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hi well done on loss thats fantastic ;) :) i cert no expert but would recomend refeeding before wedding esp if you are planning to drink at it :( and or eat? have you reached your goal yet?


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That is a fantastic loss well done!


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AMAZING weight loss!! well done!!

a very common question here!

i suppose, what do you mean by tips? are you debating whether to eat/drink or are you just after tips of how to make it through the day on LT?

i went to a wedding on LT a couple of months back and when everyone was eating, i'd just told the bride, groom and waiters that i was dieting and would just like a coffee please, and sat there with my coffee and sparkling water feeling fabulous.

when it came to any more food, people asking why i wasnt drinking/eating if i knew them well i explained everything, if i didnt i just said i was dieting and everyone thought i was very strong willed. was quite nice actually! xxx
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Congrats on your loss so far, that's great!

As has been said; it depends whether you plan to eat or not. I too have done a wedding on TFR & just had sparkling water, it's really not as tough as you might think & I don't think it's necessary to come off the diet for the sake of one event. However, if you are looking to eat, I would suggest you refeed.

Good luck with what you decide!

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I can`t really add to what`s been said, So just wanted to say well done on your weight loss x


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Great weight loss!

As for the wedding I always say, plough on through on the LT - have sparkling water in a champers glass with ice ;) and have a wonderful time!!


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Amazing weight loss :D Well done you !

You also started on my birthday :D

Re the wedding... social events are always awkward & to be honest when I did a 4 month stint last year (May to August) I became a social hermit.

You could always be upfront about why you can't eat / drink... & just make sure you have bottled still or sparkling (not tonic) :)

Good luck x


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S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
I've done a wedding sticking 100% to TFR (towards the end), and one with 2 shakes, 1 low-carb meal (at the beginning when I didn't want anyone to know what I was doing?)- with no alcohol at either. Both were hard as I'm used to drinking at weddings and everyone was asking if I was pregnant! But at the 2nd one it was more than obvious I wasn't, and I was walking on air at all the compliments!! LOL!
If you're not going to eat- make sure you let the Bride & Groom know- you don't want them shelling out €50-odd euro for a meal you don't eat!
(I take it from your nickname you're from Co Louth?)


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S: 19st7lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 8st5lb(42.86%)
personally, feel it's important to stick with the usual social events while doing LT and telling your friends family why. nobody else's business - and actually lots of people don't ask you if they don't know you that well.

but each to their own :)

i just think it's important that we treat social occasions as times when we spend time with people we care about, it's not about the food or drink.

again, have a wonderful time and hope people notice your weight loss ;)
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Well done on your fabulous losses so far.

Whatever you decide re the wedding has to be something you can live with but I would personally stick to LT. You can enjoy the occasion without food or alcohol, I managed to last year. I'm back on LT and have a girlie night next week and a wedding reception the week after and I'll be sticking to my water both times. Hardly anyone at either occasion will know I am on LT.

Most importantly, have a great time and enjoy the inevitable compliments you will get about your losses so far.



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