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Lipotrim vs. Cambridge Diet


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Not a lot - Cambridge Diet has alot more choice in shakes and soups, it's also managed a little better.


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both produced by the same guy, virtually same calories, same process as in total food replacement.

although CD has more flavours, and different options - i.e total food replacement and food included.

sounds like an ideal alternative to LT at first, but when i moved over, i found the better flavours and the option to eat too much temptation, and found it harder to follow! weird i know.

But with LT - there is no option, there fore no temptation, and the stuff tastes so vile you dont want anything after it! lol

after 14 weeks on LT I thought cd would be a walk in the park, but it was harder for me, some find it better, depends on your will power and resolve really.

good luck and well done on wk 1


Its quite limited in flavours I think, I don't know that much about it, but have a look on the Lipotrim forum, they will prob have more infor there.



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I'm starting Lipotrim 2moro. Well done on your 1st week weight loss! thats amazing. Is it hard to stick to?
Jo x
I don't find it hard, no :) once you start feeling your jeans loosen up, and you start seeing your losses in black and white, thats when it hits home and you realise it's for real and you just get sooooo motivated :D


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I've done a week of LT & although CD shakes don't taste great they are much better than LT, which I found absoluteyl vile!!

It's all about personal taste though.

Good luck. x


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Weight loss is the same, i also find CD harder as LT is much stricter whilst on CD i can get more nibbly and find if i have a ss+ option then i tend to nibble :(
I think the word 'stricter' might be a little misleading.

On CD, I was allowed 3 shakes and a whole load of water. Oh, I guess there were bars, but you get that on LT don't you.

I consider that strict :D

Of course, if you chose a higher plan you have more normal food, but the guidelines are 'strictly' laid out. It may be more tempting to cheat, but I guess if you cheat on LT, it's not because it's not a strict diet.

Struggle with doing SS+ properly and you'll probably be better with SS.

Unless...when you say 'strict' you mean your pharmacist beats you with a wooden stick if you go off plan ;)
I've managed LT for all of a week about a year ago, I couldn't stick to it I just felt ill and the soups and shakes were absolutely revolting :(

I'm now on week 2 of CD and loving it, the soups and shakes really are tasty and I had a peanut bar last night and it was scrummy :) I am finding it much easier to stick to just because the food is so much nicer!

Good luck to all whichever you choose!


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In my opinion yes..... Rotten!!
BUT it is completely down to personal taste......

I ONLY have the choc on CD as I can't stomach anything else. I don't even like the bars anymore.

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