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  1. HinaZ

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    Hello LT users, this is my second week on the diet and i am not doing too good. I am okay during the day but after coming home from work, i end up having a cup of tea (milk, sugar) and cannot seem to get out of this habit. Lost 7lbs altogether and dont feel too hungry either but its just the tea that my body craves for. I find weekends especially hard. Any advice? How much damage am i doing with a cup of tea?
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    Hi misses, welcome!
    Well done on your weight loss, HALF A STONE!!!
    You probably are doing some damage with the milk and sugar, try to get out of the habit, try using a tablet sweetner instead of sugar and add you vanilla shake intead of milk and I'm sure this will make a massive difference. Unlike other diets, Lipotrim as you know is very strict and there's noway around the rules!
    Keep posted hun,

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  4. Julie84

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    Hi Hinaz and well done on managing no food for the last two weeks.

    I think your nightly tea could well be effecting your losses. If you are really struggling to cut it out, try phasing it out in stages using Daisy's suggestion above. For the next couple of night you could replace the sugar with a tablet sweetner (I don't this tastes too dissimilar.) Then start replacing the milk with a bit of your vanilla shake (or just losing the milk completely).

    I loved my cups of tea at work but couldn't bring myself to drink it black so I bought myself sojme peppermint tea. It took me a few days to work out how strong I liked it and som brands I prefer to others but now, given the choice, I would definitely choose peppermint tea over my normal cuppa. It has a really nice after taste too.

    Although it will be hard initially, you won't feel so deprived after a while, it is just a case of breaking the habit.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on. :)
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  5. Daisybank

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    wow - you are doing so well, you must be pleased. After work is my worst time of the day too. Some days I used to get in despite having been good all day and just eat, eat, eat. Between 5 - 7pm, if I can get past that I know I will be OK. If I know its a bad day I will delay going home for a bit, maybe shopping, having coffee with a friend. Also if I have to go home straight from work I make sure I drink more during that time. After a few weeks the habit seems to disappear.
    If you must have the tea try having peppermint tea for a change to break the habit.

    Good luck :)
  6. Shazpaz

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    It will be the sugar that is doing the damage. To be honest the small amount of milk will not knock you out of ketosis......but the sugar will. The cravings will not go until you stop the sugar I'm afraid. Definitely try having a sweetner. I've done the Atkins diet in the past and that works through ketosis and a sweetner was allowed on that. Its going to be tough for you, but the priority is to stop the will find it sooooooo much easier after a few days....once ketosis really kicks in.

    Good luck.
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    Hi All,

    I love my tea also and tried it black but hated it. A tip I got from minimins was to put a bit of cold water over the teabag before you add the hot, aparently it stops the tealeaves from 'scorching' so you get a less bitter taste.
    I tried it and it works!
  8. HinaZ

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    Hello everyone who replied to my comments earlier. To be honest, I have never been on any forum like this and it is surprisingly supportive. So now when i get home from work, instead of thinking about food I can read all the comments and it will make the time fly by quicker. I tried the vanilla shake with a coffee spoon full and it was really nice. Also, the colder the shakes the better. As for tea, will try peppermint tea and see if any good but thank you all for your comments, it really helped.
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  9. Bea

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    Thats the spirit HinaZ!!! I found this site totally amazing supportive ....couldnt have lost the 65lbs without!!! Keep going you can do it!
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