Lisa's food dairy (first ever online one!) :D


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Hey this is my food diary for this week so far, would greatly appreciate any oppinions :)

Monday 11/01/10 Extra easy:

Breakfast/lunch: 2Bowyers sausages (2syns), bacon, egg, tomatoes, mushrooms, tomatoe sauce (1syn) Fat free Activia yogurt.
Snack: Rice pudding. (1A for milk)
Tea: Packet of tikka fridge raiders (1.5syns) Rice pudding (1B for milk)
Snack: Yogurt. 3 quality street (7.5syns)
Total syns: 12.
(By the way i know this day doesn't look too good but i had hardly anything in and no time to go shopping!)

Tuesday 12/01/10 Green:

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix, banana, 200ml milk. Cuppa (25ml milk) (A+B)
Lunch: Vegetable rice (0.5syns), 2 eggs, beans.
Rice pudding (A) 2tsp Hartleys jam (1syn).
Snack: 1 Quality street (2.5syns) Cuppa (25ml milk)
Tea: Jacket potato, flora light marg (1syn), chickpea dahl, Cottage cheese. Activia yogurt.
Supper: 2 Weetabix (B), 200ml milk (4syns). WW yogurt.
Total syns: 9.

Wednesday 13/01/10 Extra easy:

Breakfast: Orange. WW yogurt.
Lunch: Omlette using bacon, tomato and mushrooms. 1tsp Tomato Ketchup (0.5syns) Activia yogurt.
Snack: Orange.
Tea: 2 Bowyers sausages (2syns), mash potato with flora light marg (1syn), lots of veg, gravy made out of oxo. 1 Yorkshire pudding (2.5syns).
Snack: Curly wurly (6syns)
Supper: 2 Weetabix, half a banana, milk. (A+B).
Total syns: 12.

Thursday 14/01/10 Green:

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix, banana, milk. (A+B)
Lunch: Jacket potato, marg (0.5syns), chickpea dahl, cottage cheese.
Snack: 1 slice of toast (meduim brown bread) (3.5syns) 1tsp Hartleys jam (1syn) WW yogurt. Orange. Quality street (2.5syns).
Tea: 2 Weetabix, milk. (A+B)
Supper: Homemade veg soup with 1slice WW brown danish and marg (2.5syns). Rocky biscuit (5syns) Haribo maoam Sweet (2syns) - had such a sweet craving!
Total syns: 17! :eek:

Friday 15/01/10 Green:

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix, banana, milk. (A+B)
Lunch: Omlette with tomatoes and mushrooms. Beans.
Snack: Orange.
Tea: SW chips, egg, beans. Mullerlight. SW choc cake (3.5syns)
Supper: 2 Weetabix, milk. (A+B) Crunchie (9.5syns)
Total syns: 13.

Saturday 15/01/10 Red:

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix, banana, milk. (A+B)
Lunch: Stir fry, chicken. Tomato ketchup (1syn) 1 Mullerlight. SW Choc cake (3.5syns)
Tea/supper: 2 Weetabix, banana, milk. (A+B) Crunchie (9.5syns)
Total syns: 14.

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Looks good, the only thing I would suggest is that you try to get more vegetables in there hun :) x


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Thanks :D I'm gonna try have loadsa veg on my dinner today :)
The bowyers sausages are lovely :) I got a bit sick of quorn ones too, they just didnt taste the same! Where did you get the weight watchers ones from as iv'e been looking for them but can't seem to find any anywhere! xx


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Do you think maybe i'm having too many weetabix? I did try and cut down and just have them for breakfast but then i sort of started having them for supper again, i just love them lol!

:D xx


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S: 10st9.2lb C: 10st9.2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Na it's fine to have the wheetabix as they are a B choice, but do try and make sure that you take advantage of other B choices and dont jst stick to wheetabix all the time :)


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Thanks :) before this week i have actually been using my HEXB's on other things such as toast, alpen lights, krisprolls etc. It's just lately i seem to have gettin back into the habit of having weetabix all the time! I actually look forward to having them on an evening haha!! :eek: Think it may be sort of a comfort thing, i know that sounds strange lol :eek:

Thanks Xassy, aww i could'nt find them in the tesco round here. x


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Sunday 17/01/10 Green:

2 Weetabix, banana, milk.(A+B)
Lunch: Roast potatoes, 1 quorn sausage, mash, 2 Yorkshire puddings (5syns), carrots, peas, broccoli, oxo gravy. Mullerlight yogurt with little bit of SW Choc cake crumbled into it (1.5syns)
Snack: Mullerlight yogurt.
Tea: SW Quiche, few roasties, beans, tomato sauce (0.5syns) Mullerlight Yogurt.
Supper: Planning on having something to use up my other A+B but not sure what yet, maybe some porridge :)
Total syns: 7 (up til now)