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lipotrim super hard! social killer

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Just stay strong and resist. You can enjoy yourself with sparkiling water just the same. I went to a few outings whilst on tfr and had a better time sober than with masses of wine. I never missed the alcohol at all and that is saying something!!!! Tell your pals you are trying to lose weight and ask them to support you and you show them you can have a good time without the few bevvies and stodgy food!!!


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A few years ago I went through christmas day without the food and drink....I felt brilliant for sticking with it......be strong and go out and drink water.....(cheap night ) .....and enjoy. If you make sure everyone knows you will be drinking water only and would appreciate there support........good luck and have fun xx
oohh tricky one! i know how you feel, i went out once, and drank sparkling water al night, it helps a bit and its funny to be sober and see all your friends make egits of themselves, and i was very proud of myself the next day for sticking with it.

But i have been avoiding social outings, for me at the minute i'm finding it abit difficult im half way through my diet, belive me this is the longest i have ever stuck to a diet and i am determined to finish the goal i set myself. So i tell myself there'll be plenty nights out when i'm through dieting. Good luck!


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I understand it can be hard when friends/family urge you to break your diet and I always question their motives. I have experienced a bit of this myself and it is partly due to jealousy. A part of them wants you to fail as it makes them feel better about themselves for not being able to commit to something so difficult.

It is more than possible to have a good evening without having to drink. I have been to lots of social occasions now; dinner dances, family meals and stuff and I have never had a problem.

Maybe have a chat with the worst offenders and point out that however well meaning, you would really appreciate their support and encouragement at the moment. Let them know that you are serious about this commitment and how important it is to you and maybe they'll back off a bit. Re-assure them that you are still the fun party girl they know and love and that you want to celebrate their birthdays with them and if they don't understand, are they true friends? Best of luck pet. xXx


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Blimey! some friends you have! Not respecting your decisions. Forcing you to drink. Shoving a straw in your mouth. I would've walked away from them if they had done that to me. Thankfully i had very understanding friends and they were ace. Always encouriging and positive about my decision. This is how friends should be!!

Have a word with them, tell them your prepared to go out with them for their birthdays but drinking isnt the be all and end all. I went out a couple of times whilst on TFR and not once did anyone i went out with mention something negative about not drinking.

If they don't respect your decision to do this diet tell them that you wont be coming out with them any more untill you have finished.

LT isnt a social life killer. In the end it will make your social life better. You will feel more confident and positive about going out etc. :)

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