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lipotrim TFR terrible breath help!

Hi you can by liquid drops that help with the breath, they are really strong and did help me a lot. I brought them from the pharmacist who I went to get the lipotrim, so they are definately allowed. You should ask your chemist to order some or if they know where to get them. The wrigleys melt on your tongue strips are also allowed on lipotrim but hard to find except on the internet.
Also they look better than carrying mouthwash around so can top up on the move :) Hope this helps
iv been doing this for a week now and my breath just us awful and im using mouthwash and it just doesn seem to help can anybody help with a solution! ? :sigh:

Hi i'm on my 1st day. Both my partner n I are on tfr. He bought some fresh breath anti bacterial freshmint strips from the lipotrim website. both of us has to talk to a lot of people and there's nothing worse than a smelly breath. You may even get them on ebay!:rolleyes:
yes my breath is like a dogs (or so my boyfriend says, thanks!) are we defo allowed these strips as i could really use some as i talking close to people all day and think i gona knock em out with my death breath :-/
Hey Tori, all i drink is peppermint tea and it doesnt really help that much, cant stand coffee, will go on a search for these breath strips online :)

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Good idea from Pumpkin about cutting the strips in half. I use the Nu-Phar breath strips (definitely allowed) from Day Lewis Pharmacy where I pick up my Lipotrim. Lifesaver! ;)


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I had the same problem bad breathe and tongue feeling like a furry old door mat. I kept brushing my teeth and avoided mouth wash as advised by my dentist and was told to get myself another toothbrush with baby soft bristles a s to use a milder toothpaste to avoid damaging teeth. I kept brushing mine atleast every hour or so and that I did for the whole period I was on TFR. Oh and choose a mouthwash that you can use a good number of times, as you can overdose on something or the other can't remember what but remember
my dentist told me sternly.

Goodluck with your TFR journey and if you have any queries, just ask

Oh and as breath freshness you can buy mint strips from superdrug, boots, sainsbury's, and your chemist which won't knock you out of ketosis phase as you are now in it
My chemist offered me the breath strips as she said it does give you a horrible taste and bad breath, I refused but think I may have to buy some this week. They must be allowed. X
have managed to get some of the breath strips from my chemist today :) hopefully these will help, wont need to wear my teeth away with brushing and mouthwash now! lol
well i got nuphar breath strips chemist said theyd work ! and hey have for a while but when im out i cant keep taking them so i drink black coffee but i figured out a trick maybe im last on the band wagon but my second shake of the day is usually vanilla but i put two tespoons of it in my black coffee helps it taste more milker if your not crazy about black coffee but i get about 7 cups and its nicer then just drinking black coffee on its own or the vanilla on and it makes it last longer i bring it to work and dip into it every hour or so helps me feeling satified till i get home for my chicken soup and its great for your breath better coffee breath then stinky ass breath lol hope this tip helps one of you ladies! :):):)

my breath hasn't started to get bad yet, but my mouth is beginning to taste quite horrible about an hour after I've had a sachet...
i noticed that too byt right after mt sachet i brush me teeth or use mouthwash it helps prevent it that little bit longer! but if you like coffee seriously have a look at my post b4 urs! it really helps! :):)

Ahh, interesting. I will def remember that if things get really stinky lol but I do drink a vanilla shake with a tsp of instant coffee for breakfast - I don't really start until I get in from work (I do 5am-10am) as it's a lot of liquid and I can't be rushing out to pee all the time lol - I think I will give the strips a try first, as a lot of coffee stains teeth, I don't have it very often usually. ):
im a big milk tea drinker! soo im not crazy about coffee at all but i need somthing lol! yh the strips are great i rip mine in half cause there very strong so they work as well halfed and makes them last longer so your not running to and from a chemist! :)

there is a chemist online you can order them off Tori, just google search nupharm breath strips to buy :) let me know if u still cant get them and i'll find the link and post to you :) xx

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