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Lipotrim newbie! what to tell my mates?

Hi, I'm new to vlcd's and a friend of mine lost 5 stone on lipotrim so have decided to give it a go. I'm 12½ stone and 5'5", would like to lose 2½ - 3 stone. I started today. The only major concern for me is what my mates are going to say:sigh: i do 24 hour shifts so no hiding that I'm not eating. I did tell one friend who was totally negative and said I didn't need to lose, it's ok for her she is a size 8!!!!!!!! it's how I feel inside and look, I have 3 horses and am sick of being a chunky rider:sigh: as I want to ride sidesaddle this year and you have to look elegant:(

Any ideas on what I can say to my mates? I will tell a white lie if needs be:D you all seem a pretty nice bunch with loads of good ideas and encouragement. (have been lurking!):D

Thanks in advance.
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Bugger em, just crack on and do it because you want to do it, you soon get use to negatives from so called freinds. x
ps do you wear them riding trousers? ;-)


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Hey, I left it for as long as i could to tell my mates. I think its worse telling people that dont know about this diet before you have started. Its good to be down a bit of weight first before you tell them, so they cant say oh you'll never be able to do it, it sounds too hard... etc. When i decided to tell my friends, i arranged to meet them about a stone and a half down. When they saw how much i had lost and had explained it all to them they were very encouraging then. They did say what if you put it all back on and stuff like that, but most people do!!


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Most people worry its an unheathy diet, but I tell people it was done by Hope hospital to help obese people lose weight quickly so they could get necessary operations. I explain its the only diet that worked for me and as it is monitored by the pharmasist I know I'm being looked after. At the end of the day you will always get negative people and those who are genuinely concerned. If they are just being negative then forget them.....prove them wrong, but if they are concerned you can put their mind at rest.

Good luck hun......it really does work.


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ive only told my most immediate family and best friend cause i feel for me, any negative comments dont help me at all so id rather not even go there. :)

ive been down that road where people ask how your doing all the time and if you havent lost as much as youd like it etc doesnt help with people making comments

in the end though, its your decision...this is just mine :) and its working for me !!!

h xx

best of luck


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I've just told my husband and my best friend, who support me and encourage me.

I told my mum that the pharmacy has given me a diet sheet to follow and I go every week to weigh in so they can check my progress, easier than going into the details of LT!

Maybe you could tell your workmates they are a version of Slimfast shakes, and make out that you have a proper meal at home?


I've only told my mum and sis, plus kids.. I cant be doing with negative comments from those who know nothing about LT but seem to think its bad for you! My 'friend' is the worst of the lot, she tried it and failed so therefore its rubbish and no good for you... :rolleyes:

I'm an extremely private person anyway so its nothing new not telling anyone my business ;)

I work 24hr shifts also, but am mostly alone once we've done staff changeover so can get away with making the shakes up.. I use the flapjacks if going to be in company where eating may be invloved..


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Hey everyone im on my third day lipotrim and really excited! hoping to lose my target loseof 2 1/2 stone in approx 6 weeks is this do-able?!
i todl my friends who are also size 8's! and they were negative too, but u know wat i just was not bothered! you do it for yourself and how you feel!
I am too 12 1/2 stone and have the same target as you, this is my first week so lets see how we both do ! fingers crossed! ;)
Well I have decided to come clean:eek: and tell my work mates. I have to really as I don't work alone and we have alot of staff on during the day, AND a house full of stroppy teenagers that want to interfere in everything:rolleyes: meals are eaten together so not an option really. Oh well not on again till Thursday so have a few days on it at home to get used to it all.

Thanks :D


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just click on someone else who has one and itll take you to the website and then just pick what you want :)

h x

fran-kley speaking

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hi jenpink,
you have to copy and paste the "bb" code i think into your signature box and then press preview signature to test it...... then when its there don't forget to "save signature"....hope that helps?!?!?!


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I can't believe the will power you must have to have been on this diet for so long, 28 weeks.

I've only been on it a week and a few days and it is murder. I haven't cheated though and I won't because i'm a stubborn bast**d. Well good luck to you girl your surely headed in the right direction, keep up the good work.


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Sorry fattothin

Just looked at your photos and found out your a bloke, same still applies, well done fellow. lol

I feel stupid LOL:)


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I think you'd be better off just telling them; my family know & the majority of my friends do too. While I've had mixed responses, they're only concerned about my health & ultimately, when they see how determined & focussed I am they don't really comment. Even the ones that think it's bad for me & I'll put it all back on have commented on how impressed they are at my determination. The only thing there is to avoid showing any signs that you're finding it tough to them as they'll jump on it & make you feel worse - have to save those complaints for people who are fully supportive!

Good luck!!



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I have told my Father and Sis, who are both trying to be supportive, as a family we have not had a great year and are all a little bit out of kilter with our usual ways.

Dad was quite funny, as I spend most Saturday nights at his house, as he asked quite seriously if I wanted to not come over, as he couldnt abstain from food for a night, not at his age (70).

Lol, full credit to those of you who cook and feed families, I live alone, and love the reduction in dishwasher use, the number of bin bags I havent filled, and the extra 20 minutes a day that i dont visit tescos in.

(Have you moticed the attempt to keep positive)

Day 6, and still going.