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    BIGMAMA Full Member

    Hello Everyone, Hope It Is Going To Work For Me As I Have Treid Every Diet And Stillin Hope That Lipotrim Will Work For Me. You All Have Been Inspiring To Me As You Have Had Great Weight Loss With This Diet. Going To Pharmacy To Pick Up My Shakes Tonight And Will Start 2moro. Wish Me Luck And Will Keep U Posted On How I Am Doing.x
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  3. HappyNoodles

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    Aw BigMama I'm thrilled you're jumping on board!!
    You really will lse it you don't need luck just determination hun!
    How much have you to lose?

  4. LizzieB

    LizzieB Silver Member

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    Awww good luck :) If you really want it, you can deffinately do it :) You just need to believe in it :)
  5. Shazpaz

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    Good luck hun. Let us know how you are getting on. The first few days are the worst, but when you have your first weigh in and see the losses you'll be sooooooooo impressed.

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    Weigh About 16 Stone 7 And Would Like To Be 12 Stone Something! A Lot To Ask I Know!!!!!!!!!
  7. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    South Beach
    You'll do it. Its amazing how quickly the weight drops off on this diet. Like I said, get through the first few days.....drink plenty of water. Once in Ketosis you'll not be hungry and it gets a lot easier, but getting into ketosis is the tough part.

    At a stone a month you'll be there before you know it. Imagine Summer.......all those lovely clothes you'll be wearing. Good luck hun. YOU CAN DO IT.
  8. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Lipotrim 1st time
    Well we are both roughly on the same pegging, so lets get on with it.......Good luck!:)
  9. foreverhope

    foreverhope Full Member

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    good luck you can do it xx Welcome on board the liportim train xx
  10. SkinkWitch

    SkinkWitch I've got the power

    Well done for making the decision to start lipotrim, i was in your situation when i joined this forum, and found out about it from reading the posts here.

    It's without a doubt the best diet I have done, difficult but you see such great results it inspires you to keep going!
    You will lose the weight you want on LT, I had your problem, no diet worked for me, even Slimfast made me gain!!! :eek:
    But this one really works if you stick to it, I can promise you that.

    Best of Luck.
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  11. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Good luck big mama xxx

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    Have Had My First Shake Today!!!!!!!!!! On The Road To Losing The Flab! ( I Hope) Shake Was Not As Bas As I Thought It Would Be, It Did Taste Of Strawberry Was Abit Powdery Will Try It With Abit More Water Next Time, Wanted To Ask How Much Water Should I Be Drinking Is It 2 Litres Or Near 4 Litres Was Not Sure. Thought I Read The 4 Litres But On The Bag It States 2. Hope You All Doing Good And Was Very Suprised At The Amount Of Response I Have Had Back Doing My First Thread So Thank You. I Am Coming Abit Addicted To This Forum, My Hubby Reckons I Should Have A Laptop Joined At The Hip! I Have Not Told Him Yet About This Diet Would Be Feel Better Telling Him When I Have Lost Some Weight That Way They Can See It Working And I Will Not Have To Try And Sell It To Him So To Speak! Anyway Got 2 Go. Take Care U All.xx
  13. Sola

    Sola Full Member

    Hi big mama welcome, this diet is the best. You can do it, theres a lot of help on this forum, everyone is very helpful and supportive. you can do it. You need to drink 4 litres of water a day. This will really help with the weight loss.

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    Thank You Sola, Managed One Small Glass Since This Moring So Better Get A Move On With It!!!!
  15. Sola

    Sola Full Member

    You'll be fine, as you gulp down the water just imagine what you'll look like when you get to your goal weight!!! You can do it.
  16. lollygalway

    lollygalway New Member

    Hi Girls

    Just reading all the posts and everyone is doing great....Went for my first weigh in this morning .....have been on it just over 2 weeks now and have lost 1 stone 3lbs:party0019:

    I am finding the weekends the hardest.... let slip on my first wkend but grand now and found if I kept myself busy that last weekend was fine.

    I think tuning in here once or twice a day is brill for support or when u feel that ur not making any progress or having a bad day:sigh:

    My start weight was 15.7:scale:

    "The more ya drink the more ya shrink" My new motto!!:)

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    Hello Everyone Back Again!! Keep Logging I Know But Have Got A Really Bad Headache And Looking For Support, Reading Through Your Posts This Should Disappear By Thursday But Finding It Really Hard And I Have Not Even Done Day One, Will Keep At It And Hopefully Will Get Easier By The Day. I Think Earky Nights And Busy Days Should Do The Trick! Take Care Xx
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    BIGMAMA Full Member

  20. Shazpaz

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    Stick with it hun. It does get better........honest!
  21. harriet2

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    welcome on board bigmama :) were all here to support one another and having that support is a huge help. it can be hard going at times (especially when going out etc) but its worth it . ive gone from 15 st 3lb to 12st 6lb in 9 weeks...from a very large 16,more like an 18 really to size 12-14...i couldnt be more pleased to have found this diet than winning a few thousand on the lottery!!!

    all the best

    h xx

    BIGMAMA Full Member

    Hi Second Day And Still Struggling!! Have Managed Not To Eat A Single Thing But I Am Really Hungry, I Am Really Trying To Stick With This And Hopefully Will Be A Lot Easier As Time Goes On. Planning On Staying On This For The 14 Weeks So Keep Thinking It Is Not For An Eternity Just 14 Weeks Out Of My Life. Really Struggling But Keeping Postive.xx
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