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Lipotrim New starter!!!


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Hello Guys

well after reading so many success stories on this website over the weekend, im inspired!! Im getting married next june and have to order my dress beginning of sept so would like to drop a stone if poss and then keep going until i get down to what I need!

So this morning at 7am I had my first shake..chocolate! Not too good, especially with hot water (not like the usual lovely Galaxy hot chocolate!!! mmm!!) so think I will try the choc cold for my tea. It was so hard this morning starting on a not so good experience!

However Im on my second one of the day, strawberry and its actually quite nice! Well not nice but drinkable at least!!

Ive been drinking loads of water as recommended too, im on 1.5 litres so far and as im in work its not been too difficult...yet!

I really welcome any handy hints and tips to get me through as I know it works and so many of you are doing so well....send any words of support my way and I'll be happy to do the same!! Thanks all in advance!!

Love Jen x
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Welcome Jen!

Hello Jen and welcome!! Congrats on taking the LT plunge ;)

Firstly, as average loss on LT is a stone a month, you should have lost lots more than that by the time you need to order your dress!

Personally, I dont like the shakes hot. The chocolate one is lovely cold with some ice! I also always put in more water than they say as I dont like too thick! I cant abide the strawberry one, but the vanilla is lovely too - a bit like custard creams! Another tip, if you like me cant stomach black tea or coffee, just use a teaspoonful of your vanilla shake to add to it - it really does help a huge amount!

Once you are past the first couple of weeks you can also have the flapjacks - these are great as it gives you something to chew so you dont forget how!

Most of us have found the first week pretty rough - for me it was days 4 and 5 that nearly did for me, I nearly gave up but the support on here was just brilliant - I got through it and am onto week 6 tomorrow!


Do keep us all posted on your progress and good luck!!
Hello and welcome :)
Congrats on starting lipotrim! As you know the first few days are the hardest, it does get easier. Also you would have figured out which shakes you like the best and how you like them. I now take all my shakes cold with ice :) and I always add coffee to the vanilla....you'll figure ot what works for you.

BEST OF LUCK :wavey:


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Yes, welcome, I am on day three and the support I get here is invaluable. Hope you find it the same too.


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Hiya welcome to lipotrim and the forum. You will get used to the drinks. I really struggled for the first 10 days, getting used to the drinks, especially the vanilla.
Though I must admit to loving them after 2 weeks or so....lol. I didnt like any of my drinks hot, so I made mine with chilled water, and with extra water to what is recommended.
I use 14floz for my drinks which makes near enough a pint.

Try to aim for 3-4 litres a day of water too, this helps flush all the fat and ketones out of your system, this thought helps me drink the water...lol.


Back on the wagon!
Hi - great to have another "LTer" on the forum....on week 6 and its been great to see the pounds shifting for the first time in years..... You should try the Chicken Soup also....its nice really hot and its nice to have something in a bowl around dinner time...best of luck and keep posting your your progress!


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Thanks so much guys! Feel very welcome already!!! :D

How do I get more tickers and my weight info on bottom of my screen...signature space wont allow any more than 350 characters??

Love Jen x
Thanks so much guys! Feel very welcome already!!! :D

How do I get more tickers and my weight info on bottom of my screen...signature space wont allow any more than 350 characters??

Love Jen x
I think that when you reach a certain number of posts, you'll get more signature space


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Well I am just having my blended strawberry shake for tea and its much nicer!! Its renewed my confidence and so im working myself up to having an icy choc shake in the morning...close my eyes and think Starbucks skinny chocolate frappacino!! ;)

Havent got any chicken soup yet but starting to regret it now as think a week of sweet shakes may get a bit too much. Im not a big lover of chicken soup as it is but was told today they taste a bit like a chicken slim-a-soup? So it cant be too bad can it? :confused:

Not sure I fancy the vanilla, not heard good reports as yet but hey ho ill give it a whirl!! And ducatidiva if it tastes like custard creams it must be ok! Oh custard creams...can you tell im still craving normal food??!!!:p

Sonkie - im making my shakes to roughly a pint also and think it will help to fill me up. Keep going with the water too, as you say keep flushing the fat away...should have clear skin with all this water i hope. Anyone know if it gets rid of the dark circles under the eyes?!

