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Lipotrim Residential Country House/Retreat

Who thinks there would be an appetite (pardon the pun) for a Lipotrim residential house?

I was morbidly obese and would have paid anything or done anything (including surgery) to lose the weight. I then discovered Lipotrim and lost over 100 lbs in 6 months. (Just wish I had discovered it 20 years earlier). Lipo was such a success for me and has changed my life so much that I'd really like to help others.

Lipo works with certainty if you follow it, but the problem is that there are temptations all around. But what if there were no temptations? What if you had no access to food?

I have found a beautiful country house in an island-like location 8 miles from the nearest shop or pub and no public transport. It has en-suite rooms, grounds, views, swimming pool & gym. The idea would be to block book it with Lipotrimmers (or other VLCDers) who stay for a minimum of one month. There would no non-LP guests and no food in the house or for miles around. (Just an excellent coffee machine). You would lose 1 to 2 stones per month with certainty.

Prices would be around £995 per month.

Your thoughts please.
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I think that would be an excellant idea! Being with others who are going through the same thing as you, and are understanding...... which lets face it, many people look at fat people and just assume we're lazy, constant eaters and a drain on society!
I think this is a really good idea, a retreat where you couldn't be tempted and support and understanding of fellow lipotrim'ers!
I think you should look into it x
Sounds good but WAY too expensive IMHO
I agree it may seem a little pricey (considering we're also paying £144 a month for the shakes), however it works out roughly about £33 a night, or there abouts? which isn't that bad, considering travelodge are about £50 a night?
Maybe the prices could be lowered though? Just a thought.....
Initially it does seem expensive, but I guess youre talking about LT included, as well as accommodation & use of the gym & pool etc its not too bad & if someone wanted to lose weight bad enough they MIGHT go for it - but I think personally that I dont know many people who can just take a month (& more) out of their lives to go & live in a country retreat somewhere! Unfortunately, for those of us that need to lose weight, life goes on & we cannot just escape it .... children, jobs etc.

I would say there would be some interest in this though - the wealthy :)
TBH its sounds right price I wouldnt expect to go away for a month for under £1000.

I think with group activities like walking and gym etc and the support of others you could well exceed the expect 1-1.5 stone pm loss.

It would deffinatly get you set up for the remainder of the course on LT.
Many thanks for your comments. Keep 'em coming.

It might be possible to get the cost of this particular place down to £895 per month (excluding the shakes). The rooms/location/grounds/pool/facilities are fantastic and there is hardly anyone around for miles. I suppose a really basic place would be cheaper, perhaps down to a minimum of £600 per month.

Of course the real cost is in taking a month or more out of life. But if you have reached the >40 BMI morbidly obese stage (where your health is seriously at risk) as I had, this might be a viable alternative to surgery.

I can see many advantages. Being able to use a pool and learning how to use gym equipment without embarassment for starters. Going for walks along the seafront unselfconsciously, knowing you probably won't see another soul.
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hey!!... you know,,every day im on this i think to myself that i would do so much better if i was in a "rehab" type place doing lt.. i think about it all the time.
I even thought about getting away somewhere for a bit but as im in final year college its rather difficult and unachievable!!
However if i wasnt in college, i would hands down 100 percent get away somewhere for a few months to do this!

The biggest loser has done something similar,, its called the ridge or something and i thought about going there before i found lt. Its in america somewhere you should have a look at it for any ideas you could have. I think it was quite expensive too, but thing is, for some people its either this or a gastric band etc which we know can be really dangerous so im sure people would pay that amount for their life back.

You could have an area with books to educate on healthy foods,, you could have some group classes.. you could have a counsellor for group sessions or one on one sessions... daily activities... cooking classes...etc...

you could do so much with this idea if there is the right demand!... have you been on to LT? x
wayyyy too expensive imo, or you could do a lipotrim only cruise for the 2011 summer ;)
Pudge - the Biggest Loser fitness resort you were thinking of is called "Fitness Ridge".

I've just checked the website and it costs $10,000 per month for an en-suite room.

That's £6,250 per month.
Well.....I've maybe got the house for you........

It sleeps 8 in 4 bedrooms, two of which are ensuite and it's on an island in Brittany, France! It's my holiday home and would normally let for about £1,200 per week. It doesn't have a gym or a pool but it's got miles of walks/cycling as we have a canal on one side and a river on the other.......a pub/epicerie within walking distance but very rarely open and the nearest supermarche is a 10 minute drive away....

I finished renovating it last year and was wondering what to do next......I've been very successful on LT, I wonder if I could help others?

Seriously, let me know what you think......there are photos on my Facebook site, it's called Bourgrimaud, if you want to have a look....


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wow sandraB...that sounds amazing!.. could you pm how to find you on facebook please? :D x
Just click on the Facebook icon under my name Pudge and 'friend ' me.....tell me who you are though as I don't have your proper name!


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perfect, just done that now, :) i think it would be a great idea for you to do something LT related if you have the sources!! ill have a quick nosey in a bit :) x
In theory it sounds like a good idea BUT most normal people could not afford to take a month off work. Plus a month you lose maybe 1.5 - 2 stone most people on these extreme diets have a lot more than that to lose so I dont think it really would be an option for teh majority of us. Then if you look at the super rich celebs and the likes they go into bootcamp type places for rapid weight loss in a short time BUT they usually are what most of us would consider thin and healthy anyway.....


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Oh I would absolutly love to be a type of 'counsiller' person bobby at some kind of LT retreat! I always say that I cant rate LT enough!! :D

How amazing would it be if you actually got something like this up & running!

Compared to a week long GI Jane course at £1,150 its a bargain at less than a grand for a month!


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and when i get my masters in mental health and behavioural medicine i will be coming and asking to help out too! :) i really do think its a great idea,, and Sandra,, your house is beautiful!! it looks so peaceful! :) x


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Ok, I don't want to put a spanner in the works but here's my thoughts.

A residential retreat is a good idea but just for the first week. This makes it accessible to most people but most importantly, its unrealistic to shut yourself away from *temptation* in the real world you absolutely cannot avoid food (unlike drugs and alcohol). If you go away for the duration you teach yourself nothing about exercising restraint and willpower which are essential for anyone hoping to keep the weight off.

Week one is the hardest. Pamper yourself during the initial weaning period then back to real life with a nice big first weightloss under your belt. Perhaps a couple weekends a month thereafter to top it up?

Just my tuppence worth :)

PS I'd also love to counsel at a place like that!


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i think you are right cookeh... a first weeks getaway could be good,, and a place to go for a weekend or longer if you need some time away...i suppose it could be done all ways. If people have the money and the time to just getaway for the long haul they could be long term residents, and then have it available for people who want to come for a week or a minimum of say three days. something to suit each person???


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