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Little Lumps under skin , apparently LL side effect?

G: 12st0lb
I have noticed since losing wieght that I have little lumps under my skin on my arms and have heard that it is documented as a side effect in LLC inforamtion books. Has anyone else got these little lumps or know anymore about what they are, and why they are there when following VLCD ?
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Hiya, If I press into my bingo wings, I can feel little lumps under the skin, but to be honest, I just thought that was my residue fat! Now I can feel it as the bigger load of fat has disappeared!!:rolleyes::rolleyes:
G: 12st0lb
Me too! I think at least one stone that I still have to lose is distributed on each arm, I 've got a feeling it is little lumps of fat because I once saw a very queasy film where they showed fat being sucked out and it was yellow and very lumpy !YUK! Apologies to anyone having a BANANA SHAKE at the mmoment!
Ha ha, I think I saw the same programme! I also saw the one where that German Doctor cut up cadavers, when they cut this large bloke open it was all yellow - yuk!!!:p:p

I'm sure that's what it is, but I'm now sat at my desk at work pressing all bits of me to see what's lumpy!! Seems to be only my bingo wings!! :rolleyes:
I've got these in my arms too - least I know what they are now!
When I asked my LLC she got her little book down and we both went through it looking for the name or the indeed the cause and there was nothing. She did say she would find out but to be honest I never mentioned it again - I have them all over and they are really noticable to the point that my hubby can feel it. I was told because we had lost weight very quickly the fat has not had time to disperse normally, effecently so it will take longer than the norm


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someone in my group had them and our counsellor said they were just little lumps of fat, she implied, as Ameythist has said, that the fat hasn't gone from everywhere at the same rate. If I see the girl who had them, at my next meeting I will ask her if she still has them - she has gone through management now and has been at target for a while so they may have gone or be going. I have them but still have 3stone left to lose so expect to have them for a while still!
G: 12st0lb
Thanks everyone, guess I will just have to massage the old bingo wings and hope it gets the fat moving ! Now thats a good excuse for booking in to some spa and having a massage if ever one occured to me.

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