Bought listerine today, not too fussed on the powdery film this stuff leaves in my mouth and when the bad breath comes (oh joy) think it will be a god send....for me and all those around me!! he he!

Thanks already guys, will keep you informed of my progress tomo! x
Aaaaw Jenni you will get used to the shakes!! Honest! Oooh maybe a little coffee would be nice in the choccy shake, I mgiht try that tomorrow morning.

I would certainly get the soup - it does taste really really good, yes, I would liken it to a slim-a-soup, definitely. Its good to have something savoury. You can pop a bit of pepper in like Bea does, or I sometimes put in a wee bit of paprika!

Re circles under the eyes - well it has helped with mine, and with my skin too, I look glowing apparently!

Did you get the Listerine strips? As I think we arent supposed to use Listerine mouthwash because of the alcohol content... though I bought it by mistake and using a tiny amount didnt seem to knock me out of ketosis, I rinsed my mouth with water really well too. I know that Dentyl mouthwash is fine though (plus Tescos have it on offer at the mo, hurrah).

Anyhow, well done for getting through today, and we look forward to hearing more from you tomorrow!!!
No more knife and fork!!

OMG! just realised as i wash washing the dishes...i no longer require a knife and fork! oh thats sooo grim!! ha ha! :rolleyes:
I was told that the only mouthwash allowed is the Listerine Original. But the strips work really well too and help me with cravings too!
Newbie :(

Hi there,

I really am so happy I found this fourm, I started Lipotrim and am on day 5. I really thought I was the only person doing this :) im finding it really hard and need moral support hope you all dont mind me jumping in? I thought id set my self a reachable goal first then see how I get on

Hi there,

I really am so happy I found this fourm, I started Lipotrim and am on day 5. I really thought I was the only person doing this :) im finding it really hard and need moral support hope you all dont mind me jumping in? I thought id set my self a reachable goal first then see how I get on
Hello Shellco! *waves from over the water!* welcome, you are most certainly not alone! The LT forum is not so busy as some of hte other ones, its more of a Bijoux Forum LOL but I love it :D

Like you, I struggled big time day 4 and day 5, but by day 6 I was FINE! Just you keep going and in a couple of days time you should be feeling ok, its worth battling through these first tough days :)
Hi Elle,

Thanks for your reply, does the thought of food ever go out of your head or even move to the back slightly lol. Im getting weighed on Thursday and am kinda looking forward to it, I stuck to the diet 100% and think I have lost a bit. :), I bought my self a reebok stepper and am going to try do that as well. Im thinking 'well if i do some excercise as well I will be burn pure fat because I havnt eating anything that I need to burn so I will go straight of my lumps and bumps lol' hopefully, thats the idea anyway. Have you all been doing excercise with it or just the Lipotrim?


oh yeah how do I get my little counter up each time I post a message or do I have to set a new one up each time. :cry:
Hiya! Well, the first week I did think A LOT about food, as in I wanted it - I couldnt even watch food adverts on tv! But, since I got past that first week, although I still think about food I am not really interested in it. OK, I think about how nice it will be to have a pizza when I finish, or a chicken sandwhich, but I'm not that bothered about it, as I dont get hungry! One thing that really does help is weighing, and seeing the weight go down a bit every couple of days - thats just the best motivation to keep on doing it.

As I said to myself when I started - ok its 4 months or so that I will be on LT and its not the easiest thing to do, but 4 months is such a short length of time out of my *whole life* in order to make my dream of being slim come true. Its just not a great deal to ask of me..... I'm so glad I am doing it!

On Thursday you should find you have a really good result :) you must post nad let us know!

I was advised not to exercise during the first week, then gradually bring it back in, as your body gets used to the LT. I now go on my crosstrainer most days, but was told not to overdo it. So as long as you aren't over-exerting you should be ok I reckon.

Aaaah for your ticker, you need to put that in your signature! If you go to User CP (top of page) you can edit your signature, just pop the ticker in there!
Thank you so much. At the moment i feel so tired and doesnt help with 2 mad kids running around the house, feel like I can just jump into bed for an hour, (might bribe the kids to go for a nap lol) but i am totally dedicated to it and will stick to it 100%. I will of course let you all know how I get on on thurshday..


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