lipotrim versus exante shakes

Discussion in 'Lipotrim - Off Topic' started by tweeza, 10 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. tweeza

    tweeza Full Member

    Just had a no scratch that tried a exante shake as one of my friends is on it and gave me one to try as she says they are cheaper but work the same way as lipotrim.

    Now for ppl on exante im not slagging of this plan but for me I managed one mouthful and was the worst thing Iv ever tried :( it was bland and tasted foul im sorry it was disgusting
    So who prefers the taste of exante or lipotrim im glad I tried it so I know im not missing out on anything but oh my god my stomanch is churning
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  3. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Lol I think you have to remember though taste is a personal thing you cant just write off a whole diet because of one taste of one shake lol Lots of people on Exante dont like some of the shakes/soups, so just avoid them, lots of people on LT dont like some flavours of shakes so just avoid them. Ive seen plenty posts on here from people who hate a particular flavour and have swapped them or sworn never to try them again. Maybe if youd tried another flavour youd have loved it - who knows

    On the whole most people who swap from another VLCD to Exante have absolutely no problems with the shakes, some even prefer them because they have no aspartame in them

    The biggest selling point to me was the cost of Exante I have to admit, and Im not having the shakes for the pleasure of their taste anyway theyre a means to an end - tho thankfully I do like the 2 flavours I have every day :)
  4. tweeza

    tweeza Full Member

    I guess it is personal taste I dont like any flavour except the chocolate one. I am not knocking exante honestly was just very different to lipotrim shakes with texture and flavour just could not stomach more than the mouthful.
  5. dawnthewitch

    dawnthewitch Member

    i agree with starlight, I drink them as a means to an end, I don't really like the strawberrry and I bought a 50 pack, but, i drink them anyway, I don't care what they taste like as long as they do the bizz :)x
  6. approaching 40

    approaching 40 Full Member

    We are all here for the same reason, so whichever TFR we are using let's support each other. There are plenty of folks on the outside on real food diets who are ready to tear us down.

    If these shakes were too delicious do you think we would learn portion control and stick to 3 shakes/soup a day?

    it to be palatable enough to consume, nothing more.

    As babies need to be presented with the same flavour of food at least 8 times before they develop a liking for it, we are retraining our palates too, so whichever TFR we are on it may take 8 times or more before we become accustomed to it.

    So bear with it, and let's stand together one shake at a time

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