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Hi Stacey !
It depends on how much you need to lose before you reach a healthy BMI and it also depends on the chemist.
Some chemists prefer you to have at least a stone to lose, but others insist on you having 3 stones or more to lose !
If full Lipotrim isn't an option for you, you would still be able to go on the maintenance programme instead, which does work, but the weight loss is slower.
Hope this helps !
i want to lose 2 stone by september hun. my BMI is calculated at 25.6
what is the maintenance programme hun, and how do i go about it?x
hi stacey!! i'm about half a stone over the maximum for a healthy BMI and my chemist was really encouraging!! she says i can stay on it until i reach the bottom of the healthy BMI range. good luck if you do decide to go for it!!! from first hand experience-the first week is pretty tough-but i'm assured it gets easier!! you have to be pretty determined to stick to it...but it definately does get results!! and fast!!


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S: 10st4lb C: 8st7lb G: 7st12lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 1st11lb(17.36%)
hi stacey

i was 10 stone 4 when i started and my pharmacy was fine bout me doing it! however my friend back home was 10 stone and the chemist she went into wouldnt give her lipotrim and encouraged her to do the maintenance programme instead


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Hi xstaceyx, 25.5 is kinda in the healthy range do you really need to loose two stone? how tall are you?
here is some info on the maintanence program

[FONT=Arial,sans-serif]Weight Maintenance Programme that can also help you lose weight.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial,sans-serif]If you have dieted in the past, but then found it hard to stay down at your new lighter weight, this could be the answer.[/FONT]
Lipotrim Weight Maintenance products are unique formulations of low Calorie foods with a special high soluble fibre content that can help you gain control of your weight. They are nutritious and they make you feel satisfied for longer. So you eat lighter meals and are less likely to 'snack' between times.
[FONT=Arial,sans-serif]How do Lipotrim Weight Maintenance Foods Work?[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial,sans-serif]The Lipotrim Maintenance Foods lower the glycaemic index of the meal and slow the absorption of sugars from the meal. This slower rate of absorption reduces the rise in your body's blood sugar levels which, in turn, needs a lower insulin response. A lower insulin reponse means that your feeling of hunger, food cravings and your tendency to store fat is reduced. With a reduced desire to eat to excess, you have better control of your eating and, therefore, your weight.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial,sans-serif]Tasty Range[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial,sans-serif]The range comprises of an orange creme drink, a summer fruits drink a chocolate whip desert prepared with skimmed milk, a cream of vegetable soup and a caramel flavoured chewy bar.[/FONT]

To Maintain Present Weight: - Take a maintenance product before a low calorie breakfast and lunch. For dinner have a normal low fat meal.
To Reduce Present Weight: - As above but add a maintenance product before dinner. This will help restrict the calories needed in your dinner meal.
Drinking Water!!! - Dont Forget - DRINK the WATER - The body needs at least 4 pints of water every day regardless of diet.

iam 5"2 which is quite short! being 10 stone doesnt suit my bodyframe.

how much on average is the lipotrim diet? and do you get a weekly supply of food once you start?


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S: 10st4lb C: 8st7lb G: 7st12lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 1st11lb(17.36%)
hey stacey im the same height as you and people kept telling me i didnt need to loose weight either but i totally undersand how u feel. your doing this for YOU!
go to the chemist tomorrow! i lost a stone in 3 weeks, recently took a break as am aroad for the summer but have lost a further half a stone in 10 days!
you buy ur sachets weekly and have 3 per day


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the full TFR (total food replacement) diet is around £35 a week but that is it, you only need to buy bottled water if you wish there should be no other expence so it does work out cheaper than eating normal food.

I'm not sure how much maintanence is though sweetie.

Have a look at this, Free BMI Chart. How to chart your Body Mass Index determining your body fat percentage loosing 2 stone will put you just under healthy however you need to do what you feel comfortable with. Why not try aiming for 1 stone as a first goal and see how you feel. 1 stone on TFR should take on average 3 weeks. remember, the less you need to loose the less you should loose each week.

hope this helps hun

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Hi Stacey,

Go and see your chemist and see how happy they are for you to start. If they aren't keen then find one who is. Tell them you are small framed and need to lose more.

My chemist is fine about me sticking to it until I am happy (although I had a lot to lose when I started!)

Good luck.

thanks! my friend think its a bad idea! as im not severely obese! im goin to look on the weightwatchers website now x


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At a 25.6 BMI you shouldnt be allowed to start the TFR .. You should be offered the maintainence products
Good luck
ok ive decided now that im just going to stick to my own diet!
im going to eat healthly and less! and im going to start exercising!
i have a big lean mean grillin machine by george foreman! im going to buy a bag or skinless chicken portions and have a small meal every tea time of chicken portion, salad and veg!

is mash potato healthy?
i would appreciate it if people could give me a list of cheap healthy meals/snacks, so that i can stock up!

im going to have one main meal a day and have small snacks inbetween like ryvita and slimming soup

pls pls list your healthy snacks/meals here as i know i will get bored of eatin the same meal everynight lol!

also im going to cut fatty alcohol and foods out!

right i shall begin this diet tomorrow! for now im going to go have a nice ham sarnie and a pack of my fave crisps for the last time!!! arghh!! x


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C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
You need to eat 3 meals a day hun or you will end up having too many snacks!
Look into Low GI / GL is fab and you can literally eat anything as long as you make best choices...i.e swap white bread for grained bread, pasta for wholemeal pasta.
Also meal wise you are best cooking your own from scratch as you know whats going in alot of ready meals have so much crap in them you can make your own for half the cals and no nasties xx good luck xx
This thread has some good info on Low GI/GL XX http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-refeeding/44231-low-gi-info-hope-helps-x.html

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