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Lisas Slimfast Journey

Well thought id make a diary as im in for the long haul. Plus itll be something to look back on when times get tough.

To begin with i plan to use the powdered shakes. Im a stay at home mum so dont have to worry about blending on the go.

Also as my starting weight is so high i plan to up the calories a bit to begin with. Other wise ill plateau after a few stone and not have anywere to go. So i plan to use 150 cal snacks and a 800 cal meal. Will drop this gradually and see how i go.

Fingers crossed :)
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Tea has not been good. *slapped wrists*

Before then id just had my 2 shakes at 230 cals each, was saving my snacks for evening as a treat. Anyways we end up having pizza. I ate 3/4 of a cheese based pizza with onions, mushrooms and garlic. Was lovely but must have had about 1000 cals at least. D'oh!

Must try harder!
Never mind hun. We all fall off the wagon from time to time. Just as long as you jump back on as soon as you can you'll be fine.
Have jumped back on the wagon, just not 100%. Ill just have to wait and see come monday morn.

On another subject have put up xmas deccies tonight. My 3 year old was actually speechless. Seeing all these things again makes me think of all the grub and rubbish id be shovelling down my neck this month in previous years. This year will be doing SF all over xmas and new year so things shouldnt be too bad in theory.

Also on snowwatch..... finally stopped! Only took about 4 solid days mind. Crazy mad stuff.

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hi.....just popped in to wish you luck !!!! I'm stuck in a rut at the mo, trying desperately not to bloody yoyo!!! Also, confessing to eating yummy pizza last week, it was delish, calories are horrific !!!!
I hope you see some good results, as it's a great incentive in the early days..... I have the odd shake for Breakfast every now and again, as it's quick and easy, I buy the already mixed cans here ( 190 cals and the choccy one is scrummy !!! ) Hope you don't mind me asking but have you always been big ??? At my biggest it was just so daunting thinking I had really like 120 lbs + to loose....

Diva x
Yeah ive always been big in some way Viva. Up until about 2003 my heaviest was 13st 7lbs. Moved in with fiance, we both went mad, i ended up 18st 7lb. Dieted back down to 14st exactly then fell pregnant late 2007. Have had problems ever since, now being my heaviest 23 stone :(

Im also a yo yo dieter, but am hoping this will change that. Structure but also able to still have certain things in moderation.

Congrats on your weight loss so far. :)
your gonna do great lisa and were all here for you ,,,,, hope you didnt get snowed in,, my mum is in north east fife and she was snowed in for a few days.
Well weekend done, weighed in this morning. Had a STS. Better than a loss i know, but dont think ill make my xmas target now.

The weather last week didnt help, had to use whatever milk we could get so didnt just stick to skimmed. Also ran out on Friday, so had low cal food all day. I guessed the STS was coming as ive been bloated all week. Heavy snow again this morning hopefully itll be away soon. Waiting on new batteries for scales. Plus wellies i ordered on the 24th. Still not here Grrr.

Hope everyone else is ok and hanging on in there. xx
New batteries for scales arrived this morning. Weighed myself just to see if i got a new reading. No such luck :p

Also totalling up my losses since october... 9lbs. Quite chuffed with that, didnt realise it was that big a number. But i suppose the bigger you are the longer it takes for losses to actually show.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Looks like another STS. Must try harder!!

Portion sizes will be looked at. Not got much else to say really, just will have to try harder for next week.

PS: Xmas Wish.... after 2 STS would it be possible oh powers that be for me to have a nice 3lb loss for xmas? Pwitty pwease :D

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hi....that happens to me all the time, I STS for sometimes two or three weeks...then I drop a pound and then maybe 2, then I STS.....it seems my body wants to hang onto them for as long as it can !!!!!
I would feel better if it was a more level pound or so a week, because you become very critical when it's not shifting and you've been almost 100% good.
I hope you get your Christmas Wish for 3lbs.....but remember you are already a STAR for beginning your journey !!!!!

Diva x
Thats me back on track for 2011.

Gotta be honest i wasnt planning on coming back to SF but a Pharmacist changed my mind. My mind is set now so hopefully everything will just fall into place. I just dont want to spend another year socially afraid and depressed.

Heres a hearty F off to 2010 and a great big Allo to 2011 :D
You can do it. I know it won't be easy but think of all the things you and your daughter could do together. I have to fight my weight every day like you, my main reason is for my son. I started my diet this week because a boy at his school told my son that I was fat, I was so up set not that I am bigger than some mums but because my son had to hear it from a bully. I never ever want my son to hear that kind of stuff again. So you know we can do it, the journey begins...
Yea i know what you mean. Im trying to shift the weight now as my wee girls at nursery for another year. Dont want the comments or her getting bullied because of me. Id never forgive myself. Also need to set a good example for her.

On the SF front bought 3 tins of powder shake from savers today. £2.99 a pop. Got a banana, vanilla and chocolate. Only used strawberry before so this should be something different.


Losing the baby fat
Awww stig ((hugs)) you know kids are totally cruel.
This is one of the reasons I have to lose weight, I'm an older mother to begin with, I'll be 43 when my daughter starts school, I don't want to be fat and old and have her picked on for that. That could set her up for a lifetime of mysery all because I chose to eat too much! I can't do that to her. I just can't.
Good luck Loser85, I think starting in December was always going to be a bad idea, January BEST TIME EVER. Let's kick our wobbly bits into oblivion, cos we and our kids are worth it! xxxx
rowan i agree december was a bad time to start but in my crazy noggin i thought itd help me slow down over xmas. Didnt work!

Day 1 Sf wise....

Banana Shake - 230
4 crispbreads, 2 laughing cow light triangles, 4 slices wafer thin ham. - 156
Vanilla Shake - 230
Custard Donut - 145
200 g WW oven chips, 4 fish fingers, quarter tin beans. 596
WW yog - 49
SaJ's - 106

Total being 1512 cals for the day. Will have to tweak this in places i think but overall not too bad. (i know i need more fruit and veg but im trying to get back into the swing of things)
Hi Looks like it is going well, I can't get the hang of putting what I eat on my diary, I do on paper in the kitchen. Interesting that the pharmacist approves SF, I often wonder what doctors and such think of it. Your daughter is going to be so proud of you
I think the pharmacist approved as it was this or nothing to be honest. I was using lipotrim but had to stop for psychological reasons. My GP on the other hand thinks the only way to lose weight and keep it off is the traditional way. I hope my daughter will be proud one day.

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