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lipotrim or cd?

I think people are swapping because you can add a meal if you like, also there is more variety of meal replacements and also flavours. I think the losses are similar, depending on which CD plan you follow

Clair x
I have recently swapped to CD .. after 14 weeks on Lipotrim ( and it was great , what I needed at the time ) I felt it was time to teach myself to eat food but sensibly . Lipotrim is great if you have a lot to loose and if you have a food addiction ( which , lets face it , most of us on here probably have ) .. it takles away the temptation and makes it easier by going 'cold turkey ' I lost nearly 5 stone , and after 14 weeks I seemed to hit a wall . I suddenly felt very hungry , my energy levels dropped through the floor and I generally felt rubbish . I took this as i sign I needed to change something so swapped to CD SS+ , where you have the 3 shakes or bars ( which are much nicer than LT .. quite morish infact , which you dont want at the beggining ) and add a 200 calorie carb free meal .
I feel much better and with about 2.5 - 3 stone left to loose I am happy to loose a bit slower whilst retraining my eating .. re portion size , low calorie etc .....

My opinion is Lipotrim is a great start if you have a lot to loose .. and I feel that cambridge is a great finish to weight loss as you 'work up ' the plans until you are eating normally again .


Size 14 here i come!
I agree that LT is good to start with or ss plan on CD as they both are no food at all and then when you switch to ss+plan with CD you feel like you are having a feast even though it's only 200cals.
As far as i'm concerned i would say CD is better for the reason that the shakes have so many more flavours and choc bars are yummy, also they do ready made shakes which are so good if you are out all day. hth


Size 14 here i come!
Happy to help and i'm glad we explained things to you to make you feel like you are making right decision, by the way, you lose about the same on both diets, around 1st a month, forgot to tell you that yesterday.
i don't think one's "better" than the other - it's just that it depends what your food issues are. Lipotrim definitely suited me better: I needed a break from thinking about food, or even flavours, and the rather bland flavours on LT were perfect for that (!). Also there's no shopping, no cooking and virtually no cleaning up to do! The food-holiday helped me concentrate on thinking about the future, learning about food, and shifting the weight I had to shift as well as go cold turkey on my food addictions. I don't regret my decision for one minute, but I appreciate that LT is certainly not for everyone, and many people find the extra choice helpful on Cambridge.

What is crucial though is that you commit 100% to whatever you decide - have a realistic goal (or series of goals) in your mind and GO FOR IT! Don't waste time wishing you were doing something else, or missing the stuff that got you in a mess to start with. Stay focussed and you can achieve great results on either diet. Both need commitment and discipline, and both will give you a great opportunity to improve your health and the quality of the rest of your life. It's what you do after the weight loss that matters long term, so you should use your time to talk, read and learn as much as you can.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Thanks Tina
No - I didn't have any slip ups at all (thank goodness). Somehow I just managed to get my head in the right place and I was (and still am) determined for it to work. When I was on TFR I persuaded myself that eating was something I didn't do, so I really didn't worry about it much. I missed the social aspect of it more than eating itself to be honest. I was also lucky that during the time I wasn't ill (no flu or cold this winter!!) and there were no "life dramas" that could have rocked the boat. At last I wanted the result enough to see it through. Just hope I can sort my head out round food now I'm refeeding, and then maintain it.

I tried CD earlier this year but it was too nice and akin to eating a meal and I blew out early doors! I'm now back on my tried and tested LT and loving the bland and tasteless nature of the beast! I prefer LT for those reasons but it's a case of each to their own.

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