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Lipotrim - started today

Hi, everyone Im new to this. Well I started Lipotrim today, well the pharmacist put me on the maintenance program to see how I get on two shakes for breakfast and lunch and a main meal with low carbs, I have dinner on salmon, brocoli and carrots and small portion of basmati rice, is any one doing this program with just the two shakes and main meal if so can u please let me know have u lost weight from it, I got some fright when I went on the scales and since my son 4 years ago I CANT seem to get it off so hopefully this will help me,
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Hi Irishdee

Welcome to the forum, I know you are going to find the best help here and advice when you are struggling.
Most of us are on LT 100% so I am not sure, I know there is a refeed thread which you may find helpful.
This diet really is effective, my weight loss has been steady in the 5 weeks I have been doing it. Advice would be...drink all the water instructed to and more if you can as well as mint teas or any other leaf tea or coffee...without the milk and sugar of course :coffee:
Good luck!!
Hi Cee,

Thanks for the reply and support he told me to do this program first and see how I get on, then I can always go onto the full program I always thought it was the other way round, well we will see how it goes. I see u have lost 22lb well done thats fantastic.
Goodnight off to bed for Day 2 tomo.
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Hi and welcome good luck


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Best of luck with the maintainence program and welcome.


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Best of luck with that, it'll be interesting to see how you get on x


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Welcome Irishdee

Hope you get on ok; didnt realise you could do the maintenance before doing LT 100%, but if it works for you, go for it!

Have a good week
Hi lads n lassies,

Thanks for all ur support have my weigh in tomo morning but if Im not happy with the results Im asking to go on the full program I have been good but we shall see tomo I see yere results are amazing, theres nothing more than anything I want to lose the weight its driving me insane, Have so many clothes and new ones all caught around the belly, but I feel great after the shakes and soup cant believe how full u feel and I m drinking nearly 2.5 to 3 litres of water a day, i love water, my skin has become so clear in the past week even my mom has noticed my skin. So wish me luck tomo Ill let ye all know how I get on and if im not happy with the results it will be the full programm from tomo on, wish me luck




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Hiya and welcome!

This is similar to the refeed, except it was one shake and two meals and I was still losing :D xxx
Thanks girl thats great news for me, you have done fab, well done, have u a big date set for the 13th best of luck with it, congrats on losing the weight


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Hi Irishdee,
welcome and best of luck for tomorrow, we will all be rooting for you and looking forward to hearing how you get on.
Hi Guys,

Sorry for the late reply my first week on the maintenance and I lost 4 pounds, I thought it wud be more but the pharmacist said its great, so hoping to be down again on week 2 fingers crossed.
Can any let me know how to put the tracker in so i can save my weight loss every week thanks


maintaining since June'09
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Well done on your loss! I think that's brilliant on the plan you're doing!

Just click on anybody's tracker and it'll take you to the site where you can set one up for yourself. (The code you'll need to put it in your signature is the 'bb' code.) x


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well done irishdee thats brillant
hi i just started today and its not been to bad not really hungry just the want of solid foods in my mouth ha ha, dont really drink much caffine but can c me increasing that. the only bad experience was the chicken soup :( i nearly threw up it tasted like crap but new i had to finnish it so i did followed by alot of water to get the taste out mi mouth, just reading ppls posts and the weight they lost in the first week has made me feel better!


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well done. I know someone who did the same, and they lost over a stone and half in four months. I suppose it depends on how quick you want to get it of. GOOD LUCK.
Well guys its D day tomo for week 2, dont know if ye have the same shakes and soup as me but I see some of ye have chicken soup and vanilla shakes, I have orange creme and summer fruits which are gorgeous Im not a shakes person but i can drink these without cringing, i have vegetable soup also it looks lovely but i can stick its not as nice as an ordinary veg soup but its edible, and of course am drinking 2.5 to 3 litres of water a day, so fingers crossed ill be down tomo get so nervous at weigh in time, i suppose its normal tho. Ill let ye know how I get on any way.

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