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Lipotrim Weigh In Thread for 2010

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Wants to Maintain Gd!!
I weighed in today and went from 81.1KG to 79.7KG I think that 3.1Lbs?
beginner 3-01-09

hi all im on day 2 of lipo trim and im new on this site aswell can anyone tell me how to set up a tracker please im 5ft 2 and started yesterday weighing 14st 2 :(
Another Newbie

Hi everyone, I've never joined a forum before but I just wanted to tell you how super it is to see how great your all doing and how upbeat you are while doing it. I started LT the strict one on Sat so this is my 3rd day. First two days were easy but today I'm tired and a little light headed, I was really bold and weighed myself today and Im already 8 lbs down...I didnt know that was physically possible. Am I doing it right?!?! Does it work to add in more exercise with this?
hey lilypetal this is my third day too! brilliant job on your sneaky peek and weight loss.... bad timing my scales has run out of batteries! i couldnt be more frustrated!
2010 - New Start

Dear All, I have had a few weeks off through one thing or another. I am now back on track, on my second day of week one (again) :( Hoping to kick start my loss again with a new year. Good luck to all xxx
:DHi Bells! I think you might be as well off not to look I'm trying not to look for the rest of the week. My very fit and slim sister just emptied her super cool wardrobe and gave me loads of clothes that are now too big for her, I just cannot wait to fit into them! Hope your feeling chirpy and excited today we'll get there and it'll be all worth it!!!:rolleyes: Won't it?
hey lilypetal! i know im not suposed to but the vanilla shake with coffee really isnt that bad! compared to what i thought first time round!...thats great now you have some clothes to put up on a hanger and look at everyday!! thats what i did yesterday i bought a cheap dress from primark and have it hanging up . .. feeling great today as i no im in ketosis as i got some ketostix and it says im there. im a little cold and have a blocked nose lol but i feel good:).... it will defo be worth it i cannot wait. and i cant wait to get my foto before and after up here to be inspiration for everybody else!!!! we can do it!!>..how are you today?:)


hello all this is my day 2 and going good so far, how do u know when your body is in shock, and how long dose it go on for good luck to eveyone X

week one ...... 13st 1Lb
Im good today too thank you Bells, I've taken to drinking hot water to try and keep warm and alert I have exams coming up in a couple of weeks and this is the time when I usually put on most weight. Thats great that you know you've got ketones, I haven't checked but I'm assuming that I'm not hungry because of them. I threw out all my big clothes last week so I can never fit in them again! I have no choice now other than to fit in the smaller ones! Yeah good plan on the photos must do that too. Hope today is great for you!
great weight loss guys
hope to be joining in with the loss next monday 18th jan.
best of health to you all


hello all this is my 2nd week but i sliped at weekend so weight lost wasnt good at all, but it will deffo be better next week xx Anna

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Had my wk 19 weigh in on monday. This was after a break over Xmas. Anyhoooo I'm down 8lbs which makes up for the four I gained during the break.
Well done to everyone and lots of luck for the coming weeks.

Hiya everyone,
just thought I would post a note to say how I am getting on today. Lost 7 pd on my first week and broke it last night with dinner and wine. What is anyones view on this? I've done lipotrim before and broke it every week and still lost 4 pd a week. previously i lost 1.5 stone but went of it and put a bit back on I now want to lose another 2.5 stone. :flirt2:
hey 2 sizes smaller, you need to be very careful with the alcohol ,theres a thread on it and it can be really dangerous if your in ketosis. honestly imo i think eating on it is a bad idea its meant to be total food replacement so you can get a clean palate and then relearn to like healthy foods. and in order for the body to be in ketosis and use the body fat as energy there needs to be no other source on energy. i dont wanna come across as mean, sorry if i do lol but i think if you want to crack this once and for all you have to stick to the rules. otherwise you could do celeb slim which is shakes and a meal and there are others like that. i just think that your losing 4lbs a week because your hardly eating anything. brilliant job on your first weigh in though thats brill and i hope you can get back on track and do it properly. 2.5stone if you do it right will be gone in absolutly no time at all if you stick with the rules, youd prob get it all of in about two months. thats nothing in the grand sceme of your life..
lots of luck on what you decide to do, and if you need us you know where we are...:) x
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