you're not unhappy being overweight then that's great for you but it is unlikely that you will succeed on a diet of around 400 calories per day.

What do you want most? You need to answer that before you can decide whether the money will be better spent on something else or on Lipotrim.

Personally, I cannot believe that I haven't been spending this £36 p/w for a lot longer - if only I'd known about LT before! :)


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I really just want have to have nice clothes and want to live abit longer, the lipotrim where i live if £54.00 a week for a man, and i don't want to to buy it off ebay, god knows what your buying there.
Correct, you do not know what you're purchasing when you buy 'LT sachets' from there, so be safe and don't do it at all.

You're right, I'm sorry, I forgot the male sachets were more expensive but my point remains the same.

Which do you want more...

To be £54 p/w better off


To live longer and wear nice clothes?

Also you have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you think you can truly stick to LT as no cheating at all is permitted - you'll get frowns from the chemist and a butt-kicking on here ;) (It's all in the name of tough-love you see :))
:welcome: Philip this such a great diet with amazing results everyone reacts different to this diet so far i have been lucky no nasty side affects the 1st week i was a bit tired but after that bags of energy and the more weight i lose the better i feel.
lots of luck :D
No weight flying off here either.... i wish ;)
I'm going for a blood test on monday cos i still feel terrible & i've been on medication for nearly 2 years. Previous tests have come back ok so they won't up my medication.

LT is fab & you'll look like a new man afterwards.

If/when you start make sure you take a couple of pics of yourself. Its always great to look back when you're at goal at how big you was before.

* Water is your friend :D
think about it....

I really just want have to have nice clothes and want to live abit longer, the lipotrim where i live if £54.00 a week for a man, and i don't want to to buy it off ebay, god knows what your buying there.
Hi I dont know what all your bad habits are but just ill cover some of them here.... I take it if your over weight you like to eat the odd takeaway and enjoy the odd pint...

Chinese Takeaway £6.50
Indian Takeaway £8.50
Pizza Takeaway £8.00
5 Pints @ £2.00 £10.00
Tescos Shop £40.00
5 Lunches at work @ £4.00
3 Bars of Chocolate @ 50p £1.50

TOTAL £78.50


The choice is yours - but I personally I value the quality of my life more than £54 a week.


Says it as it is!!!
ooo another man!!! And apparently not bad looking... just my luck ....married (a bit of an assumption) with kids!
men normally pay around £44 where i live..but, like Julz says it cost far less than all the crap you shovel into your mouth at the min!
I wish i were a man!!! It will be easy peasy for you... weight falls off in anything from 4 - 8lbs at a time
You'll be sorted in no time! x x x
Get glugging the water... minimum of 4 pints up to a maximum of 10 pints as well as your shakes!


a new way of living!
have a look at the inspiration slide show, its on the blue bar at the top of the page, see the guys on there and how great they look now. like julze said, its priceless.
Hi Philip,

£54 does seem expensive at first but that breaks down to less than £8 a day, compare that to your shopping bill, work lunches, alcohol, etc and it really isn't that expensive. All you will need to buy is your packs, coffee or tea, maybe fibreclear &/or laxatives and the weight will drop off you.

I thought LT was too expensive at first but it works out about £6 a day for me (including coffee, fibreclear and sweeteners) and I'm pretty sure I was spending more on food/crisps/chocolate/etc before. I feel so much better now that it is a small price to pay for that. I'm like Gem, I wish I'd found LT and started it ages ago - would have saved me the last "fat" holiday I went on.

Best decision I every made. LT has changed my life


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Not sure whereabouts in the country you are but if anywhere near Manchester there is a clinic at Hope hospital where its £21.00 per week. It needs a GP referal. However it only meets certain times. Alternativly you can do it via certain GPs who will see you on a private basis and assuming your GP will refer you the cost is cheaper as its the cost of a private script ( I think about £27.00 per week). But be careful I went to my GP and they didn't like the diet and would not refer me. Apparantly i can go back and "appeal" but I have 2 kids with health issues and feel the need to maintain a relationship with my GP so my plan is to do it through the chemist lose a fair amount of weight ( few stones) then go back and say look how its worked now will you refer me pretty please....but I've got around 10 stone to lose


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hi everyone, few questions
1. With the quick weight loss, will there be any excess 'loose skin'?? because the amount of weight lost in short time here is amazing,
2. Has anyone had any bad side-effects?

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