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Lisas food Diary

Going to start keeping one on here
On last day of week 4

Monday 15th
total 0% Greek yoghurt 100g with raspberries & strawberries
Black coffee

Snack 2 yellow plums glass of fizzy water

Lunch 2 ryvita ( the seeded one ) 2 babybel light 2 slices lean ham 2 tomatoes cucumber pickled onion beetroot apple
Coke Zero

Black coffee

Chicken casserole( I added onion peppers carrots ) boiled wholewheat rice and broccoli
Fresh pineapple & strawberries
Glass of fizzy water

Options hot chocolate & nectarine
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joolyliss said:
Ive just started a diary too - how much have u lost since u started? X

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20lb up to last Tuesday got weigh in tonight
Tuesday 16th
Mixed berries and 100g natural yoghurt
Black coffee
Bottle of diet cream soda

Lunch pasta mug shot and orange an apple & some cherry tomatoes

More water

Omelette mixed with chicken mushrooms onion & tomatoes and a salad of lettuce cucumber tomato beetroot and my fave pickled onions :)
Flavoured fizzy water

Strawberry fat free yoghurt raspberries strawberries and an alpen light
Options hot chocholate
Wednesday 22nd

Greek 0% yoghurt 100g a clementine & a kiwi
Black coffee

Snack alpen light bar cherry diet coke

Lunch small jacket potato lettuce cucumber tomatoes beetroot 2 babybel light glass of sugarfree blackcurrant apple

Snack a yellow plum glass of water

Dinner pasta with homemade tomato sauce ( tomatoes (tinned) passata onions peppers and a bit of bacon with salad
Sugarfree jelly glass flavoured water

Snack fat free yoghurt blackberrys 1 flump marshmallow 1.5 syns options hot chocholate 2 syns

Fat free yoghurt with raspberries & strawberries
Black coffee


Lunch 3 krispie rolls heb slice of ham 2 sticks celery 5 cherry tomatoes 2 babybel light hea clementine
Can of diet cream soda

Glass of sugarfree blackcurrant nectarine

Small steak 4 sw potato wedges tomatoes mushrooms onions peppers fried in fry light ww yg glass flavoured water

Sv jumbo snackajack 2 syns
Options 2 syns
Friday 19th
1 weetabix heb (half) fatfree yoghurt half a grapefruit. Black coffee

Snack diet coke & an apple

Lunch 2 celery sticks 5 cherry tomatoes 1 alpen light 2 yellow plums 1 mullerlight
Dinner jacket potato tuna & sweetcorn lettuce tomato cucumber beetroot 2 pickled onions mushrooms peppers 2 babybel light (hea)
Fatfree yoghurt coke zero

Snack jumbo salt n vinegar snackajack 2 syns options hot choc 2 syns
Sat 20th
Breakfast fat free yoghurt clementine & nectarine
Black coffee

Diet cream soda pineapple

Lunch tin of tomatoes mushrooms & peppers 2 slices of wholemeal bread heb 2 yellow plums water

Fizzy flavoured water pear

Dinner grilled chicken spinach carrots tomatoes strawberries & fat free yoghurt diet coke

Hot sugarfree blackcurrant
0% Greek yoghurt mixed with options & strawberries
Sunday 21st
Breakfast sw fruitful heb 2 kiwis fat free yoghurt black coffee

Nectarine sugar free blackcurrant

Lunch 2 scrambled eggs 1/3 tin of baked beans tomatoes & mushrooms fried in fry light 28g cheddar cucumber & beetroot coke zero

2 plums orange squash

Dinner pasta with chicken & homemade tomato sauce with peppers & onions
Mixture of fruit ( melon pineapple strawberries blackberries)
Flavoured fizzy water

Mullerlight coconut & options orange
Monday 22nd

Breakfast melon & fat free ff
Black coffee
Diet lemonade

Lunch egg salad mix of fruit pineapple apple grapes mango

Banana black coffee a pear

Dinner super noodles low fat ones some slices of ham & chicken and spinach tomatoes & mixed pepper
More melon
Fizzy flavoured water

Options White choc and ff yog with strawberries
Tuesday 23rd
Breakfast ff yoghurt and melon & kiwi
Black coffee
Alpen light

Lunch chicken salad lettuce cucumber tomato beetroot pickled onions mushrooms red pepper activia yoghurt

Apple water

Dinner jacket potato ham tomatoes beans little bit of salad cream on potato 2 coke zero
Satsuma activia
Funsize milky way 3 syns
Wednesday 24th

Breakfast 28g shredded wheat fat free ff & nectarine black coffee

Apple grapes & melon mix water

Lunch jacket potato bean & salad
Diet coke

Apple water

Tea scrambled egg beetroot lettuce tomato pickled onions ham 2 babybel light
Fizzy flavoured water

Jumbo salt n vinegar snack a jack options
4 syns clementine
Thursday 25th
Breakfast fat free yoghurt banana kiwi strawberries black coffee

Snack apple mint tea

Lunch speed soup ( mmm lush) 57g wholemeal roll (heb) 2 plums squash

Snack water nectarine

Dinner 2 quorn sausages ( 2 syns) sw chips broccoli carrots courgette green beans peas weightwatchers whip made with milk (hea) so works out 2 syns I think
No added sugar vimto

Options drink 2 syns
Friday 26th

Breakfast banana kiwi strawberries with couple of spoonfuls of total 0% Greek yoghurt
Black coffee

Mint tea

Lunch speed soup alpen light bar (heb)

Snack 2 babybel light (hea) orange, coke zero

Dinner stuffed pepper ( pepper cut in half filled with rice baked beans tomatoes and spring onions ) and half a gammon steak
Fruit pastilles lolly ( 3 syns)

Fat free yoghurt mixed with options ( 2 syns) and raspberries squash
Breakfast raspberries strawberries activia alpen light black coffee

Apple water

2nd alpen light
2 snack a jacks 4 syns cheese hea tomato s
Activia Water

Chicken salad activia fizzy water

Banana strawberries vanilla activia options 3 syns
Sunday 28th

Breakfast strawberries raspberries and greek 0% yoghurt
Black coffee


Lunch mug shot sweet n sour tomatoes alpen light water Apple

More water

Dinner prawns stir fry activa fat free diet cream soda 2 babybel light

2 fat free marshmallows 2.5 syns options cherry 3 syns frozen vanilla activia
Monday 29 th
Strawberries raspberries alpen light
Black coffee

Water peach

Lunch 2 sv snackajacks 28g cheese tomatoes cucumber pineapple strawberries yoghurt

Apple water

Banana water

Jacket potato salad peas grilled chicken diet coke
Tuesday 30th

Breakfast yoghurt strawberries and fresh pineapple
Black coffe


Lunch tomato mug shot 2 babybel light
Activia with Clementine and strawberries squash

Apple water

Cereal bar (heb) peach black coffee

Dinner chicken salad small spoon of low fat coleslaw 2 syns (?)
1 Jaffa cake 2.5 syns 1 marshmallow 2.5 syns

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