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Lisa's Diary - CD - the 28 weeks between now and eighteen!

These coming 28 weeks, I hope, will bring me weight loss. Don't want to quite get into the 9 stones, 10 will do me fine! I have 28 weeks to slim my backside (and all the rest) down to ten stone, or eleven (but I'd much rather the ten!) so I can be a healthy, normal eighteen year old, who's five foot six and a half. I also want to be able to run up stairs, seriously. Another reason why I decided to do this.

I actually went to see my CDCs last week Tuesday, to discuss the diet and what not, and I have two! Diane and Andy in Archway, which is right near my old secondary school, ditto! My mum drove me up there, and I get the bus back. Dead set on doing it now, seeing as the woman who was there when I was getting my intro, lost 13 pounds on her first week! Diane told me to cut down on the carbs and start drinking more water, did that.

Went the following week, to start the diet. Got weighed, and I lost 4.5 pounds and 1 inch of my bust, half an inch on my waist and an inch and a half off my hips!!

My first day on the CD was amazingly fine. I felt hungry, damn yeah because I had a chocolate croissant at about 11pm the night before, and decided 12am was the day I was to start doing sole source. I plotted out the times I'd have my packs, 9am-1.30pm-6pm. I had a chocolate pack for breakfast, did it cold because I had no time to make it hot :(! 9am, then I had to get ready for college and what not. Had a litre of water between 8 and 10, went to the toilet like three times in two hours. I usually used to go toilet once every three hours! Went to college, settled my hunger pains with the 750ml bottle I had brought with me, it was supposed to last me from 11am til 6pm anyway, so it was a slow drink for me there, 7 hours to finish off a bottle which was fine by me! I didn't want to pee constantly! I had a tetrapak for lunch, because I was on the train and mixing a pack up on the Orpington to Victoria train would have looked weird. That was 1.30pm on the dot (according to my iPod nano atleast, I was playing solitaire!!). Quenched the hunger again, with water. Wasn't as bad as the hunger pains during EngLit. Got off at Herne Hill, and I felt quite... bleurgh. That might be because I've just got over the bout of flu. Waited for a Thameslink, late as usual, and someone had chips and sausage! Had to walk away, because I probably would have mugged them for it! I did, however, find a free heat magazine in front compartment, made me a bit happier. Walked a bit more today, didn't call my mum to pick me up from St Pancras Int'l. Instead, I got public transport to the road down the hill(!!!!) from my house. Basically tried to drink the rest of the 750ml bottle, faster. Wasn't happening. Come 6pm, the bottle was gone, and I took out the 500ml, and another 500ml bottle to have half of. Made a butterscotch shake, was dead pleased. I didn't feel hungry and even managed to down the 750ml I planned. Now, I might use the pint glasses on the weekend, or tomorrow. Will probably be much easier because I down pint glasses of juice and water like no tomorrow.

Today hasn't been that bad. But I hope tomorrow isn't so bad, I already plan on not going to History, because it's a coursework lesson and I've finished my coursework. Only have science, and it's Chem. Bound to feel hungry because we're investigating fats. So I'll probably see the butter and want to eat the whole chunk!
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Hi lisa :)

I know I have already posted to you on another thread tonight and said how welcome you are here but I just wanted to say that you are in a great mind set with this, as it's not easy but so worth it.:D

If you find that you begin to struggle at all later in the day with hunger/cravings you could always think about stretching that breakfast pack until late morning, then the lunch pack late afternoon and that would leave you a pack to have later in the evening if you needed it. Just an idea as we all fit the packs into our routines.

Keep us all updated on how you are doing and starting your own diary may be something that would help in the days to come.:)

Lacey..xx :)
DAY 2!

Missed college, so Day 2 was far easier than expected. Woke up late, so my 9am shake was at 11am. Chocolate Mint, but I added ice :) Still had my tetrapak at 1.30, like I planned. So a small gap, but I wanted to get into a routine. Watched some TV, drank 2 pints of water, and stopped because I started to need the toilet too much haha. Went out at about 4pm, decided I needed to take my mind off food and needed some more small bottles of water (so I could have the bottles haha) and I needed a hand mixer and a hand blender. £4 from argos, like each. Quite pleased with that, as I keep getting lumps in my butterscotch shake ):

Now, I'm just making up the water I haven't drunk. On my last 330ml, before I get to 2l and a half. BUT. I nearly did cave, and eat a prawn cracker LOL!
Hi Lisa, just wanted to say keep up the good work - just get the next day or so over with and you'll be flying along! By the time your 18th comes along you'll look AMAZING. I'm only sorry I didn't know about CD when I was your age.

Also, you'll definitely find the shakes taste loads better now you have a blender to make them with!

Good luck - this is sooo worth it x
Day 3! :)

I've had better days, but today was quite bad. Nearly tried to eat a prawn cracker from last night and a crossant. I think I put it in my mouth and spat it out, didn't even get to chew it! Found out that I'll be in Belgium for a day whilst on the CD diet and I'll be up from 4.30am til 11pm/12am and suriving on just three shakes (well by the 7th of March, possibly on a bar and two shakes) because 5 weeks is so long away. So no add a meal for me!

Everyone will be drinking alcohol and smoking on the coach (because our teachers are practically rebels and don't care what happens) and eating chocolate whereas I'll be smoking like a chimney possibly. ARGHHH.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better, I'm babysitting tonight and I'm practically exhausted already. Just looking forward to tomorrow at 9am when I can have a shake!
Day 7!

Just a quick check in, I LOST 7lb IN MY FIRST WEEK! xxx
I'm estatic, and my mum's friends lost 13.75lb and about 11lb. We're all happy, and I just got my new shakes, some mix a moose and orange flavouring. I can now drink crap loads of water and it tastes good too! Just about to have a Toffee and Walnut shake, so yay me. I'm dead proud of myself now! The past few days haven't been bad but haven't been good either. I WILL BE SLIM! eventually...
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