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Lipotrim or CD

I'm on my 2nd week of Lipotrim.
I have been coping well with the shakes, but can't eat the flapjacks.
Lost 8.5 lbs in week one, which I was very happy about.
I have slipped up, as my flight was cancelled and had no shakes, so had a bit of chicken yesterday.

Just wondering whether to switch to Cambridge diet as I keep reading that the choices are greater.

I keep reading the CD is better, but wondered what are the positives are, if any, of staying on Lipotrim rather than switching.

My OH is on Atkins so i hope to eventuallly switch to that.

Thank you
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From what I can gather CD does offer more flavours however you need to see a CDC (Cambridge Diet Counsellor) every week. That is what put me off. Apparently both diets are manufactured by the same company so hopefully LT will end up with a few more flavours soon. Also on CD you move up the plans from SS (Sole Sourcing which is basically TFR) to slowly increasing your calorie intake to include meals etc. This is another reason why I didn't want to do it - I want to do TFR for as long as possible so there's no chance of me slipping up.

That's all the info I really have but there are plenty of CDC's online who I'm sure will be along to correct me in no time ;)
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I've done LT & CD.

Everyone is different but for me CD had too much choice.
Also the shakes were lovely.... i don't like the LT shakes much at all.
I loved the choc mint shakes & the bars were really nice too.

CD is good for people who are out & about a lot as you can take a tetra or a bar with you. I like the nasty, bland taste of lipotrim, it doesn't seem like food to me. Where as the CD products reminded me of food.
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I decided against CD coz I didn't want all the choice and the temptation of choc bars. Chocolate has always been my downfall and I really felt I needed to have a total break from it coz I was frightened it would lead to a total binge. Also my chemist is 10 mins walk away and very convenient for me.

Like Gemma, I didn't want to see a counsellor every week, although I always chat to the lady at my chemist who does LT so she is kinda like a counsellor!

I love my LT shakes now - just as well really! - but if you don't then it won't hurt to give CD a go. From what I understand they cost similar per week.

Good luck with whatever you choose and let us know.

Thank you for all the tips.
I do spend many days working away from home, so may be best trying CD.
I can always go back to Lipotrim.
The lady in my chemist is also pretty much like a counsellor.
I think I'll give CD counsellor a call and take it from there.


I will do this!!!
Im on Lt and my sister in law is on CD. The shakes do seem nicer on CD and they come pre mixed in cartons which helps when out and about. I got put off CD because of seeing a councellor every week and also because of the price difference between the two. I think its best if you do plenty of research into both and see which one best suits you as an idividual
I called a counsellor and the difference is less than £2.
I know some are happy with the lack of variety, but I think I need more variety as I only really enjoy the strawberry shake and miss having something savoury.

I also work away quite a lot so CD will be more convenient for me.

I'm lucky the counsellor is only about 5 minutes further than the pharmacy, which is about 5 mins from my house.

Seeing the pharmacist last week at weigh in was like a counselling session so I haven't let that put me off.
The counsellor has also lost 12 stone in 12 months on CD, and has kept it off for 3 years, so should be a good mentor.
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I actually appreciate the counselling element of cd, and the shakes and soups are much nicer, but I prefer to do LT because too tasty and I'll just go overboard (isn't that right debz? ;))...its good to have someone who knows what you're going through. I was put off LT before because I'd had a bad week and couldn't face the chemist because the girl had a really nasty attitude towards over weight ppl -really and stupidly insensitive. You just knew she'd so much as been a pound overweight.
Whatever you decide, I hope it works out for you. GOOD LUCK!! oxo
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you dont have to see your CDc every week if you dont want to. Mine said she's like to see me for the first couple of weeks and then I only needed to see her once a month to weigh in. Also, though the shakes are nice, they are not packed with sugar, so they dont have the same effect as chocky. However the bars are nice and quite moorish. But so far I have been able to limit them to one a day by having as a treat in the evenings. Cos you are still in ketosis and dont have the same sugar rush and sugar low, you are less likely to want to have a binge

Hope this helps a bit
Thank you for your advice.
I am going to give CD a go.
I haven't really missed food too much, just variety especially savoury.
I'm not too bothered about chocolate.
As I travel a lot though I also think it will be easier to stick to.

Thanks again.
This is a lovely place.
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Is CD really only £2 a week dearer than LT? I though CD was about £66 a week??
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Im afraid i have converted to CD from LT just really due to the lack of different flavours on LT. As for cost, it really depends on what you have, the bars and cartons are slightly more expensive than the shakes and soups and last week cost me just under £36. I think the shakes and soups are about £1.65 each and the bars and pre-mixed cartons are about £1.95 each.


Crawling to the finish!
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Ive done cd. The lady you take your shake from is not much like a councellor, just the same as getting weighed in the chemist. Im considering switing to CD as the flavours are more tasty and the bars are also great. you can also have water flavours. the only downfall nis its 7£ week more for me!! which adds up over the month x

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