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Good luck on your LT plan. It took me about three or four days to get into Ketosis. At that time you will probably feel slightly off colour, then lethargic and generally fed up, but for me at least, that was followed by feeling better than I have for years so stick with it. During the time you feel c**p though you'll have a great weight loss which will give you a fantastic boost.
All the best

ketosis takes 3-5 days i believe - and everyone's experiences tend to differ slightly. i was a lucky one who noticed very little change - other than feeling permanently cold, but that's a small price to pay i reckon!

best of luck :)
i knew i was in ketosis by day 5 but i was still starving and no energy til week 3 had moments of not being really hungry throughout. however i was an exception from wat ive read on this forum so i wudnt worry. Its way to early for you to be in ketosis you havnt even started to reach being really really hungry. day 3 and 4 are usually very hard coz the sugar and carbs you normally eat are almost gone so your in withdrawals but this does go away. you will be grand once you see your weight loss on the first weigh in.
Thanks very much. I have checked and the keto stick is two shades up indicating that I'm probably on the way the to full ketosis. Do they get very dark? Do you think I was right to set a realistic goal? I set it for 100kg I liked being that weight.


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I've never used a Keto stick - do they work? Someone told me they weren't very reliable. I just knew because the inside of my mouth felt sort of furry (although it's fine now).

Hi again,
Yes they work and are very good to keep you going at the start I guess, It has changed colour by 3 shades now, It works alright. Why has the first two days been easy for me? I noticed Im not sleeping as much, which is no harm. I have more energy, how and why would I have a feeling or more energy.
Im down on the shade scale by about 3 shads yes it appears to be changing colour over the last 48 hours. I also have not been hungry. Tomorow is day 3? A few Very brief mild headache. Why no hunger pain like others? looking forward to the weigh in. Is there many on maintenance here? I have a problem maintaining weightloss also.
Good luck to you, I went into ketosis on about day 4, and now my mouth is feeling kind of yukky! But I use Listerine mouthwash to rinse my mouth with, and keep drinking the water, and hope the taste will go soon. I was told by my pharmacist not to worry about ketosis, and that if I was doing LT 100% correctly, that it would just happen. So try not to worry and just look forward to a terrific weight loss!

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