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Lisa's Diary

I am new to SW i think i'm following correctly

Breakfast: 4 Rashers Bacon grilled no fat (free)
Cup of tea with milk (HEA)

Snacks: 2 Banana's (SF) 2 Clemintines (SF)

Lunch: Chicken skin removed (free)

Dinner: Seafood Mix (free)

just had cheese sandwich Bread (EX b) , Clover butter (1.5 syn) ,
cheese (EX a) Tomato (SF) light salad cream (1.5 syns)

Large Glass White Wine (8.5 syns)
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Hiya hun, from that food diary you have just written out, you have not had any healthy extra b's (your supposed to have 2 A's and 2 B's a day on the red and green day plans) plus you have not had any syns (your supposed to have 5-10 syns a day).

You must make sure you are having all your healthy extras and syns a day xx
Thursday 1st April 2010 Green day

Breakfast: 1 Banana (SF)
1slice of toast (HEX b)
1 cheese slice (HEX a)

Snacks: 1 matchmaker (1syn) :( portion of nuts ????

Lunch: Jacket potato (free)
Baked Beans (free)
Cheese (HEX b)

Dinner: half a portion of chicken rogan josh (10.5 syns:(:()
boiled rice (free)
¼ garlic nan (5 syns)

Other: 2x Half lager with lime (9 syns) + (3 syns for lime)
1 large glass wine (8.5 syns)

Total syns 37 very very bad day not very good at green day :mad::mad::mad::(:(:(:cry::cry::cry:
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02/04/2010 Red day

Breakfast: Bacon (free) 1 Slice Brown Bread (HEX b)
tomatoes (free) scrambled egg (free)
Clover lighter (1 syn) Milk (HEX a) : Mushrooms (free)

Lunch: Fillet steak (free) Stilton (5.5 syns)

Dinner: 6 Party sausage rolls (? syns) ½ roll (3.5syns)

3 glasses of wine (24.5 syns):(:(:(:(:(

seem to have fallen off the wagon will try tomorrow:cry::cry:
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03/04/2010 Red Day

Breakfast: 1slice Brown bread (HEX b) 1 Egg (free)
clover lighter butter (1 syn)

Snack: 1 Alpen bar (3 syns) Banana (SF)
Muller light fat free strawberry yogurt (free)

Lunch: Lamb chops (free) steak (free)

Dinner: Fat free cottage cheese (free)
seafood sticks (free)
Small jacket potato (HEX b) clover (1.5 syns)

large glass red wine (8.5 syns)
2x cherry & choc muller light yogurts (4 syns):mad: thought they were free

total syns 18
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04/04/2010 Red Day

Breakfast: 1 slice wholemeal bread (HEX b)
2tsps clover light (2 syn) egg (free)
5 slices Bacon (free) Mushrooms (free)
Tea with milk ( HEX a) :):)

Lunch: Lamb chops (free) steak (free)

Dinner: Seafood sticks (free) cottage cheese ff (free)

snacks: 2 pieces dime (3 syns)

2 large glasses of White wine (17 syns)

Total syns. 22
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05/04/2010 red day

Breakfast: 1 slice wholemeal bread (HEX b)
1 tsps clover light (1 syn) egg (free)
4 slices Bacon (free) Mushrooms (free)
Tea with milk ( HEX a) :):)

Lunch: steak (free) portion of chips and red wine gravy

5 Alchol free larger with lime (20 syns)
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06/04/2010 Red day

Today is going to be a good day :):):)

Breakfast: coffee with milk (HEX a) roast beef (free)

Lunch: Muller light yogurt (free)

Dinner: Chicken (free) scoop mashed potato (HEX b)
Oxo (free) clover light (1 syn)

Snacks: 4 bueno eggs (12 syns)
large glass wine (8.5 syns)
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07/04/2010 Green day

Breakfast: Brown Bread (HEX b) Egg (free)
clover light (1 syn) tea with milk (HEX a)
1 Banana (free) 1 Mullerlight yogurt (free):)

Lunch: Pasta & Sauce, Cheese, Leek & Ham, , excluding milk & butter,dried, 120g pack (free)

Dinner: ½ Jacket potato (free) FF cottage cheese (free)
cherry tomatoes (free) red onion (free)
½ jacket potato (free) chilli (HEX b)

Snacks: 1 clemintine (free) 3 matchmakers (3 syns)

175ml dry white wine (6 syns) diet Lemonade (free)
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Where is your fruit and veg Hun??? Arent you hungry at all?? I know I would be and I have a gastric band!!

Can I suggest you have a look at the other food diaries to give you some help and ideas??


Silver Member
what about salad? x


Silver Member
thats ok, have them with it! :)
08/04/2010 Red Day

Breakfast: roast Beef (free)

Lunch: Stirfry (free) fruit bowl (free)

Dinner: Lamb chops (free)

Snacks: 4 mini eggs (3 syns )

wine (6 syns) with diet lemonade (free)
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09/04/2010 Red day

Breakfast: 1 slice Brown bread (HEX b) egg (free)
strawberry muller light ff yogurt (free)

Lunch: Yogurt (free) banana (free)


Snacks: 2 party sausage rolls (? Syns)
2 slices of cheese & onion quiche (? Syns)

2 large glasses of wine (17 syns)
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